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These companies may consistently update their packaging for this reason, but Chinese manufacturers catch up and replicate the new packaging. Refunds not applicable to PTSD evaluations. Yes, you did read that right, and you may even be wondering, how may this be possible? The best way to stay away is to go to legitimate dispensaries. Let us know if you think you ever purchased any counterfeit vape cartridges in the comments below. What about Soda Stix. Dank Vapes just barely changed their vape cartridge packaging and already had it replicated and sold online. It needs to have Jupiter and a tiny fire like symbol next to it. But be aware that not all of these fake cartridges don’t have the same variables. One of the easiest ways to identify fake Brass Knuckles is real Brass Knuckles have a hologram on the side. I have been buying Stiiizy from a licenced dispensary since last year and i have boxes dating from July 18 to the most recent in December with thc results on the box. Bet your bottom dollar it’s in some pot out there too. It’s also a problem on Facebook. Right now all Dank Vapes are a form of fake cartridge. As stated before, these are not full-proof methods to ensure that your cannabis cart has not been cut with an additive, but will definitely help identify the most concerning cartridges for your health. thanks. Read our blog for more information on Fake CCELL Cartridges. So pure nectar is a bit odd. As mentioned earlier, the affect of fake cartridges have made companies entirely change the look of their packaging. Cartridges used by companies are mainly distillates and terpenes, or even concentrates … Beware of cheap premium carts because they can have different kinds of impurities. High demands for carts causes sources on the counterfeit market to sell faster, meaning many carts out there are probably illegitimate. There could have been a couple of possible scenarios I want to discuss. If there is one missing or perhaps with a different fonts, most likely it’s a fake. TKO’s Vapes is a company based out of California. Their guide is unfortunately already outdated because of how fast the counterfeits improve their product. Lead is a neurotoxin that causes general and permanent brain damage, in addition to being deadly at higher concentrations. See our vape pen pesticides and solvents test page for Brass Knuckles testing information, current and past. People are using social media platforms such as Instagram to sell their counterfeit vape carts. Not the 710 king pens box says 710. But there’s so much more to vape oil than just the cannabis concentrate itself. Medical marijuana programs across the country require licensed processors to submit their product for testing, so you can feel confident that your cannabis cart will improve your health, and not be a detriment. They’ll do so by sharing information on their social platforms, explaining how to tell apart fakes carts from legit ones. However, without a database to check the serial numbers on their website, it’s not as effective as it should be. Vaping laced oils can cause severe health problems. I started vaping this cart brand about a few years ago, and I consumed their products frequently. Despite replicas being sold in the black market, these branded companies are taking extra measures to prevent from this happening. First off, cartridges have been around for about a decade in the vape industry, but only for vape juice. It obsorbs at a higher rate than smoke. The popularity of vape cartridges makes it easier for vendors to sell fake carts to people living in illegal states. Noticed lately the stuff looks dark brown and dirty and refuse to chance it anymore! Once the cartridges are sold they get shipped, allowing vendors to fill up the cartridge with their own distillate. They are encouraging their customers to only buy from licensed dispensaries in California and Las Vegas. Companies from overseas are manufacturing empty cartridges in bulk with unofficial “official” branded casings . Likewise, fake carts will have the chemical residues like pesticides more often than not.The negative effect might not be immediately clear still it will manifest when you continue using contaminated cannabis. After battling with fake cartridges, they decided to stick with this package shown below. Visit social media of THC cartridge brands and website for additional insight on the counterfeit problem. These people are creating nice packaging with claims such as 90% THC and solventless. Propylene glycol – Another smoke enhancer, used in everything from deodorant sticks to smoke machines. Medical grade propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine are often used as base additives. These people are frequently taking pictures of well-known vape cartridges that have pesticides such as Exotic Carts, Mario Carts, Dank vape carts, and others. The issue isn’t legalization, the issue is price. People have been smoking pesticide in weed for 50 years with no ill effects and carts for over 5 years … again with no ill effects. It’s unfortunate, vape cartridge packaging designs are being stolen and sold on popular online Chinese markets. Until a couple of months ago, they only advertised selling cannabis flowers and seeds, but now some of them switched to cartridges. A lot of cannabis companies get their packaging made from China. When the cannabis industry decides to grow an ethical backbone and stop gouging it’s customers, maybe more people will buy their products. That should scare you off anything unregulated. I’ve had them and they all tasted consistent with one another.

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