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The food markets are the best place to learn about and source great ingredients. Serve with a fried egg on top, if desired. They are great in salads, quesadillas, and desserts. As always the key is in the stock which must be full of flavour so as to give real intensity to the rice. photo credit: Ensalada de Remolacha cocida al vacío y tomate raf via photopin (license), Beetroot – Remolacha In Season: 12 months of the year. But they do exist, and when you finally come across one, it’s sure to be memorable. photo credit: Delicias de la Huerta – Fruteria via photopin (license), Cauliflower – Coliflor It can be dried, stuffed, fried, or served in mole sauce. In Winter, check out ‘Porrusalda’ in the Basque Country which is a hot soup made from leek, potato, carrot and chicken stock or dried bacalao. If you were a botanist, you might call vegetables vegetales in Spanish. The garlic should appear to almost melt with time, and you want the peppers to soften and get smaller. In the chilled supermarket aisles, you’ll find dozens of pre-washed bags of lettuce including specialty leaves such as corn salad (canonigos) and watercress (berros). Cook until done and all the liquid has evaporated, about 10 minutes. Although this vegetable grows well, you’ll find it’s not very common on Spain’s menus. Photo: Shutterstock. 3. Mangos are great in salsas, desserts, and make a great snack! ), avocado: el aguacate, la palta (The English word comes from the Spanish avocado, which is no longer widely used. It is a wonderful appetizer, but it can also be served as a small meal, especially for children. The question of rubbing the bread with garlic is a personal choice and a somewhat divisive matter depending on who you ask. The Basque ‘pipperada’ using tomatoes and peppers is also delicious. Not just for Hallow'een - there are giant specimens of all kinds of squash out there: butternut, pumpkin, marrow, courgette - they're all from the same thick skinned family. You will also come across the smaller ‘pimientos de Padron’ which are glorious (although sometimes spicy) peppers that are delicious fried with sea salt. Contact us below or see more about Totally Spain here. Heat over low to medium-low heat. cabbage: la col, el repollo (Many of the Spanish names for cabbage-related vegetables include col, which comes from the Latin caulis and is a cognate of the "cole" in "coleslaw.") Rabo de toro. Caramelised onion is often served with black pudding and with seared tuna dishes. Chard/Swiss Chard – Acelga Add the tomato and cook out the liquid again. The paella is one of Spain’s most iconic dishes and while the seafood and meat varieties are perhaps the most well-known, a vegetarian paella is a real treat. Some of these vegetables you will be able to grow right in your back yard (depending on where you live! Another dish hailing from Catalonia, pan con tomate is the unmissable accompaniment to any meal as far as Catalans are concerned. Not only do you find a great selection of lettuces on restaurant menus but you may not realise that lettuce will often crop up in a vegetable soup also. 8. Here are the names of the most common vegetables (and some foods that are often thought of as such, even if they technically don't fit the definition), along with a few of the uncommon ones: asparagus: los espárragos (The singular form esparrago is used to refer to asparagus as a plant, while the plural is used for asparagus as a food. Also, as in English, names of some vegetables can vary with region or because of how they're prepared. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. This recipe makes a vegetable-packed pisto; Grill the vegetables for extra flavor; 5. Here are some of the most mouth-watering vegetarian dishes from Spain you need to try now. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Its name means ‘white garlic’ yet the soup’s most remarkable ingredient is in fact the almonds which give it its white colour and distinctive flavour. In Season: 12 months of the year. Potatoes – Patatas Stir every 10 minutes. There is nothing better than cooking with fresh produce. Peppers: A popular Mexican pepper is the poblano pepper. They say that one in every a hundred is hot but during the late summer the odds change and you’re much more likely to find yourself blowing steam. ), dandelion: el diente de león (The word literally means "lion's tooth. They grow inside of the paper-like husk that surrounds them called a calyx.

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