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To get started, take a look at our flute fingering chart. * From the fifth bar onward, the fingering for E-C# (Db) is the same as for an octave. Flute Fingering Chart. C CD DDEEEFFG GGAA AB BBCCD DDED DE E EFFG GCGA A AB B CD. 1st finger 2nd finger 3rd finger 4th finger. RIGHT HAND. Name. These all are recorder notes chart with letters therefore it is very easy to know which note you are playing, just look at the letter below.. Isn’t cool? The note shown on the staff is the note played by the fingering chart … Reading these fingering charts is a fairly simple task. About the Book Author. fluteland.com FLUTE FINGERING CHART. Free to download and print. LEFT HAND. Print out the illustrations if you want a handy reference during your music making! 14 Jan 2020. Website. The note is written on the staff and above is the fingering on the flute. Karen Evans Moratz is Principal Flutist with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, and Artist in Residence and Associate Professor of Flute at the School of Music/Jordan College of Fine Arts at … the small shapes to the far right can be found on the foot joint of the flute. Title. Basic Fingerings. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. flute fingering chart. The shape underneath the first three keys is played with your thumb, and can be found on the back of the flute. flute fingering chart. 1st finger 2nd finger 3rd finger 4th finger Left thumb. At first glance, a fingering chart for the flute can look confusing. * The actual pitch of an alto flute is four tones down from the written score. Download Now (PDF format) My safe download promise. To ease this pain, you can try using a cushion that goes over the thumb rest. Select a note from the scale below, to see the fingering and hear the note. FLUTE TRILL FINGERING CHART Move the red key rapidly to produce the trill. In the following fingering chart we have listed all the basic fingerings for the Boehm-system flute, which are also valid for the other instruments of the family: the piccolo, the alto flute, the bass flute, etc. This chart provides you with the basic fingerings for all the notes on the flute. What to do when your right thumb hurts. This chart lists the basic flute fingering positions necessary to play each note. Best Flute Fingering Charts Online. Refer to this page only when first learning finger positions, and when absolutely necessary. A note for Piccoloists How to play recorder notes chart. Flautists can practice proper flute fingering with this printable instrument chart for bands and orchestras. This figure tells you the standard code used in most flute fingering charts and diagrams for the fingers of your right and left hands — those that depress the flute’s keys. I suggest you print out these two pages in addition to the blank fingering chart that follows, so that you can write in new and alternate fingerings for your own flute notebook. Download a clarinet fingering chart . When reading this flute fingerings chart, you'll notice the holes are empty or filled in. Knowing how to play each and every note on the flute by memory is essential to mastering the flute. There may be times when your right thumb gets sore from playing the clarinet for long stretches at a time. We won't list these special fingerings on this page, but if you are interested you can find some of them here. Flutophone Fingering Chart. Flute Fingering Chart Recorder Fingering Chart Chart Songs Music Charts Clarinet Sheet Music Recorder Music Music For Kids Kids Songs Tin Whistle. Master Flute Finger Placement. Flautists can practice proper flute fingering with this printable instrument chart for bands and orchestras. Basic Flute Fingering Chart: Jennifer Cluff created this two page fingering chart in pdf for printing out. The darkened circles represent the keys that should be pressed down. Need help on how to read flute notes fast? Download a flute fingering chart. Then this amazing poster will get you on the right track! Downloads are subject to this site's term of use. Finger 1-Index Finger Finger 2-Middle Finger Finger 3-Ring Finger P-Pinky The figure also tells you your fingers’ home positions on the flute. On this page, you'll find: An easy-to-read fingering chart for flute; A quick WALK-THROUGH video, showing you EXACTLY where to put your fingers on the flute; And as a bonus, you'll learn: How to AVOID the 4 REALLY common MISTAKES beginner flute players make when reading a fingering chart Saved by Mrs G. 37. Trusted The Basic Flute Fingering Chart Advice, Good tool for great food Tips, Guide. Because of the challenges of publishing, several charts have been developed over the years which adds to the confusion. The Basic Flute Fingering Chart. Flute Fingering Chart. A to Bb open pressed dov,Tl to B E to toc eooleoo E to Bb to C e ool oo D to Eb to alooed e o alooo "OIOOOd e ooloooa to D Db to Eb o o o Io 0.0 to B 001000 Db to Eb 0 0 0 ol o to A C to D C to Db B to 0001000 B to o o Io oo 0 0 0 0 0100 Od 0001000 Od Ab to Bb ôlo o Od Email. While these basic fingerings work on the piccolo, for many notes alternate fingerings exist that are better suited to be used in particular passages, as they can make it easier to produce a good tone or can be better in tune.

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