Metadata Manager Configuration Backup for Resources

This page will guide you step by step on how to backup the informaitca Metadata Manager repository

STEP 1: Login into your Informatica accounts

STEP 2: Create new backup by running the command below.

Remark: copy and paste the command below to a note pad and update the values in between the <> after you finish update, copy it to your informatica account and run it, this command might take few minutes to complete.

 ${INFA_HOME}/services/MetadataManagerService/utilities/mmcmd/ backupconfiguration -dn <DOMAIN NAME> -mm <MM NAME> -url https://${FULLHOST}:<port> -u <MM USER> -ep -pw <MM PASS> -file <backup file name>

Command Usage: mmcmd backupconfiguration
[<-dn|–domainName> domainName] [<-hp|–gateway> gateway_host1:port gateway_host2:port…] [<-mm|–mmServiceName> mmServiceName]<< -url> http(s)://<host>:<port>>
<< -u|–user> user>
[-ep|–encryptedPassword] [<-pw|–password> password] [<-n|–namespace> namespace] [<-kt|–keyTab> keyTab]<< -file> .cbkp File>

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