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I use an electric skillet to regulate the heat of the oil. Serve with shoyu/hot mustard sauce. My Grandmother's Chinese Kitchen: 100 Family Recipes and Life Lessons. You can adjust the flavor by either adding vinegar to make it more tart, adding sugar if you like it sweeter, or adding more cornstarch and water if you like it thicker. I usually chill the prepared oysters for a few hours before frying. Place rolls on pork lining, roll into shape and cut of excess lining. Step 3. We loved the famous Bluff oysters (New Zealand) done this way. this with a And, if you have a screen grease splatter guard it works even better. I may be getting old and my tastebuds may be dulling a little, but somehow I doubt it lol. © Copyright 1998-2009 AlohaWorld LLC All Right Reserved Right before you’re ready to fry the oysters, add the cold seltzer. I love old bay seasoning too :). Not only is it an auspicious dish––it's delicious. Seems to make the oysters more crunchy. After dredging, dip each oyster into the batter so it is fully coated. Various online calculators also provide different results, depending on their sources. Repeat until all the oysters have been fried. This is a very simple recipe for fried oysters. Terrific recipe! These Chinese-style deep fried oysters are a specialty for Chinese New Year, served over a bed of shredded lettuce. However you interpret it, this dish has the goodness and richness of the deep fried oysters and the symbolic translation of the dish is basically, good life and grow wealth! Mr Lo’s book is a classic. Now you’re ready to deep fry the oysters. Not much of a fan of oysters, but I did got curious to try these. Definitely a go-to … 1. Place the oysters in a colander, and let the excess water drain for at least 10 minutes. Dear Auckland cook. Hello! 1. This was great! No Buddhist vegetarian would eat any form of seafood including oysters and mussels. . Personally (and I’m sure this will be controversial), I think cooking or frying oysters brings out the true flavor of this shellfish more so than eating them raw, which seems more common and popular in the US and other western countries. Lift them out of the batter carefully--you can use the edge of the bowl to scrape off excess batter if needed. http://alohaworld.com. Factors such as brands purchased, natural variations in fresh ingredients, etc. The oysters are very delicate, so be careful handling them. In the weeks preceding the Lunar New Year, you’ll find that shucked oysters are always plentiful at Chinese grocery stores, as families are stocking up on all of the traditional and favorite foods served during this hectic and happy time for families around the world. Fry about 2 minutes or until golden brown on one side, turn and brown the other side (about 1-2 minutes). The key to keeping the breading from falling off is to make sure your oil is hot enough. However, it’s best to dredge each oyster individually just before you batter and fry them to ensure they are fully and evenly coated. The oysters are very delicate, so be careful handling them. , an even more famous Chinese New Year dish. I even ate one and enjoyed it - the breading was perfect! Hi Robert, You’re welcome! I was young then and they kind of grossed me out. Check the oil temperature with a, Right before you’re ready to fry the oysters, add the cold seltzer. Is this a typo? I hope you enjoy this favorite Chinese New Year dish of mine! Is this a basic batter for all Chinese deep fried foods?? Powered by the Parse.ly Publisher Platform (P3). Deep fried oysters is a dish that I always associate with and serve during Chinese New Year. Or maybe it’s just that I love these deep fried oysters so much that I only remember the celebrations where they were served! I was never satisfied with any fried scallop recipe I tried. I tried this recipe for scallops. This process prevents the oyster from sticking to the bottom of the pot. Dip each oyster into the batter until well coated. Oysters are not too resistant to burn, otherwise they will shrink and be cooked. « Grilled Antelope Tenderloin |Bacon-Wrapped and Succulent, Italian Venison Wellington The Ultimate Elegant Holiday Dish », Grilled Marinated Venison Steak Tasty And Tender, Homemade Italian Ravioli with Meat & Cheese Filling Tutorial, Chop Suey | Classic Chinese-American Recipe Like Mom Made. Oysters are one of those three fruits of the sea permissible to Buddhists and were therefore insisted upon for New Year lunch by my grandmother. Bill is the dad of The Woks of Life family. You saved Deep Fried Oysters to your. As An Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. With tongs, gently remove them from the breadcrumbs and place them in a single layer on a wire rack over a baking tray. I can’t believe you made my favorite food. I made it with finely ground cornmeal cutting in a shallow amount of vegetable oil. Legal Disclaimer. Combine flour, salt and black pepper. The scallops were delicious. Would this batter / technique work well with prawns? The breading can be done up to 8 hours ahead. From the introduction: "Oysters are one of those three fruits of the sea permissible to Buddhists and were therefore insisted upon for New Year lunch by my grandmother. Allrecipes is part of the Meredith Food Group. :) I actually don’t think chicken wings would be good with a batter. 4. You may need to lower if oysters brown too much, or raise if they cook too slowly. Carefully slide oysters into hot oil. Can I substitute something, like beer? You’ll have happy guests if you serve these deep fried oysters for Chinese New Year dinner. Rinse oyster, drain and put in the colander patting to dry. It reminds me of good old days. Fry the oysters in small batches (6) to keep from lowering the temperature of the oil. Alas, I feel that the farmed oysters we get these days are less flavorful than they used to be.

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