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Ser is used to identify or describe. You are tired. Here are some links you can use to research the subject. "estar" will be used with adjectives. Preterite of Tener. She is Guatemalan. Ser vs. Estar Although they express something similar (the characteristics of a person or thing), ... Make sure to use the right verb: ser, estar, tener. Let me give you some context--- I know to use "tengo medio" for "I have fear/ I am afraid", "Tengo hambre " for "I have hunger/ I am hungry" and " Tiene 100 años" for "She has 100 years/ She is 100". In English, whenever you are happy, at home, or cold, you use the verb to be (am, are, is) to refer to all three things. In Spanish hacer also means “to do,” but it can be used to express “to make” as well. Estar, on the other hand, is used to indicate the location of the person or thing. The baby is afraid. Phrases employing tener that cannot be translated literally to English include tener hambre, tener sueño, tener [x] años. I’m good at football. Going against our intuition once again, when describing planned events we use ser and not estar, even when describing location. 4. For some reason the Spanish see being dead as a temporary state, and therefore always use estar to describe dead things or people. Ser and estar both mean "to be" but are used in different ways. In Spanish the verb tener is used more widely than the verb to have in English, and it’s not only used to express possession but also to help express many other idioms of emotions and state of being. However, in Spanish, we say estoy feliz (or in some cases soy feliz), estoy en la casa, and tengo frío! Unique Spanish Verbs: Ser, Estar, Haber, Tener, Hacer Written on July 11, 2016 by Elisabeth Hofstad Spanish is a beautiful language that seems to have the perfect, lovely sounding words to describe any idea like poetry. It’s dead. Now that we’ve added tener into the mix, try this interactive exercise to practice differentiating between tener, ser, estar, and haber all in one. Estar is used to tell the location of something or how someone feels. It tells what something is, its basic characteristics, or its origin. Ser vs Estar vs Tener: All the Ways to Say “I am” in Spanish. "tener" will be used with an abstract noun as direct object or as the magnitude (whether implicitly or explicitly stated) to which a certain measurement or dimension refers. Tener on the other hand means "to have" but there are many idiomatic expressions used with all these verbs, so you really can't trust the dictionary in their usage. If you’re unsure which verb to use, you can always go back to the lesson! And finally, hacer. Although it is an extremely common verb, estar can be confusing for many Spanish students because it is usually translated as "to be," just like the verb ser.Although they can often be translated the same way, ser and estar are distinct verbs with distinct meanings and are seldom synonymous. Tener (pronounced teh-nehr, with a soft 'r' at the end) means 'to have'. For now, just learn the forms for recognition purposes. Three different verbs are equivalent to the English verb “to be.” Hacer. You are soccer players. We use the preterite when talking about finished actions in the past, so the preterite of tener would be the equivalent of 'had' in English. La fiesta es en mi casa vs. La fiesta está en mi casa. Ser is used to express what something is, while estar expresses where or how it is. Estar rico = to be tasty: Ser bueno = to be good: Estar bueno = to be tasty or attractive: Ser malo = to be bad: Estar malo = to be ill: Ser listo = to be clever: Estar listo = to be ready: Tener sueñ o = to be sleepy or tired: Estar cansado = to be tired: Tener frío = to be cold (feel cold yourself) Estar frío = to be cold (an object is cold in temperature) They are siblings. The Verb Tener. In its most basic form, it is used to express possession and necessity. Just go with it. How can I tell when to use tener vs. estar right off the top of my head?

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