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One of the most problematic issues we have been hearing from some customers about their cheap it can be quite a challenging task. either 304 or 316, in order to meet NSF requirements. Regardless of the manufacturer, the reliability is always poor. R404A is slightly less efficient than R410A but runs at a much lower pressure. capacitors. The Arctic Griddle was also designed to support fast and Other defrost methods So, if you have a round pan, that means only the inner square area is utilized R410A is slightly more efficient but is a high pressure refrigerant. If you are operating two or more side exhaust units side by side then you are feeding the hot air exhaust of one unit into the cool air intake of the unit next to it. 00 10% coupon applied at … This is not something everyone can do and most likely requires an expensive service call from a local refrigeration company. market use a 1 ton (scroll type) Panasonic or Panasonic knock off compressor. For businesses looking to sell ice cream rolls the most important pieces of equipment you will purchase are your pans, yet little to no information is available for the first time buyer. All of these vendors claim to have the highest reliability units even though they are often manufactured While there are a few machines on the market equipped with the proper safety devices. Because of this we have added an entire shop space. Likewise, the picture on the right is of a connector that was so poorly has climbed a few degrees the compressor kicks back on to again begin cooling. as metal spinning. That is why its popularity is taking off. the customers. The two most common refrigerants that are used in the machines are R410A and R404A. When the temperature reaches the set point a valve is opened which bypasses some of the hot refrigerant gas coming from the compressor directly back into the input of compressor. second pan or any other equipment side-by-side. We've seen problems with all manufacturers. It is pretty much anyone's guess. (Custom Circuit Solutions LLC) became involved in the rolled ice cream business. Anyone that has rolled ice cream before knows But when the smallest pans While all of reasons we stated earlier in favor of the square pans still hold true, in developing the Arctic Griddle we have in the refrigeration system. For additional questions or to have machines repaired contact us at: Copyright © Custom Circuit Solutions LLC 2019. After more than a year of development, we spun off a new business entity The reason square pans are fabricated this way is because it is cheap. If you are only operating a single small pan then the noise manner or other in less than a year. Every unit has two components which contribute to the noise and Check out our user manual for details. While we talked to many different customers and tried to come to a concrete machine all day long in the heat. Finally, if you are wanting to operate your pan off of a generator, keep in mind that the high surge currents will likely require that you grossly oversize the generator required. a harder 304 version. vibration levels, the refrigerant compressor and the condenser coil fans. For more information about the best machines available today, please click here. If the stainless steel surface is heavily scratched coils of the pan surface. levels might not be of great concern to you. Most state and local jurisdictions have laws that require the use of safety approved to operate at? So, whether you should select a front vented unit or a side vented unit depends on how We used to say on here that the choice between The only other option is to vent the air out the side of the machine. One question we are asked frequently is whether you should buy single or dual pan The bad news here is that the reliability of all units currently on the market (coming from China) is poor at best. If your pan's compressor cycles on and off to regulate temperature then it will consume roughly half as much as the units which stay on permanently and use hot gas bypass. Having a defrost function on your machine is important for two reasons. you want to do liquor infused, you'll need to set your pan temp lower to account for the lower freezing point. then also increases. So then, what size do the temperature regulation cycle the temperature is being measured. If you want to take your pan to say cater a special event (fairs, farmers markets, grand openings, weddings, parties, ... ) In some cases, both sides are also tied together, meaning if one side goes down it will also take down the other During this time the pan surface temperature drops. convenient features of the dual pan units, there is one significant drawback. First is cost, the harder tempered state 304 costs more for the raw materials simply because of the We've dedicated an entire page to the most common failures we've seen and how to resolve them when possible. That means that you can't place a the user must modify their ice cream mix to lower the freezing point of the machine. The refrigerant type your machine uses is not that important. A proper With a round a pan, a slightly larger pan is required since some of the outer circle is not typically used in upgrades to something better such as a reciprocating Embraco compressor. So why not just make the pan out of a really hard stainless steel? common problems Just make sure that your unit does come with refrigerant. Not only are they unreliable but This is the preferred state for rolled ice cream So why then is the Arctic Griddle shipping initially with round pans only? a square and round pan was mostly left to personal preference but that we recommended the square units for several reasons. All it takes is for something as simple as a plugged or kinked capillary tube under high operating temperatures The down side though as stated before, these units are less reliable because of the frequent compressor cycling. Cuisinart's model is one of the top-rated ice cream makers on … they can be off by as much as 10 degrees Celsius at any one time. Not all stainless steel 304 is of the same hardness. Rolled ice cream is perfect for store fronts, food trucks, catering businesses, and any special event. We were brought in to repair and replace the electronics for a local fried ice cream business who's machines had all failed in one This is should not be done on a properly terminated connector but this is the standard with this particular manufacturer. the customers. Chinese machines is that they are seeing metal shavings in the ice cream rolls. If the temperature sensor is located in the middle of the pan where the If your shop is running hot, if you have certain machines What should I be looking for in terms of safety? and the rest of the pan area is essentially wasted. Chinese made pans and ending up in their ice cream. When you can adjust your pan's temperature But, for So, if your machine uses R410A it is even more critical that it has a safety switch to prevent a high pressure blow out. using a process of bend and weld. However, the starting surge amperage for one of these units can approach 100 amps for several cycles! There is no unit currently on the market that is truly portable, one that you can just pick up, throw in the We will also be posting how-to videos on our YouTube But what does that really mean? There are two main issues we commonly see in the various machines. are hard to clean and do not meet NSF standards. back of vehicle and go to your event. This causes the unit taking in the hot air to run horribly inefficient. Ice Roll Pro offers professional ice roll equipment with worldwide delivery. Some manufacturers ship pans where the surface is initially polished, these laws are often poorly enforced and some inspectors will often allow non-certified equipment since there aren't It's this difference between these two requirements can setup a potential problem. Stainless steel 304 most often comes in a In our opinion, this is not the best way Their goal is to sell the cheapest product possible, not one that is of high quality. (NSF) guidelines require certain minimum inside corner radii in order for proper cleaning. Many of the cheaper units on the market do not the small cold storage bins found on some units can be purchased in separate machines that can then be located anywhere. complete cleaning of the condenser coils. Another claim that all manufacturers make about their machines is that they are portable. air flow around your unit it will not cool properly, it will run horribly inefficient, and could be a safety issue if the unit is not minimum. We actually recommed the airflow of the Arctic Griddle be configured for this direction because it eliminates any hot air

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