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This material is provided for educational purposes only and is not intended for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. If your pet has not had a bowel movement in more than two days and he appears lethargic, won't eat, vomits frequently or you notice blood in his stool, you should visit your vet immediately to discuss aggressive treatment options. 6789 Quail Hill Pkwy, Suite 211 Irvine CA 92603. For this reason, you have to think back about your dog’s behavior, his diet and whether he may have ingested any ingredients or objects that may have not agreed with his stomach. My dogs love it...it's soft and I can break it into little pieces for my dogs... After 2 months of giving these to my 15 year old black lab she can now get up of the floor without being in so much pain. A constipated dog should (therefore) be fed with foods that have a high content of fiber in them. Brans of all kinds (wheat, rice, oats) work effectively as a natural laxative. Laxatone® is a veterinarian formulated lubricant that helps eliminate and prevent hairballs with a taste cats love. The high water and fiber content of pumpkin makes it a natural laxative for dogs. A more severe case of diarrhea may require an enema, which is an injection that is administered in the rectum and contains fluids that will cause the elimination of the fecal matter and cleanse the colon. Do you have this same supplement for senior dogs? Using a dog laxative for your dog’s digestive problems, Holistic Cat Constipation Treatments for Home Care, Pumpkin, which contains fibers that will facilitate the elimination of the fecal matter, Wheat products, which are also rich in fibers, The product you get has FDA approval for use in pets, The compounds are mostly natural ingredients, which are less likely to cause side effects, The side effects, which should be mentioned on the labels of the products you are considering, The conditions your pet may be suffering from — several medication administered for constipation (e.g. Get in touch with us and we'll talk... You can either mash a pumpkin yourself or buy a can of crushed pumpkin (plain pumpkin puree, not the one that has spices in it!). The proper dosage for a dog is 1 tsp for every 11 lbs (5kg). If your dog has a simple case of constipation and he's feeling fine otherwise, there are a number of laxatives and home treatment options available. are allowed up to two soft chews per day. He enjoys them too. See items customers recommended most in reviews and Q&A. Sometimes, dogs are affected by constipation, which could come about due to a number of reasons like wrong foods, overeating, dehydration and more. Natural Laxatives for dogs is something which has to be used carefully as an extreme dosage can lead to severe dehydration and fatigue for the pet. You can add canned pumpkin to your dog's meal based on weight. I have a hard time dripping it into a syringe. This product works very well we are very pleased. Your vet may suggest laxatone (one of the oldest laxative treatments for cats and dogs), lactulose solution syrup (prescription liquid), lax air (emollient laxative with essential vitamins, fatty acids, and iron, or an enema. Brans of all kinds (wheat, rice, oats) work effectively as a natural laxative. The Real Reasons Why You Should Get an Elevated Dog Bed, Smart Tips on How to Train Your Dog to Sleep in His Bed, Everything You Should Know About Pet Medical Insurance. In dealing with that, make sure that you take your dog for a rigorous walk and run everyday. Adding a little mineral oil to the dog's meal can help in these cases. – Make sure that you consult your vet once before you administer any of these dog constipation remedies as a form of natural laxatives. There are also many other products for laxatives which can be used in serious cases of constipation.

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