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(2016). 750 First Street, NE In what ways are we alike? Having teachers that are knowledgeable, aware of their own self-biases and that are skilled in handling situations that may emerge in the classroom, will aide in having comfortable conversations and engaging in different activities. Try to find ways in which you may be alike. The “superior” kids acted bossy and arrogant. The seminar students created group activities, interviewed activists, wrote and filmed videos, and created a Facebook page. This was the mission of our group, called the AHA Advocates. 1. •  Controlling Anger Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 60, 817-830. doi: 10.1037/0022-3514.60.6.817. These include: Most of the group activities have been tested in courses such as the psychology of diversity and the psychology of prejudice and discrimination. •  Making fun of someone’s weight. Take home Groark’s rules for How To Overcome Prejudice (see the top of this column) and post it in a place where your family can see it. Students also mailed a packet of their teaching materials to 587 high school social science teachers, and early responses from these teachers suggest that the materials have been very well received. She received her master’s degree in cognitive and social processes from Ball State University in 2017. 5. Shawnna Walser graduated with a bachelor’s degree (psychology major; English minor) from the University of Michigan — Dearborn. Washington, D.C.: American Psychological Association. for people who are being treated with prejudice. Teaching about controversial issues: An introduction. As I sit here typing The group chose the name “AHA (Awareness, Harmony and Acceptance) Advocates” and they defined their mission as “working together to spread awareness of the problem of prejudice and discrimination, establishing harmony between groups, and promoting acceptance of differences.” This is a tall order by any standard, but their energy and enthusiasm began a journey that continues today. Did you know the CoverGirl cosmetics company didn’t sign its first … The activities are created with high school and college students in mind, although several can be modified to fit younger students’ needs or changed to work with other audiences. Have students find ways to handle those situations and change the prejudiced behaviors. Show images of different people — a gay-pride marcher, a goth teen, a woman with missing teeth — and ask the students to quickly jot down impressions. If you are using the video, ask the first two questions before viewing. Howe, N., & Strauss, W. (2007). The students edited video diaries from 16 people from diverse backgrounds who described their experience with prejudice and wrote, filmed, and edited five public service announcements (including one based on the video diaries). These are powerful lessons teachers and counselors must be aware of. Controversy in the psychology classroom: Using hot topics to foster critical thinking (pp. Based on what they learned, students then created a set of materials for teachers, diversity consultants, and social justice activists. Younger kids can then draw pictures to illustrate something they were told and share it with the class. Q4: Understanding the difference between stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination: Venn Diagram activity . Inservice is the official blog of ASCD. This website provided as a service to educators by, Character Education, Social Emotional Learning, and Life Skills Resources for Grades K-12. Twenty different hands-on group activities, designed to be used with minimal preparation. •  Working Out Conflicts Some of the activities are geared for grade-schoolers, while others are suitable for more probing discussions among high school and college students. She also has been a leader of the Midwestern Psychological Association, including president. We also encourage you to “like” our Facebook page; there we post stories, with an eye toward those that show how diversity can be a positive experience (see Dunn, Gurung, Naufel & Wilson, 2013). All but one of the teaching activities were peer reviewed by the Office of Teaching Resources in Psychology (OTRP); they were then revised based on that feedback and are available on the OTRP's website. To find teaching guides on related topics for this and older grade levels Define prejudice and bias to include not only race, but also gender, religion, ethnicity, economic status, sexuality and many other categories that mark someone as an outsider. Controversy in the psychology classroom: Using hot topics to foster critical thinking(pp. COVID-19 resources for psychologists, health-care workers and the public.   STAND UP for people who are being treated with prejudice. Ball State University suggests studying these ads, and offers instructions for discussion. The Microaggression Activity teaches people to recognize how different audiences can interpret subtle comments and actions. Winterowd, C. L., Adams, E., M., Miville, M. L., & Mintz, L. B. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. (If you wish to copy or use any material from this website, please click here for Terms of Use.). pre-judge people. Discuss with the students how the following situations may be showing prejudice. Strongly committed to psychology education at all levels, she is past-president of the Society for the Teaching of Psychology (STP, APA Div. people the way you want them to treat you. It includes a high-school teacher’s eye-opening exercise on privilege using nothing but wadded up papers and a trash can.  The benefits of being open to different kinds of people. The authors of the 13 individual teaching activities are noted on each module's page. As a graduate student, she worked on the Breaking the Prejudice Habit project for two years and was instrumental in creating and testing activities. Naufel, & J.H. •  Being Good Listeners Multicultural psychology: Understanding our diverse communities (4th ed.).

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