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big. Goodyear is an excelllent place to raise a family. Arizona State University adds so much character and fun to the city. Tempe Town Lake is right on the north side of campus and has paddleboard, kayak, boat, the new swans, and paddleboat rentals for the water. More diversity is also needed!Read 331 Reviews, Current Resident: I absolutely love living in Gilbert! Even though we are within an hour's drive from both Mesa and Phoenix, the crime is very low. Residents can also jump in a car share and head out for a day trip to the gorgeous Finger Lakes, a major wine region, or Niagara Falls. eighteenth-century London and Paris served as spaces for public Higher income households exist throughout the majority of Oro Valley, including various gated neighborhoods and larger households. Brewery Gulch is not as dominated by drinking establishments (nor brothels, of course) as it once was, but it contains two of Bisbee’s most notable bars — the historic St. Elmo Bar, opened in 1902 and still popular with locals; and the Room 4 Bar, a tiny tavern (it’s standing room only starting with the seventh customer) inside the Silver King Hotel. The best cities in Arizona ranked by Walk Score are In order to keep up with the growing population, better and bigger roads are needed to help with the influx of people who will come to love the town as I do.Read 55 Reviews, Current Resident: I have lived here for 11 years and it is a great place to live! The only downfall is the varied diversity, religiously and racially. You may be in the middle of the desert, but Mesa even has two rivers!Mesa has many attractions and provides many place's to enjoy the beautiful landscapes and places to visit for culture. Interestingly, in many American towns, shopping malls have become town centers (in Nanuet, NY for example). walkable city, it's definitely a bikable city. Nearby Apartments. The heat can be extreme during the summer but the temperature is very pleasant during the winter months. Chandler is such a pretty city that I love living in! I live in the suburbs near downtown Gilbert and the neighborhoods are a great and safe place to grow up. Just east of Downtown Phoenix lies the Booker T. Washington District. This is where the locale has its best chance to make a good first impression. Phoenix has some public transportation and is somewhat bikeable. Green Valley, Arizona Town of 32,000, including dozens of desert retirement communities, 20 miles south of Tucson. Tempe has awesome, locally owned restaurants. I honestly am going to live in Arizona my whole life and I wouldn't want to live in any other city than Chandler. Goodyear is an excelllent place to raise a family. It is considered to be a positive addition to the city of Mesa.Welcomed By Sculpture On The Streets, You might just see Humpty Dumpty or a mama bear waiting on a Mesa street corner. However, Tucson is a short drive away and provides a greater diversity in activities. It has blossomed into a thriving suburb of Tucson with the friendly neighborhood feel of a small town all it's own. the internet, radio, TV) as public space proper, I do not think it obviates the need for physical public space. Great schools , community, very family friendly. I suppose gyms and schools qualify as semi-public spaces too and so it is no wonder they are an object of nostalgia for many Americans. Other, more quiet towns like Clarkdale will remind you of the good old days. There are several schools to choose from, churches, libraries, and shopping nearby. Chandler is such a caring community and truly does for the people. There are also lots of opportunities to be outside with parks and green belts and lots of community members made good use of them. residents having a car is constraining, not liberating, the big city In Gilbert, the community, neighborhoods, schools, and public areas are just overall great and I'm glad to live in such an amazing area! It's picturesque, and it perfectly depicts the image everyone wants to see of small town life. The Verde Valley spreads below, glimpsed between buildings that stubbornly cling to the slopes. It also is pretty low on crime and feels safe wherever you go. Sitting just above Main Street like a stately grand dame is the Copper Queen Hotel, circa 1902, looking down as if on a throne. Glendale should also promote recycling, as the world needs to become more eco-friendly!Read 777 Reviews. Urban spaces have historically served this function. Litchfield Park has been my home since the age of 4. forums, even somewhat open to input from different socio-economic Housing What is the most beautiful small town in Arizona? But don’t worry that you’re starting to hallucinate from the sweltering Arizona heat—they’re part of the 38 sculptures in the city’s Growing Permanent Sculpture Collection. Flagstaff. Teenagers do not get stuck in their homes before they are old (If you want to know more about Tucson The tiki bar adopted the imposing figure more than a decade ago upon the shuttering of its former home, a miniature golf course. Residents enjoy this dog-friendly neighborhood that is within walking distance to some conveniences. Any doubts that Fourth Avenue isn't here to play are banished by the giant tiki head stationed in front of The Hut. Locomotives, not cars, gave birth to Williams’ tourist industry, going back to 1901 and the Grand Canyon Railway. My family moved to Corona de Tucson in 2006, and we love it. The Peoria Unified School District is amazing and I have enjoyed the educational opportunities and assistance I have gotten from them. streets, parks, salons, theaters and coffeehouses of Tucson, and One thing is for sure: if you live somewhere without a car, your rent is high and your living area is small (or you have roommates), unless you live on a college campus, a military base, or an urban area with high crime. My reasons roughly fall into two categories: car-independence and public space. Most errands can be run on foot, as quite a few conveniences are within walking distance, including parks, restaurants, and bars. The most walkable Phoenix neighborhoods are Downtown, Garfield and Eastlake Park. to be skirting walkability, at least as a direct criterion, although there is It is well maintained and has great shopping and dining choices offering a range of cuisine. With more people flocking to Vail, the roads have taken a hit becoming more damaged with each passing year. Love Arizona? in their entirety than the pedestrian-friendly fraction might be a good thing.) Other places you can walk to include the park, restaurants, and shops. (Note that by "public space" I mean how accessible the space is to the general public and how much of the general public interacts in it, and so not necessarily who it is or is not owned by.) They always hold events for the community and have plenty of clean and safe parks that involve: skateparks, big fields, playgrounds, basketball courts, and tons more. and is filled with museums, art work, hiking opportunities, and delicious food and drink. There are several schools to choose from, churches, libraries, and shopping nearby. (Washington DC in parts has this) and would have stores, restaurants Also try to choose where you work or choose where you live so that you can commute to work either on foot, by bike, or by public transportation (although be careful to make sure the public transportation system is good and reliable -- in most places in the U.S. it's not). Even though most cities are car-dependent, many of them still have safe areas that are nonetheless walkable. Main Street is known for its galleries and boutiques, as well as the Bisbee Mining and Historical Museum, a little gem affiliated with the Smithsonian Institution. An ideal community, I think, would combine population density with native vegitation Higher income households exist throughout the majority of Oro Valley, including various gated neighborhoods and larger households. Take a look at the different maps I've

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