Informatica domain Backup step by step instruction

This page will show you how to back up the configuration metadata for the domain

STEP 1: account login

  • Login into the Linux Informatica accounts (source that you want to copy from)

STEP 2: execute domain backup command

  • run the following command, Update the values in between the marked in bold blue <>
 ${INFA_HOME}/server/bin/ backupdomain -da <database_hostname:database_port>  -du <database_user_name> -dp <database_password> -dt <database_type> -ds <database_service_name> -bf <backup_file_name> -dn <domain_name> -f

The command above will create a new file with an extension of .mrep


  • For “-bf <backup_file_name>” option, I Usally provide the following Information: <Full Path to backup file>/<Domain Name>_<time stamp>_DomainBackup


<<-DatabaseAddress|-da> database_hostname:database_port|<-DatabaseConnectionString|-cs> database_connection_string>
 [<-DatabaseUserName|-du> database_user_name]
 [<-DatabasePassword|-dp> database_password]
 <-DatabaseType|-dt> database_type
 [<-DatabaseServiceName|-ds> database_service_name]
 <-BackupFile|-bf> backup_file_name
 [<-Force|-f> overwrite_file]
 <-DomainName|-dn> domain_name
 [<-Tablespace|-ts> tablespace_name]
 [<-SchemaName|-sc> schema_name (used for MSSQLServer only)]
 [<-TrustedConnection|-tc> trusted_connection (used for MSSQLServer only)]

All Done.

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