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Both of those concepts grew out of New York, but New York Roll doesn’t have the same cachet that’s helped make the Philly Roll one of America’s most popular types of sushi. a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z. The format has inspired hundreds of distinctive sushi recipes, but of the many types of sushi rolls in the world, these seven, in particular, stand out as universal favorites. Photo courtesy Catalina Offshore Products. Among all the foods of the world, sushi rolls stand out as the most unique, innovative, and flat-out enjoyable to eat. Avocado, crab meat, tempura shrimp, mango slices, and creamy mango paste. Types Of Sushi Rolls And A Glossary Of Sushi & Sashimi Terms Page 2: California Roll, Chirashi, Dragon Roll & Other Terms With C, D & E . DRAGON ROLL This glossary is protected by copyright and cannot be reproduced in whole or part. Inside it’s a classic California roll, sometimes made with spicy mayo. An assortment of fish and avocado on top of a California Roll. Learn more about edamame in our review of Seapoint Edamame. Dashi is also mixed into flour base to make the batter for some grilled foods like okonomiyaki, Japanese pancakes, and takoyaki, snacks filled with minced octopus and other ingredients. and many simmering liquids. News & More. Usually served with shrimp inside, the crunchy roll is beloved for adding texture most sushi lacks. A naruto roll (maki), where the rice and other ingredients are wrapped in a thin wrapping of cucumber instead of seaweed. Soybeans steamed in the pod and salted, a popular starter at sushi bars. Some sushi restaurants will deep fry an entire sushi roll to achieve the beautiful, crispy crunch of tempura fish, but a better innovation was to leave the sushi roll raw and fry the panko batter separately before adding to the finished roll to give it that crunch. Category Main Page A sample of a menu for a sushi restaurant, sushi delivery, or sushi production business. Chirashi sushi: fish layered over rice. Avocado may not be the most authentically Japanese sushi ingredient, but few cuisines have incorporated the Mexican superfood so well. American sushi roll, on the other hand, is a bit fat, and the roll can produce 8 or more pieces, which cannot be eaten in one bite. Photo courtesy Ten Zan | New York City. Soft-shell crab, cucumber, sprouts (or lettuce, roe, or avocado) and sometimes spicy mayo. In addition to sashimi selections, toppings can include ikura, kanpyo, nori, shiitaki mushrooms and tamago. Tuna in sesame Siracha sauce, topped with spicy mayo. Articles & Reviews Of Foods From A To Z, Main Page Photo courtesy SushiConnection.com. Kappa maki, a roll of rice, cucumber, and usually, white sesame seeds. Or, vote down the rolls you deem inedible. EDAMAME It is also known as snake mackerel, and is sometimes fraudulently marketed as “butterfish” or “white tuna,” a controversial practice due to potential health problems related with consumption of the fish. CUCUMBER ROLL or KAPPA MAKI The spice balanced the tuna’s inherent sweetness, while the mayo masked its rawness. An old term for nigiri-sushi, based on the Japanese word for Edo, as Tokyo was previously called, where the style was created. But it’s what goes on top that gives this special type of sushi its name. Spicy scallop inside. Among all the foods of the world, sushi rolls stand out as the most unique, innovative, and flat-out enjoyable to eat. The rice can be seasoned with nori flakes, sesame seeds or other Japanese ingredients, such as caviar pearls. DAIKON Avocado outside. dranulated or liquid instant dashi instead of the [superior] homemade stock. The original inside-out roll (meaning the rice is outside the seaweed wrapper), the California roll is one of the most famous types of sushi on the planet, and for many, the first sushi roll they ever eat. Tuna and avocado outside. To learn about what rolls we currently offer, give us a call at (619) 222-3388. Turns out, it wasn’t created in California or even Japan, but in Canada. Chirashi is different from “sashimi with a bowl of rice” because sashimi is fish only, not vegetables (except for daikon and carrots and shiso leaf typically used as garnish), and sashimi is served with a separate bowl of plain boiled rice, not set atop seasoned sushi rice. However, cream cheese did not, nor did the lox and schmear combo that inspired its creation. It has a high wax ester that can can cause keriorrhea, a condition similar to diarrhea, only the body will expel yellowish-orange drops of oil (the ester from the fish). Photo courtesy Sushi Connection. If a California roll is the gateway food for new sushi fans, this popular sushi roll follows close on its heels. Spicy tuna inside. An eel avocado roll. Today, L.A. has a voracious appetite for all types of sushi, but they still love their spicy tuna. Crab, avocado, shrimp, and smoked salmon. This extensive list of sushi rolls contains the most popular "Westernized" varieties of the Japanese delight (i.e. Chinese bread crumbs, panko, are added for crunch. Sorry, no sashimi. Chirashi-sushi originated as bara-sushi in the Kansai region of Japan, where it was largely eels on rice. Cucumber roll. Salmon and tuna on top of a California roll. We all gotta eat, right? Sushi is a Japanese food consisting of cooked rice, layered and rolled up with amazingly delicious (and sometimes zany) ingredients like seafood, vegetables, and even tropical fruits. Spicy tuna inside. Food, Beverages, Books, An American invention, the Dragon Roll is an inside-out roll with a center of eel (and sometimes, cucumber). Traditional Japanese sushi should be eaten with only one bite. A large, long white radish (often called giant white radish), usually served shredded as an edible garnish with sashimi. Deep-fried California roll with eel sauce. Texas rolls are not from Japan). And these days, most special rolls worldwide are made inside-out style — even in Tokyo! You are welcome to link to it. The toppings are called gu, and can consist of almost anything, raw or cooked. Images are the copyright of their respective owners. Shrimp tempura, cucumber, and spicy tuna. Dashi is the basic Japanese cooking stock made with kombu seaweed and bonito flakes. One sushi roll is mostly cut into six small pieces, which are ideal to be eaten in just one bite. Escolar, Lepidocybium flavobrunneum, is a fish found in tropical and temperate waters around the world. ), but here you'll find a boatload of bite-size morsels - from the common California roll to the more obscure (yet to-die-for delicious) Bath Street roll. Types of sushi rolls (maki), nigiri sushi and other sushi types. In the photo at right, the sushi chef has used a slice of eel and carrots to create the head of a dragon. As with stock in the U.S., time-strapped home cooks use CHIRASHI-SUSHI The most common form of chirashi in Japan is vegetable chirashi; the dish is easy to make, and often served at home. The most popular single sushi roll order for the sushi fan who wants it all, the rainbow roll features nearly all of the above. And if your favorite isn't already included, add it below for a truly comprehensive list. EDOMAE-ZUSHI or EDO-STYLE © Copyright 2005- Photo | Dreamstime. Photo courtesy Sushi Connection. Yellowtail and/or prawn tempura, bean sprouts, carrots, avocado, cucumber, chili, and spicy mayonnaise. EEL ROLL Crabmeat and avocado inside, topped with baby lobster with bake sauce. Invented by one of the world’s first female sushi chefs, this popular sushi roll of salmon and cream cheese indeed originated in Philadelphia.

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