Informatica help

Informatica help and metadata report query

Informatica Unix commands

Informatica Linux/Unix commands

The table below are just some of the informatica commands, i have included most if not all the command in the help command section.

the commands below is what i use most.
Please leave me a comment below.

Password commands

Command name Description
pmpasswd Informatica PowerMart Password Encryption Utility, 64-bit commands command has many option, you can type in the prompt “ help” and get a full list for that command

Command Description ping check if domain / node or service is up and running. ps execute Run a profile from command line. ps List Show profiles names. ps getExecutionStatus show profile status, [Running, failed, Success] isp exportUsersAndGroups export user and group to xml file. isp exportUsersAndGroups -dn -un -pd -ef isp importUsersAndGroups import user and group from xml file. isp importUsersAndGroups-dn -un -pd -ef -rd

pmcmd commands

Command Description
pmcmd help This command will show you the different option you can use it.
pmcmd startworkflow This command will start running your workflow that you specified.

pmrep commands

Command name Description
pmrep help This command will show you all the available option for this command.
pmrep updatestatistics You can update repository statistics with the pmrep updatestatistics command to improve PowerCenter repository performanc

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