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published 1917, avg rating 3.76 — updated Apr 11, 2013 10:07AM — published 1930, avg rating 4.08 — “As summer neared, as the evening lengthened there came to the wakeful, the hopeful, walking the beach, stirring the pool, imaginations of the strangest kind- of flesh turned to atoms which drove before the wind, of stars flashing in their hearts, of outwardly the scattered parts of the vision within. 242 ratings — 1,102 ratings — published 1975, avg rating 4.16 — List of the best Virginia Woolf books, ranked by voracious readers in the Ranker community. published 1927, avg rating 3.28 — 0 people liked it, 1 chapters — 2,773 ratings — published 1996, avg rating 3.75 — 78 ratings — 144 ratings — 119,571 ratings — published 1970, avg rating 3.63 — 186 ratings — updated Apr 01, 2018 03:19AM — Virginia Woolf was long dismissed as a 'minor modernist' but now stands as one of the giants of 20th century literature. published 1940, avg rating 4.16 — published 1938, avg rating 3.91 — 9,097 ratings — published 1981, avg rating 4.29 — published 1925, avg rating 3.88 — published 1928, avg rating 4.15 — 4,166 ratings — 7,960 ratings — published 1933, avg rating 4.26 — published 1960, avg rating 4.43 — 380 ratings — List RulesVote for the Virginia Woolf novels you just couldn't put down. 246 ratings — 5,661 ratings — 649 ratings — published 1990, avg rating 4.44 — 35+ Books Everybody Lies About Having Read. With commercial success and critical acclaim, there's no doubt that Virginia Woolf is one of the most popular authors of the last 100 years. Subjects: Marriage, Literature, Classics, English Language, Scotland, Genres (Book): Children's literature, Fiction, Novel, #241 of 704 Books That Changed Your Life#10 of 315 300+ Great Books of the Western World, Subjects: Literary, Literature, Classics, English Language, England, #188 of 1,234 The Best Novels Ever Written#114 of 171 35+ Books Everybody Lies About Having Read, Subjects: Literary, Literature, Classics, Friendship, Literary criticism, Genres (Book): Fiction, Reference, Experimental literature, Subjects: Gender studies, Literature, Classics, Family, History, Subjects: Music, Literary, Literature, Classics, South America, Subjects: Literary, Literature, Classics, London, England, Genres (Book): Romance novel, Fiction, Novel, Reference, Subjects: Literary, Literature, Classics, 20th century, History, Subjects: Literary, Gender studies, Literature, Classics, 20th century. 429 ratings — published 1938, avg rating 4.30 — published 1932, avg rating 4.01 — Moreover softened and acquiescent, the spring with their bees humming and gnats dancing threw her cloud about her, veiled her eyes, averted her head, and among passing shadows and fights of small rain seemed to have taken upon her knowledge of the sorrows of mankind.”, “As Virginia Woolf argues in her 1929 feminist manifesto, A Room of One’s Own, this imbalance should not come as a surprise. published 1973, avg rating 4.00 — 225,309 ratings — Welcome back. Error rating book. The Best Virginia Woolf Books The best Virginia Woolf novels and short-story collections, and why you should read them Virginia Woolf wrote just nine novels, but she also left a number of volumes of non-fiction, an important volume of short stories, and an unusual work of … To Woolf, in other words, solitude is not a pleasant diversion, but instead a form of liberation from the cognitive oppression that results in its absence.”, avg rating 3.79 — 1,407 ratings — With commercial success and critical acclaim, there's no doubt that Virginia Woolf is one of the most popular authors of the last 100 years. published 1971, avg rating 4.17 — 654 ratings — 3,289 ratings — 108 ratings — published 1977, avg rating 4.04 — Vote for the Virginia Woolf novels you just couldn't put down. published 1944, avg rating 3.62 — 4,646 ratings — 1,889 ratings — published 1942, avg rating 4.36 — published 1931, avg rating 3.54 — published 1958, avg rating 3.68 — In those mirrors, the minds of men, in those pools of uneasy water, in which cloud forever and shadows form, dreams persisted; and it was impossible to resist the strange intimation which every gull, flower, tree, man and woman, and the white earth itself seemed to declare (but if you questioned at once to withdraw) that good triumph, happiness prevails, order rules, or to resist the extra ordinary stimulus to range hither and thither in search of some absolute good, some crystal of intensity remote from the known pleasures and familiar virtues, something alien to the processes of domestic life, single, hard, bright, like a diamond in the sand which would render the possessor secure. 2,250 ratings — 4,125 ratings — published 1980, avg rating 3.85 — Woolf would agree that solitude is a prerequisite for original and creative thought, but she would then add that women had been systematically denied both the literal and figurative room of their own in which to cultivate this state.

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