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Informatica Interview questions for Administrators

If you are an informatica administrator and been ask question about it in your job interview, we would love to hear them.

You can also test yourself on the question below.

Here is some sample question, please comment below your answer.

Let me know if any other question you been asked before or if you think the information is not uptodate.


How do you create a new Informatica Native user login?

Create a User
In this task, you create a user account that can log in to the Analyst tool.

In the Administrator tool, click the Security tab.
On the Security tab Actions menu, click Create User.
Enter the following required fields:

  • Login Name:
    Login name for the user account. The login name for
    a user account must be unique within the security
    domain to which it belongs.
    The name is not case sensitive and cannot exceed
    128 characters. It cannot include a tab, newline
    character, or the following special characters:
    , + " < > ; / * % ? &
    The name can include an ASCII space character
    except for the first and last character. All other
    space characters are not allowed.
  • Password
    Password for the user account. The password can
    be from 1 through 80 characters long.
  • Confirm Password
    Enter the password again to confirm. You must
    retype the password. Do not copy and paste the
  • Full Name
    Full name for the user account. The full name
    cannot include the following special characters:
    < > “

Click OK.
You created a user account that, with the correct privileges, can log into application clients, such as the Administrator tool or the Analyst tool.

What is the security domain default

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What is Informatica domain?

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