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You might need to make more of these than 5, because the recipes will be yellow. Increases your Intellect by 5% while wearing only Leather armor. Leatherworkers are also able to take lower quality leather materials gathered through skinning and convert them into higher quality items. When you open the leatherworking window or go to a trainer, you'll notice that the items in the list are colorized. The armor produced by leatherworking is chiefly of use to the leather and mail wearing classes: the druid, hunter, shaman, monk, and rogue. I’m on an RP server, I’m going for the looks. Few people will kill and skin low-level mobs when they could farm higher level mobs with a greater yield. The pattern is sold by these NPCs. I believe you could (and this is off memory so apologies if it’s not correct), but there were a few LW specialties you could choose. As of Patch 4.1.0 several professions had their specializations removed, with leatherworking being one of them. Leather cannot be split into lower grades.). – 92 Rune Thread You should pick the one that suited your class and play style. Primary Profession. Objectives. As long as the leatherworker has all of the required materials for the creation of an item, it can be made anywhere in the world at any time. Now is the best time to chose your specialization, since you can make the items you need to specialize as you level up your skill. This item requires a skill of 250 in leatherworking to use, and now has a short cooldown timer similar to an armor kit. [Primal Intent] (armor set), [Golden Dragonstrike Breastplate] [Netherstrike Armor] (armor set), [45] Wild Leather Helmet Go to Outland and learn Leatherworking Master. 1-20 10 x [Light Armour Kit] – 10 Light Leather Unlike other professions, such as blacksmithing, which requires both a purchased item and a world location for creation of items, leatherworkers do not require any special equipment or locations to process their materials into finished products. The book on his table would teach you either the Dragonscale, Elemental or Tribal leatherworking specialization skill. Leatherworking recipes, called patterns, are learned by leatherworkers in order to craft various leather goods. – 30 Gray Dye 145-150 13 x [Overcast Handwraps] – 130 Heavy Borean Leather, 13 Eternal Water you could always go skinning mining too, and work the AH to get gear you need.  [45] Wild Leather Leggings Dragonscale Leatherworking: Mail armor mostly used by Shaman and Hunters.Here is a list of Dragonscale craftables. Skins aren't nodes. 5 x [Small Leather Ammo Pouch] – 15 Light Leather, 20 Coarse Thread. If one Heavy Knothide Leather is cheaper than 5 Knothide Leather, stop making the Heavy Knothide Leathers when you reach 330, buy them from the Auction House instead. When you reached 225 skill and level 40, you unlocked a set of quests. As of patch 2.1.3, you can switch your Leatherworking specialization without losing any skill points and without doing the specialization quest. 30-50 – 440-450 material list is not included, because there are so many path to choose. Click here for the trainer list. Is there any reason that this is not a good choice? Make [Dark Leather Cloak] if you still don’t have [Cured Medium Hide]. Dragonscale leatherworking is the best for shamans if you want to be able to make gear that you personally can use. 30 x [Embossed Leather Gloves] – 90 Light Leather, 60 Coarse Thread World of Warcraft leatherworking crafted items, World of Warcraft leatherworking ingredient items, World of Warcraft leatherworking pattern items, List of BC leatherworking crafted items still useful at level 70, https://wowwiki.fandom.com/wiki/Leatherworking?oldid=2838141, 75 attack power, 22 critical strike rating. In Vanilla there was a leathermaking recipe seller on top of the wow wailing caverns entrance, don’t know if it will be there in classic. Screenshots containing UI elements are generally declined on sight, the same goes for screenshots from the modelviewer or character selection screen. – 307 Knothide Leather 405-420 310-325 20-30 or 1-30 Enginrin-dalvengyr 23 April 2019 19:00 #3. Each specialization granted the crafter the ability to create and equip special soulbound armor sets at higher levels in The Burning Crusade. The [Barbaric Leggings] recipe is sold by these NPCs.  [45] Wild Leather Leggings The color used for the name of the item to be made has the following meanings: As your leatherworking skill level increases (by making items), patterns will go from Red to Orange, Orange to Yellow, Yellow to Green, and Green to Gray. These items are now available to all leatherworkers. Allows a leatherworker to make leather and mail armor. So, what are you waiting for? Please keep the following in mind when posting a comment: Your comment must be in English or it will be removed. – 100 Crystallized Water Oh and something to note: I like the idea of being able to craft something once a day and get a recipe from it. To create [Refined Deeprock Salt] for curing [Rugged Hide], you'll need an Engineering-made [Salt Shaker]. – 5 Frozen Orb You would lose patterns that require that specialization. Since these augments are meant for the leatherworker's personal use only, applying them causes the equipment to become soulbound. 15 x [Cured Medium Hide] – 15 Medium Hide, 15 Salt. Players building their garrisons while on Draenor that have leatherworking should consider building a level 1 Barn (for leather and fur) and/or a level 3 Barn (for Savage Blood). 350-380 The items you create as an Elemantal Leatherworker focus on melee based leather items (agility and attack power). Download the client and get started. Leatherworking recipes, called patterns, are learned by leatherworkers in order to craft various leather goods. Updated for WoW patch 3.2. This section concerns content exclusive to Warlords of Draenor. Leatherworking is typically desired by leather-wearing classes (Druid, Rogue, Demon Hunter) and mail-wearing classes (Hunter, Shaman). For a few Heavy Borean Leathers or Arctic Furs he will give you a pattern for a rare or epic item of leather or mail. I’ve always had good success with Leatherworking on a shaman. not sure Naggisa but i would advise checking the item list of each specialization and see where you can get more profit of it. 43 x [Heavy Knothide Leather] – 215 Knothide Leather ; Elemental Leatherworking:Leather armor which increases resistance, mainly used by rogues and feral druids. (Elemental leatherworking is for rogues, tribal leatherworking is for druids, dragonscale is for shamans/hunters.). Green dragonscale is good for resto, and black dragonscale is good for enhancement. 5 x [Thick Draenic Vest] – 15 Heavy Knothide Leather, 15 Rune Thread Some recipes are only learnable after achieving a certain reputation level with a particular faction. I was LW/Skinning in Vanilla and plan to be again in Classic. Blue dragonscale was good for ele early, but got obviated by later gear. This Profession allows players to work various leathers and pelts into leather armors as well as patches integral to the creation of higher-level, metallic armors and enhanced weapons. Is tribal for devilsaur worth it or should I go for Elemental as it apparently is better for the rest of the gear. Specialization Quests. – 190 Fine Thread  [45] Master of the Wild Leather The resulting bracer enchant is equivalent to the best "self-only" enchants provided by other tradeskills and better than any enchant you can buy or otherwise acquire. Make [Medium Armor Kit] if you can’t find Medium Hides at the AH. The Barn is classified as a medium building. The leatherworking profession allows players to utilize the leather gathered through the skinning profession to create a variety of items, including cloaks, leather and mail armors, armor kits, quivers, and ammo pouches. Bring 2 [Heart of Fire], 2 [Globe of Water], 2 [Core of Earth], and 2 [Breath of Wind] to Sarah Tanner in Searing Gorge.. Can dump it later but it’s nice in Kalimdor. Copyright 2019 StarDev Studio LLC, Legacy-WoW World of Warcraft is a trademark of Blizzard Entertainment. New replies are no longer allowed. When you reach 225 skill and level 40, you unlock a set of quests. None of the specializations were particularly well suited to a hunter; none produced mail armor with a major agility boost. Your character can only have 2 primary professions at any time. Updated for WoW patch 3.2 Materials Approximate Materials Required for 1-450: – 57 Ruined Leather Scraps – 130 Coarse Thread – 10 Medium Hide – 75 Salt – 245 Light Leather – 130 […] In Burning Crusade you had the option to specialize your leatherworking. Unlike jewelcrafters, for example, that have to do dailies to earn a specific currency for their recipes, we can literally farm patterns. – 410 Rugged Leather This section concerns content exclusive to The Burning Crusade. – 75 Salt Do note there are better, while Stormshroud can be crafted quicker before you get the better drops/crafts. Most of money in this profession is timing new things to the market.

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