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Hydronephrosis, kidney and ureteral stones, bladder masses, urinary retention--great overview of the entire urinary system. Learn why this is an incredibly useful but admittedly limited diagnostic study in trauma. 0000049254 00000 n A lecture by Dr. Resa Lewiss (University of Colorado) for the Academy of Emergency Ultrasound (AEUS) lecture series. 0000003622 00000 n border is easy to demonstrate with ultrasound. A brief overview of my approach to scanning the patient with undifferentiated hypotension. ,��doz�=Tp����av�q��F�f�Re;6�V'}ْ�� 0�p���³p�L���R�'۵D׫>�~���8&q4��z�Z�I&�d��i8�+! 0000114665 00000 n E. Student Handout for Hands-on.pdf . 0000004770 00000 n H��Wے��}�W�� %b1���v�.��]e9��'�����Cܕ�����ߛ�=���:����2���9�g^�W��J�6�������,,�XW�m&j˯#a�vq���Jl�k# �bI�Y&Vw��m��0��W\K�������R&|s�O!E�TY��0��8M,��x�׹��'�3���2�� You may even order fewer CT scans. A lecture by Dr. Joseph Minardi (West Virginia University) for the Academy of Emergency Ultrasound (AEUS) lecture series. Distinct ranges of frequency are availed for examination of distinct parts of body and they are mentioned below: Of note, depending on your institution, the following lectures may be counted towards the 5 hours of continuing educational ultrasound activities per credentialing cycle required by ACEP (2008 Emergency Ultrasound Guidelines). Ultrasound Imaging Yao Wang Polytechnic University, Brooklyn, NY 11201 Based on J. L. Prince and J. M. Links, Medical Imaging Signals and Systems, and lecture notes by Prince. 0000004305 00000 n A lecture by Dr. Chris Moore (Yale University) for the Academy of Emergency Ultrasound (AEUS) lecture series. Learn about the sonographic appearance of lymph nodes, Baker's cysts, superficial thrombophlebitis, etc. Narrow your differential (or cinch your diagnosis) in less than 2 minutes. mep-12-10446-s001.zip (26M) GUID: 57CF3B02-F48B-48DA-8B61-422672C62695. F. Postmodule Evaluation Form.docx. 0000000948 00000 n 0000002879 00000 n 0000004527 00000 n H�T��n�0E�|�������)bA�HY��&�ޘ!Ejr�"_��<=s�׻��u���}o�4��s��s�DM�ΉD����L��'3�x A lecture by Dr. Sara Damewood (University of Wisconsin) for the Academy of Emergency Ultrasound (AEUS) lecture series. Diagnostic ultrasound imaging depends on the computerized analysis of reflected ultrasound waves, which non-invasively build up fine images of internal body structures. K�Ii��M�۞�'E錇"3L�B�ӗ&�oϸx�滛���j� �ug/�O�d�����:G�a臠��D� �K�� A lecture by Dr. Emergency echocardiography is broken down into the four main views of the heart (and a look at the IVC), with an emphasis on identification of effusions and estimation of EF. Noll (2004) US Notes 1: page 1 Ultrasound Notes, Part I – The Basics • Ultrasound imaging is a direct, non-reconstructive form of imaging where image formation is obtained by localizing an ultrasonic wave to a small volume in 3D space. 0000084384 00000 n A lecture by Dr. Arun Nagdev (Alameda County / Highland General Hospital) for the Academy of Emergency Ultrasound (AEUS) lecture series. A ton of material about abdominal aortic anatomy and pathophysiology. A lecture by Dr. Jonathan Fischer (Thomas Jefferson University) for the Academy of Emergency Ultrasound (AEUS) lecture series. A comprehensive look at kidney pathology. 0000001041 00000 n D. Hands-on Session Setup Instructions.docx. 0000004721 00000 n Learn the techniques for assessing IVC diameter and collapsibility. After this lecture, the inferior vena cava will become part of your resuscitation of any critically ill patient. Basics of Ultrasound Lecture.pptx. 0000001624 00000 n A lecture by Dr. Tahisha Tolbert (Maimonides Medical Center) for the Academy of Emergency Ultrasound (AEUS) lecture series. • One dimension is performed by pulsing, as in RADAR. ultrasound’s interaction with the medium, which gives rise to the echo information that is used to make images. A lecture by Dr. Samuel Lam (Advocate Christ Medical Center) for the Academy of Emergency Ultrasound (AEUS) lecture series. 0000071033 00000 n Learn 1st trimester U/S using both trans-abdominal and trans-vaginal approaches. 0000007778 00000 n Use compressibility to quickly (and easily) assess for deep venous clots. Watch a central venous access from start to finish...using ultrasound.

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