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They are gross and a total ripoff. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. My kids won't eat them. My kids eat pb&j most days. What even is an uncrustable. But I live in a super crunchy area. with organic grape jelly? I feel like I am missing something here. I think we sometimes forget that celebrities are still people. When you were promised Goldfish, your heart leaped for the crispy, cheesy goodness only tiny, aquatic animals could provide. It makes the bread dry and gross. Looked down upon by parents, but our school actually served them until last year. I personally wouldn't pack one because there are a lot of questionable ingredients in those. The jelly itself likely has ~10g of sugar + what's in the bread + any in PB (didn't pull mine out to look if peanuts naturally have any). It was a science experiment gone horribly wrong. They no longer taste good at that point. I use natural pb (no added oils or sugar) and reduced sugar jam (the type that has less added sugar and is less sweet tasting, not the type that replaces it with artificial sweeteners). They're about the furthest thing from a cookie that there has ever been, and they besmirched the good name of cookies for a while there. I can make a pbj pretty quick! I think only Target has that type here (when they have them in … Email or Phone: Password: Forgot account? I really like the strawberry on whole wheat ones but those are super hard to find around here. Facebook. Alyce. 17.9m members in the mildlyinteresting community. Our favorite foods from a galaxy far far away. Do not store your Uncrustables in the refrigerator. I don't understand this whole grape jelly versus strawberry jelly. To be served with Manchego cheese flavored goldfish crackers and boxes of organic grape juice (since we can't served the wee ones boxes of riesling) Would you approve? Why is it not OK not to like Uncrustables? These snacks are almost too cool to consume—almost. If you follow these rules, the Uncrusables will never let you down. has anyone tried the pb & honey uncrustable? Not only did it smell and taste terrible, but that pink and blue never failed to mix together into what can only be described as poop brown. Once upon a time, I was in my favorite place...Walt Disney World. My grandmother LOVES them and brought over a box of the Grilled Cheese kind for us…they sat in our freezer until they got frostbite and we threw them out because they looked completely unappetizing), it bothers me that you constantly are rude to people who are overweight. It's a pre-made PBJ sandwich with the crusts cut off, and it comes in the freezer section. I buy Uncrustables every once in a blue moon for lunch. I don't know why they would be, it's just a sandwich! End of story. If you liked bolonga as a kid, you were one of the weird ones. At once slimy and melt-in-your-mouth soft, we loved canned pasta purely because it tasted fake. I have not tried and to not intend to try any other flavors unless they are consulting of other sweet sandwich variety (PB and honey, PB and marshmallow, etc. Remember the good ol' days of unwrapping a Kraft single, folding it on itself several times, forming a cheese stack of impressive size, and biting into it like it was a chocolate truffle? Welcome Guest. I don't know how anyone else would know what you pack in your kid's lunch, or why you would care what they think. It's basically a bread pocket stuffed with PB&J (and more recently other ingredients such as BBQ Chicken). But instead of the perfect, little pizza pockets of your imagination, the oven eviscerated them, leaving them BURNING HOT but bleeding out all their cheesy, saucy filling. It *is* the processed nastiness that bugs me, but I also can't get over paying through the nose for something that isn't that hard for me to make at home. American cheese is not cheese. I was skeptical at first, but they won me over. Go-Gurt is responsible for so many yogurt-in-hair incidents it should be outlawed. I had 3 kids and a colicky baby who didn't sleep...people can shut it about how I spend my time before 7:30am unless they have been in those shoes. I would not approve. Photo: Provident Films. Click here to remove banner ads from this forum. What is this, North Korea?! Cheese was not made to come out of a can. I didn't know I'd have to write a description. The other parents? 15 Foods That Will Take British Kids Back To Their Childhood, 15 Ridiculous Foods That Prove Hipsters Have Gone Too Far, Science Says Midnight Snacks are Incredibly Unhealthy...Unless You Eat These, Choking Hazards We Absolutely Loved as Kids, 'Star Wars' Snacks for Your Upcoming Marathon, Popcorn Recipes You Won't Be Able to Resist, '90s Treats We'd Take a Time Machine to Eat Again, May the Forks Be With You: Star Wars Food Puns, This Movie Theater Popcorn Trick Will Change Your Snacking Game Forever. Not that I packed uncrustables (because I'm cheap) but people are so ridiculous. I love regular uncrustables. Lol I hope not! I'm one of the anti-uncrustable people and I don't think I would buy an organic almond butter version. But when you were handed a purple bag, it was like your life flashed before your eyes. Please Login or Register. But we knew, even at the time, that the "spreadable cheese" was really "chemical mush." Don't give in to those late night cravings...unless you reach for one of these! And while what you’re saying is true and I agree with that (Uncrustables are disgusting. Thinking about it makes me gag. Does it matter? WRONG. I eat uncrustables for breakfast a lot and I can conclude that they’re very mediocre when thawed, but absolutely divine when still frozen. Who would be frowning upon them? Accessibility Help. I would imagine the fancier version would cost more too. Lots of moms do the elaborate super-healthy bento boxes for kids lunches. 9 years ago. The main reason I started eating them frozen was bc I didn’t have the patience to wait for them to unfreeze. I don't consider uncrustables much different. It just didn't upset our ten-year-old iron stomachs yet, so we ate it with a vengeance. I think they just taste different; neither is better than the other. Press J to jump to the feed. 0 2. The bread was way too soft and punched down into some sort of a white bread pancake””the ratios were all wrong. RIP Totino's Pizza Rolls, every time. AverageDad will have tech issues. The bread was way too soft and punched down into some sort of a white bread pancake””the ratios were all wrong. It makes the bread dry and gross. Do not thaw then refreeze your Uncrustables. It takes more then half a second to make a freaking sandwich. They sure know a lot about comfort food. I know this is TIC, but I'll play along. Only if the sandwich wrapper is biodegradable and compostable. Is the sugar reduced because it's replaced with something? Oh lord, people need to get a hobby if this is what's now frowned upon. They are gross and a total ripoff. I honestly have no clue what other parents pack so whatever! Smucker's Uncrustables were great if you loved choking on peanut butter and getting way too much grape jelly squirted into your mouth at the same time. I hate when people judge how people spend their time. Uncrustables are the fanciest thing you can eat lol. Do not thaw then refreeze your Uncrustables. Sure, we loved them. The teachers? In my girls' school, an uncrustable is available every.single.day and is what they serve to a kid who doesn't pack a lunch and has no money on account to buy one. We use more peanut butter on the sandwiches we make at home, so they have more protein (and fat too :-). Fig Newtons aren't that bad. Do not eat your Uncrustables if they have been outside of the freezer for more than twelve hours. Are uncrustables really frowned upon in school lunches? Quote. #CrustAllTheWay. A gross refers to a group of 144 items (a dozen dozen or a square dozen, 12 2). Sorry, that's the truth. We yearned for Chef Boyardee. They are a quick and easy snack of good quality. Sticky Fingers Raspberry White Chocolate Scones, Walker Pure Butter Shortbread Scottie Dogs. Who cares what someone else thinks. The toys and snacks of our youth provided us with endless fun, entertainment and life-threatening danger. This would be my first Thanks Obama! Oh, we were aware how nasty it was. In short, if you're looking for a quick snack or an easy lunch, pick up some Uncrustables. #CrustAllTheWay Jump to. Some of these comments are hilarious. I wouldn't do it because I think they're a total waste of money and my kid wouldn't touch them. We tried so hard to experience the best Lunchables Pizza had to offer, but in the end, it was never enough. I think as long as you're not sending a candy bar and moutain dew, you're good. End of story. DD took one everyday when ds was brand new. Uncrustables consist of peanut butter, some sort of fruit jam, and white bread. Make your own sandwich, for Pete's sake. Our school is totally peanut free, but I can't imagine it would be an issue if we could send in PB. You've always wondered how to get that perfectly buttered movie-theater popcorn. Do not eat your Uncrustables if they have been outside of the freezer for more than twelve hours. The peanut butter consists of hydrogenated vegetable oils, sugar, and other chemicals that allow the product to be preserved.

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