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Basswood has a solid, full sound, but is relatively light and can dent easily. With how prominent driven and distorted sounds are throughout the genre, any rock guitarist needs an instrument that won’t feed back or sound thin when cranked up and driven hard. For a thicker, more powerful blues / rock sound, go with the 2 x humbucker pickup configuration, as seen on Les Paul and SG-style electric guitars. And for gigging players, Teles are famous for their durability and no-fuss construction; they can run for years without lots of intensive care or upkeep. While the thickness of Fender necks vary depending on production year and model, they are all pretty comfortable, even for people with smaller hands. All Rights Reserved. The three woods most commonly used for guitar fretboards are rosewood, maple and ebony. Rickenbackers have been employed by indie legends like Johnny Marr, Kevin Parker, and Peter Buck to great effect. Players like Slash, Jimmy Page, George Harrison, and Jeff Beck have created some of their greatest riffs on Les Pauls. Some of these links are affiliate links meaning we may earn commissions on purchases. Single-cutaway, solid body guitars occasionally have a string-through-body design, but more often have a stop-bar tailpiece and bridge that sits freely on top of the guitar. They generally come equipped with an adaptable double humbucker setup and, like single-cutaway, solid body guitars, often come with a stop bar tailpiece and bridge on the guitar’s top. Examples of double-cutaway, solid body guitars include the Gibson SG, Fender Stratocaster and Jazzmaster, and Ibanez RG Series. From there the manufacturer makes a series of choices that determine the overall design. The Fender Telecaster (or ‘Tele’) is another instantly recognizable guitar, and like the Stratocaster it is also highly imitated.It design is simpler than that of a Stratocaster, featuring a single cutaway, two single coil pickups, and lacking a tremolo bar and contoured body. There are many great guitars on the market today for every type of budget. While many genres make use of overdrive, metal takes the fuzz to another level entirely. Solid-body guitars are made from a flat piece of wood called a blank that’s precision-cut to the desired shape of the guitar body. The style and arrangement of pickups is another important factor to consider when purchasing an electric guitar. This means that you can play at higher volumes without having to take feedback-preventative measures such as using less distortion / gain or moving away from the amp. They’re best suited for jazz players looking for a warm, woody sound. Types Of Electric Guitars : Telecaster Fender Telecaster. Don’t confuse chambered-body and weight-relief builds with hollow-body instruments. This 8-string model is especially well-designed for metal subgenres like djent. Blues shares a lot of similarities with rock — both are based around the pentatonic scale, and early rock ‘n roll evolved out of electrified blues. There is usually a switch somewhere on the guitar body to select which pickup is used. If you are a seasoned pro, you already know what each style of guitar can do for you and your sound. For example, David Gilmour from Pink Floyd is known for using the double-cutaway, solid body Fender Stratocaster, Wes Montgomery is known for using the single-cutaway, fully-hollow Gibson L5, Tony Iommi from Black Sabbath is known for using the double-cutaway, solid body Gibson SG, and Eric Clapton played a double-cutaway, semi-hollow Gibson ES-335 while in Cream, later switching to a Stratocaster. Early electrics weren’t built for distortion. Each is meant for a certain style or vibe, and having a deep palette to work with gives a musician more choices when it comes to perfectly nailing a certain tone.

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