pmcmd start work flow command

in the prompt type the below.

  • pmcmd startworkflow – you will get the results below which show you all the option.

Usage: pmcmd startworkflow
<<-service|-sv> service <-domain|-d> domain [<-timeout|-t> timeout]>
[<<-user|-u> username|<-uservar|-uv> userEnvVar>]
[<<-password|-p> password|<-passwordvar|-pv> passwordEnvVar>]
[<<-usersecuritydomain|-usd> usersecuritydomain|<-usersecuritydomainvar|-usdv> userSecuritydomainEnvVar>]
[<-folder|-f> folder]
[<-startfrom> taskInstancePath [<-recovery|-norecovery>]]
[<-paramfile> paramfile]
[<-localparamfile|-lpf> localparamfile]
[<-osprofile|-o> OSProfile] [-wait|-nowait]
[<-runinsname|-rin> runInsName] workflow

  • This is how I use that command.

pmcmd startworkflow -u admin_user -pv admin_password -f folder_name -sv service_name -d domain_name workflow_name wait

Please note, you need to update all the parameter marked in bold blue.

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