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She is the main reality version of Belle. However, the Blue Fairy creates a potion which restores Belle's memories. You read something and have a good feeling about it, it sounds great, ties nicely together and then shooting something, editing it, the music, the actors involved, everything sort of plays a huge part. She is portrayed by Emilie de Ravin, and her gallery is here. Cinderella Mills (step-granddaughter-in-law)Lucy Mills (step-great-granddaughter). 47), 2006 (No. On 8 July 2014, de Ravin filed for divorce from Janowicz. When Rumplestiltskin returns, he demands she accompany him on his journey to find and kill the thief. Soon afterwards, however, Rumple comes aboard the Jolly Roger to find Hook and Belle. He drops the dagger into the river, but it instantly reappears in its sheath. Forever. Your heart is pure. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. [23] That episode turned out to be the season's fourth, "Beauty". Belle does so, but not before calling him a coward. Family/Relationships Child(ren): Rumple attempts to get through to Belle by showing her the chipped teacup, a remnant of their life together, but a scared and confused Belle throws and smashes the cup. Belle remains in her self-induced sleeping curse in Pandora's Box. [9], De Ravin's first major role was a recurring part as Curupira in the TV series Beastmaster. Heartbroken, Rumple leaves. After confronting Gold about his murder of Gaston decades earlier, Belle intends to help Gaston move on from the Underworld, only to learn that Gaston blames her for his death. Eventually, Belle gets caught up in the feud between Rumplestiltskin and Captain Hook, resulting in Belle getting shot and falling over the town line, causing her to lose her memories. Belle once upon a time accent. Belle stands by Ruby and insists that she is not the monster many believe her to be, as Belle sees the goodness in her heart. Rumple catches her in a reference to when she opened the nailed-down curtains in the Dark Castle. Realizing that she's in love with the Dark One and that he loves her back, Belle returns and attempts to break his curse, only for it to backfire when Rumplestiltskin learns it was the Queen's idea. During the war, Belle's family is forced to flee their castle; however, she and her mother take time to pack up some of their important books. Beauty from the fairy tale "Beauty and the Beast"Belle from the Disney film Beauty and the BeastEllie Fredricksen from the Disney/Pixar film Up She always had a close relationship with her mother, having been introduced to her love for books by her and taught different skills such as translating fairy language. Malcolm (father-in-law) †Fiona (mother-in-law) †Baelfire (stepson) †Henry Mills (step-grandson)Cinderella Mills (step-granddaughter-in-law)Lucy Mills (step-great-granddaughter) As Belle searches the ship for a magical cloak that Hook stole from Gold's shop, the pirate himself appears and trains a gun on her as he explains the reasons behind his relentless pursuit of revenge against "the crocodile" (his derogatory nickname for Rumplestiltskin). Belle Gold (née French), briefly known as Lacey, is a character featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. Their call ends, but Rumple is cured when Snow sacrifices Cora's life for Rumple's. But the Blue Fairy is ambushed by Rumple's mother, the Black Fairy. As Belle and Rumple grow closer, his attitude towards her becomes more playful and lighthearted. Motivated by Hades, Gaston makes multiple attempts to kill Rumplestiltskin, reuniting Belle with her ex-fiancée. Gideon Together, they enter the mines to once again retrieve Gideon's heart and stop him before he can kill Emma. Before falling under, Belle makes Gold promise to return her to her father, whom she believes is the only one who can wake her with true love's kiss. After Rumplestiltskin reveals his darkened heart is slowly destroying him, Belle rushes to his side after Rumple starts dying, and the Sorcerer's Apprentice removes the Darkness from Rumplestiltskin, preserving him in a comatose state. https://abconceuponatime.fandom.com/wiki/Belle?oldid=47398. It is revealed that, many years ago, Rumple promised his second-born child to a healer in the Enchanted Forest in exchange for saving young Baelfire's life. She embraces Gold, whom she now calls by his true name of Rumplestiltskin, and declares her love for him, which he finally reciprocates. Woman with brown hair and blue eyes [22] Two months later, it was reported that De Ravin would be guest-starring in at least one episode of the series' seventh season. Other Family: Though Belle has been reunited with Rumplestiltskin, he continues to struggle against his dark impulses. Once Upon a Time: Belle Makes the Ultimate Sacrifice to Protect Her Baby. Upon learning that Regina had locked Belle up for nearly thirty years, he summons a wraith to suck out Regina's soul, condemning her to a fate worse than death. In the aftermath of Rumple's permanent departure, Belle and Hook form a friendship as they work together to undo Rumple's imprisonment of the fairies in the Sorcerer's Hat. As time passes, Belle starts to see the man behind the beast, and Rumplestiltskin becomes less aggressive to her to the point where he allows her to leave. Couldn't be happier! Reunited at last, Belle makes Rumplestiltskin promise that he won't kill Regina as an act of revenge. [34] In 2016, she gave birth to a daughter. [7] Having studied ballet since the age of nine at Christa Cameron School of Ballet in Melbourne, and being home schooled by her mother, she was accepted into the Australian Ballet School at fifteen, where she performed in productions with The Australian Ballet as well as Danceworld 301.

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