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Melting and Boiling Points. This means that all alkanes are lighter than water. As a result, intermolecular forces of attraction are stronger. Trans-alkenes have higher m.p and lower b.p. The graph above plots the melting point temperatures of the first 32 alkanes as squares. These properties explain why oil and grease do not mix with water but rather float on its surface. This means that all alkanes are lighter than water. Alkanes - Properties and Trends. than Cis-alkenes. Nearly all alkanes have densities less than 1.0 g/mL and are therefore less dense than water (the density of H 2 O is 1.00 g/mL at 20°C). Consequently, alkanes themselves are commonly used as solvents for organic substances of low polarity, such as fats, oils, and waxes. inc. With inc. Melting points of alkenes are higher than alkanes because p electrons of double bond are polarizable. Thus, the larger the number of carbon atoms the higher the boiling points. In the molecular mass but they do not show any regular trend. An alkane is an organic compound made strictly of carbons single bonded to each other or hydrogens. The physical properties of alkanes follow a similar trend as seen in the regularity of alkane structures. Lower alkanes in particular are highly flammable and form explosive mixtures (methane, benzene) with air (oxygen). What's an Alkane? Solubility of alkanes in water is very low. No functional groups are present in an alkane. The densities of alkanes increase with increasing molecular masses but become constant at about 0.8 g cm-3. & B.P. M.P.

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