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Taffy Dakar. In the hectic rush, I had 15 pounds left which I was able to donate on that occasion well. Unfortunately not the only breakdown. In the short photosession Chubby starts a flight test with his 690s. Sheep, lambs, a waterfall and an Aston Martin, only top motifs here. Overall a great days ride down to our overnight B&B in Monmouth which was right on the river and exceptionally good value. This is one of many reasons why the Germans are more war-weary than other nations. On the morning of Friday 4.5 Martin arrives with his Land Cruiser and the 640 piggyback. now open at the Brit....drop in! We also spontaneously hire Iain to reinforce the Primus Donkeys for our team. The dimension is gigantic here are about 10,000 soldiers buried 2% of the total American losses in World War II. Would you like to associate this Facebook account with an existing user? The pictures we sent Martin had already made the rounds and are loaded on the web and Facebook pages of the Taffy Dakar. Martin leads the team Primus Donkeys unerringly from waypoint to waypoint and Frank’s Customs officer eyes never miss a beat. The South German is unimpressed and prefers to take pictures. That the crazy guy I met 2014 on Iceland’s Askija for the first time, and who persuaded me to take part in the Primus Rally, now bought a house was a big surprise. Well rested, I expect Frank at breakfast. Frank put on his 990 Mitas E09, while I only lower the air pressure to 1.5 bar (=22 PSI) and I hope that the heavily washed-out front tire does not slip away all the time. There are concerns that we can even make it back in time. First stop was the Skillz and Trials sections to test our bike handling before heading out over the Roman Road where there was still snow on the high ground. The bases are the Ordnance Survey maps, which contain an incredible amount of details and I can recommend them to anyone, if he wants to travel the kingdom on foot, by bike or enduro. Thank you Christian, it was definitly worth to take this long way and we will come back someday for sure. Mario Costa-Sa Price: Free. Taffy Drwg Motorcycle Orienteering for Charity, Swansea, United Kingdom. Looking forward to seeing you again next year. by garyboy » Mon May 06, 2019 2:14 pm, Post Post A Motorcycle Navigation event Wales,we had to change the name...First … by garyboy » Mon May 06, 2019 9:15 pm, Post The soldier never spent the 10 Dollars to remember his deceased comrade. At least the big bike makes the arrival and departure more relaxed. Late in the evening we crawl into the still wet tents. On the Friday before the departure I mounted a new rear tire including chain to the bike. After hitting a few trails we made our way to the Enduro section for my only tragi-comic crash of the weekend when I managed to select neutral on a tight hairpin and the mighty DR flicked me into the brambles and had a lie down. Open 7am until 12pm for breakfast. Quite soothing really. Nevertheless, next time I would put on knobby tires choose a lighter Enduro. Frank did not manage to repair his bike. Hardly 2h driving experience in left-hand traffic and we are in the middle of the big city traffic chaos. We did not expect so much enthusiasm that two Germans take part. Consequently, we face the challenge to park four motorcycles in the 5×2.5m large garage, which still has some shelves. It was not until the evening when I realized that I had to leave at 7:00 in the next morning to catch the ferry to Cherbourg. Great lads keeping old bikes going and getting out there, wish I had their spirit when I was their age. The campground fills up quickly. Have fun reading. Not so much because mining is so exciting, more because the staff shows and explains many highlights with enthusiasm even without a guided tour. T'was indeed freezing - ice inside the tent in fact . Nice to see the big bikes being thrown around. Being a glutton for punishment I decided that a return trip to the Taffy Drwg (no longer Dakar for copyright reasons, French folk kept mistaking it for their desert race despite the lack of sand and professionalism). You do meet the nicest people on the TET. Apart from the fact that he is a nice guy he gained all my sympathy points with his Husqvarna 701 and Mitas C19 / C02 tires at once. The tires were great and the 990 is hardly more difficult to handle without luggage than my beloved 640 with. I am a little relieved that I no longer have to undergo this test. Iain with the most suitable motorcycle checks the tricky ways. The Taffy is an event similar to the German Wuppenduro and Hönnetrail that allow drivers of big enduros to make their motorcycles dirty. After the preparation, we dedicate ourselves to the social part. This is a wonderful write up. That’s why we make quick way to Martin’s place in London. Who's heading up to the Taffy this weekend? But even with the remaining lever Martin manages to keep up the pace and we are back in time at 17:50. by Jak* » Mon May 06, 2019 9:13 pm, Post On the way back I stopped by the Usk Reservoir for the traditional brochure photo and a very pleasant relax in the sun watching the Red Kites fishing. all over the hill, was a bit tricky dodging up past them - they're huge.

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