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Unlike a traditional instant camera that often wastes film for blurry pictures, you can enhance the contrast or play with filter options before your photo prints. The KiiPix also doesn’t need to be charged, paired, or used with an app. Turn the dial clockwise until you feel a “bump”. The prints eject from the side of the unit. Try increasing the brightness and contrast of the picture. Highly detailed and great for play, collections, or both! Hands on fun is at the heart of everything we do! Replacement or … I prefer the smaller HP Sprocket style printer because I don’t have to line up the camera on top of the printer itself and the print results are much better and don’t depend on how bright the screen. The only hard part will be choosing which pictures you want to print! The Gadgeteer team’s top 5 review items that we’d buy again (Part 1), Olight Warrior Mini Seasons flashlight review. TOMY Farm Toys are the perfect match for any collector or farm toy play enthusiast. Gather the family for hours of entertainment with lots of surprises and fun challenges! KiiPix Smartphone Picture Printer is the easy and portable way to let the fun last forever. Making real memories with real pictures has never been easier than with the KiiPix photo printer. KiiPix™ is a portable instant picture printer that produces retro-stylized photos from any smartphone. Ensure you print your image with one press of the shutter button and turn dial quickly without interruption. I’ve wasted 5 films doinf this, would anyone be able to give me some advice? The original Doodle Bear® is back! KiiPix™ is easy to use, making it a "snap" to capture, print and share! Animate. SMARTPHONE PRINTER: Instantly print favorite photos from your smartphone. too bright, when it’s 2 o clock and bright sunlight shines in between, but around 4/5 o clock it should be fine (on a sunny day), Hi- any thoughts on actually getting the film out? Open up your KiiPix, place your phone on top, push the button and turn the crank. 14 Days Return, Buyer Pays for return shipping. the photos get lighter, when i put them in between two lamps. Don't subscribe Try turning the dial while holding the KiiPix directly in your hands instead of on a table. The popular Mocchi- Mocchi- trend from Japan is now available. Note that you don’t have to pair the KiiPix with your phone or load a special app. Gather the family for hours of entertainment with lots of surprises and fun challenges! Instructions The first time you use the KiiPix, you have to rotate the film ejection dial until the first sheet is ejected. In my opinion, the Tomy KiiPix Smartphone Picture Printer is more of a toy than a photo printer. Building on a nearly 50 year heritage, TOMICA drives collectability like no other. First of all, the KiiPix costs about $90 less than the HP Sprocket. I wish I could help, but I no longer have this printer as I didn’t find the quality it be very good at all. Where to buy: Amazon KiiPix works with phones protected by premium glass screen covers. PORTABLE PHOTO PRINTER: No batteries or cords required. Any help? You will then see a white plastic frame. To line up the photo, you need to have it displayed on the phone and then stick the frame (it has sticky strips on the edges to the display. and i realised that it differs when there is more light. I tested the KiiPix with my Pixel 2 XL. Black Friday deals hub – New deals added frequently, Android Nougat security certificates are expiring in 2021, Nope, fidget spinners aren’t gone and you will want this one, Check out our Black Friday deals! Then you can take an actual picture and it will eject from the KiiPix when you turn the dial. I did everything as the instructions say but it comes out black but only one out of 13 films came out good so idk Nd I don’t think so that there problem isn’t the films cuz one came out good I also searched and tried everything but nothing worked can u plz help me. Once I’ve lined my photo up, pressed the shutter button and turned the dial, it states I have printed, as the number goes down, but no matter how many times I turn the dial, it does not come out of the printer. Small photo printers are cool, but they require an app and have batteries that have to be charged. Price : $39.99 KiiPix Smartphone Picture Printer FREE Shipping on All Orders Over $50 (Contiguous U.S. Only). The frame lifts out of the camera and is placed over the two wings to create a platform. Offers hours of creative play that enhances learning and development. But even then, I still felt like the images were darker than I would like. Discover more selections just like this online or in-store. You can also subscribe without commenting. TOMY KiiPix Smartphone Picture Printer Instant Portable PINK Return Policy. - Updated regularly with new deals, Doesn’t come with a Fujifilm Instax Mini print pack. Turn only until the film is released. Doodle, wash and doodle again with the new Doodle Bears. Check that your phone's brightness is set to maximum. The Fujifilm prints are also thicker and have a large white frame around them instead of the image being edge to edge like the Zink prints. FUJIFILM Instax mini film prints are wallet sized, 3.4 inches x 2.1 inches. All you have to do is display the image on the phone’s screen that you want to print. The picture rolls out and you have a forever memory to keep or share. KiiPix puts you in control. Source: The sample for this review was provided by Tomy. Have you tried turning the dial both ways? With durable design and super cool features, there’s something for everyone! *Fujifilm Instax mini film cartridge is NOT included. REVIEW – I take a LOT of pictures with my smartphone and I like to print some of them to put in my journal to help me remember things that have happened. Decorate. FREE Shipping on All Orders Over $50 (Contiguous U.S. Only). Replies to my comments Kiipix smartphone picture printer is the easy and portable way to let the fun last forever.

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