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The empty fields of Glastonbury: will a vaccine save Britain’s music festivals? They're addictive little lures that blur territorial distinctions between pop and R&B, electronic dance music and rock, while at the same time drawing from a broad range of inspirations. I did it for fame (One more hour) But never for money Not for houses, not for her Not for my future children Until now How could I love again? 1”, Ryan Hemsworth and Claud unite for latest Quarter-Life Crisis single “You & Me”, Her Songs member The Naked Eye shares new track “Emmanuel”, The National to reissue early projects to celebrate 20th anniversary of self-titled debut album, Du Blonde releases “Medicated” with Garbage’s Shirley Manson to preview new LP, Laura Groves releases new single “Foolish Game”, Miley Cyrus says she didn’t finish her EP trilogy because they “lost their relevance”, Taylor Swift to release folklore concert film on Disney+ tonight, This Daze introduce themselves with carefree new single “Less About You”, SKIA is “Feeling Fine” with her danceable, good-vibes pop, Psych collective Mandrake Handshake turn on, tune in and drop out on “Gonkulator”, The Lounge Society take aim at the rural ruling class on “Burn the Heather”, Hauskey seeks solace in a simmering sun-gilded “Silver Lining”, “B Mine” finds Norwegian artist Solå reaffirm her self-purpose through glossy Scandi-pop precision. During this performance, I could tell that Clairo’s vocal presence existed, but due to her constant attempts at energizing the festival crowd, I found her set to be underwhelming. hide caption. I did it for fame." Nevertheless, the sound he conjures is blazingly contemporary, a spectacular widescreen blow-up of luxurious synths and sleek dance grooves. “I wanna tell you about the time… I had Mick Jagger on the phone,” he sings, as if desperate to make a connection across the void. He confesses that … Here, he renders "fun" with theatrical flourish, as though it's a cause, hurling it through his teeth, owning the desire for more of it. USA tour 2010. As a producer, Parker has more moving parts to balance this time, but he arrives at a deft auteur-pop synergy in which every last decision, down to the assorted cathedral-like reverb effects that lend his voice an otherworldly aura, become as intrinsic to the music as the melodies or the words. It is a kind of prog pop, harnessing the power of 21st-century chartbusters yet liberated from the constraints of formal song structure. In the midst of growing concern over the now pandemic coronavirus, the Australian psychedelic band headed by Kevin Parker played what would inevitably be one of their final tour dates. It may not be rock’n’roll, but I doubt Jagger’s name has ever been dropped with such affecting tenderness. Last edit on Feb 25, 2020. Upon arriving at the Forum, fans of Tame Impala carried the same excitement as myself. There is a level of detail to Parker’s productions that encourages deep listening, a fascination with sound allied to the elaborate arrangements of his Seventies progressive rock heroes, Pink Floyd, ELO, Yes and Supertramp (from whom Parker blatantly borrows a stabbing piano dynamic on It Might Be Time). MGMT were one of the biggest bands in the world at the time. These colors perfectly complemented the somberness of the song. This moving image looped over and over, increasing in speed each time until the sun blurred and an orange blur occupied the screen. Mission accomplished there. This song is basically a soundscape so it was kind of difficult to extract chords out of the song, feel free to add or leave extensions. Although the ten year journey to this point can be viewed as tedious in retrospect, the ascent towards stardom also feels rather quick for the 34-year-old. Was this info helpful? With its Wurlitzer-esque sound, “It Might Be Time” bears more than a passing resemblance to the kind of prog-pop Supertramp specialised in, while its sage-like lyrics confront the prospect of time waiting for no one, with a lingering resignation to the aging process: “You ain’t as young as you used to be / It might be time to face it”. Thankfully, the results prove worth the wait. We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future. The Slow Rush is released by Fiction Records on February 14. Although he performs live with a five-piece band, Tame Impala’s records are written, played, sung and produced by Parker entirely solo. She showcased immense control and vocal prowess as the stripped-back approach allowed her to fully articulate the emotion apparent in her songs. This article was originally posted on UCLA Radio on Saturday, April 11, 2020. If we had a care, it didn't show.". This in part is due to the thousands of fans who have done their due diligence in spreading Parker’s work across the world and who offer genuine interactions such as the ones held at The Forum throughout the night. Meditative lyrics grapple with the relentless passage of time, lending emotional grit to his woozily blissful jams. The tell, though, is "fun." From the shuddering opening warp of One More Year to blissfully euphoric closer One More Hour, time is the relentless focus of The Slow Rush, the fourth album from Tame Impala. The writing had been on the wall for a while, Currents’ transcendence beyond the giddy instrumental-focused bombast of previous efforts was a watershed juncture - a benchmark release for the band that bore an introspective, if evermore radio-friendly blueprint. And to the road ahead Into a life I can't ignore (Lose her) How could I love again? The latest guidelines for theatres, cinemas and museums, Radiophonic Workshop, Latency, review: like a Zoom call from another dimension, Patti Smith: 'I resented being labelled as a female artist', Lovers Rock: remembering when reggae went romantic, ‘Vulgar, crass, and loud’: why AC/DC were at their best when nobody liked them, Yemi Alade on ghosting Beyoncé, Nigerian cancel-culture and the rise of ‘End SARS’, ‘He went through women like water’: Leonard Cohen, the unlikely lothario, Telegraph readers on Fairytale of New York: 'It's the only bearable Christmas song', Tim Minchin: Apart Together, live stream, review: the multitalented maverick returns, Burna Boy, O2 Brixton, review: these dreary live streams even make Nigeria's giant look small, Ane Brun, How Beauty Holds the Hand of Sorrow, review: back to her best after years of silence. And Kevin Parker has certainly taken his sweet time making it. In that same interview, Parker said that his biggest takeaway from making both the previous Tame Impala album, 2015's Currents, and this one was to trust his gut instincts. Finale “One More Hour” figures as the strongest example of Parker harking to the experimental sprawl of Tame Impala’s formative years, though this is presented as a mere bookend rather than a hint to a return to this era. We rely on advertising to help fund our award-winning journalism. After a few more moments, Parker motioned towards the band, beginning their first song “One More Year.” During this performance, a flurry of colder-toned colors engulfed the stage, later transferring to the ring that hovered above the group. Partaking in the creative direction of Tame Impala since its inception and only becoming more hands-on in the following years, Parker’s latest release The Slow Rush is the culmination of all his efforts. With recording divided between LA and Parker’s studios in Fremantle, this fourth album broadly sheds, without qualms, remnants of Tame Impala’s original neo-psych skin - supplanted with dancefloor-destined polish, the bankable and accessible embraced in totality. To be almost collage-y.". More and more, that's becoming a quality of music that I'm allergic to," he says. How could I ever ask for more? Profusely thanking them as the song concluded, Parker then retreated back to his bandmates and quickly adjusted the microphone before beginning their next record “Reality In Motion.”.

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