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Common DreamsP.O. Yet Austin countered by saying Demings won her congressional bid in 2016, despite red flags unearthed by reporters who dug into her past. The closest House race of the year so far could be decided by 10 votes or less. [22] She decided to run for Mayor of Orange County, Florida, against Teresa Jacobs, instead. We don't survive on clicks. Oh, so lucky. Prior to her tenure at the helm of the police department, she served as an officer for 23 years. [18][19][10], Demings was the Democratic Party nominee for the United States House of Representatives in Florida's 10th congressional district in the 2012 elections. It doesn't work that way. Prior to her tenure at the helm of the police department, she served as an officer for 23 years. "[50], Her husband, Jerry Demings, is the former Orange County Sheriff and current mayor of Orange County, Florida. From 2007 to 2011, she was Chief of the Orlando Police Department, the first woman to lead the department, capping a 27-year career with the department. It shifts the pain, the hurt, and the guilt to school staff who will find themselves out skilled and outgunned in active shooter situations. Biden has told donors he expects to make a decision around Aug. 1, ahead of the Democratic National Convention, slated for Aug. 17-20 in Milwaukee. In 2015, Demings announced her candidacy for the 10th district seat after a court-ordered redistricting made the 10th significantly more Democratic ahead of the 2016 elections. "She's a cop," Hawk Newsome, co-founder of the Greater New York chapter of Black Lives Matter, told The Hill. Box 443Portland, ME 04112-0443USA, Common Dreams is a small nonprofit with a big mission. "[10], In 2009, she had her firearm, a Sig Sauer P226R, stolen from her department vehicle while parked at her home; she was issued a written censure. In November 2020, Demings was named a candidate for United States Secretary of Homeland Security in the Biden Administration. [4], In 1996, Demings earned a master's degree in public administration at Webster University Orlando. —Alexander Sammon, The American Prospect. "She's a Cop": Advocates Scoff at Former Orlando Police Chief Val Demings as Potential Biden Running Mate Amid Racial Injustice Uprising. [27][28] She is the third Democrat to win this Orlando-based district since its creation in 1973 (it was numbered as the 5th from 1973 to 1993, the 8th from 1993 to 2013, and has been the 10th since 2013). https://t.co/Kk2jpBtuSD. There are many battles to be won, but we will battle them together—all of us. Demings won the Democratic Party nomination on August 30[26] and won the general election in November with 65% of the vote. She attended segregated schools in the 1960s, graduating from Wolfson High School in the 1970s. [47] She has accused the NRA of "hijacking" conversations after mass shootings to make them about the Second Amendment. [30] But some critics, including Black Lives Matter activists, attacked her record as Orlando police chief. Please help keep Common Dreams alive by making a contribution. J.B. Pritzker again pleaded with Illinoisans on Tuesday to stay home and not gather for Thanksgiving. [21], Democrats attempted to recruit Demings to run against Webster again in 2014. In America, we should never ask our military to police our streets," Demings tweeted Monday after crowd chemical controls were deployed outside the executive compound. Common Dreams has been providing breaking news & views for the progressive community since 1997. No answer. "'Blue lives' already matter most in the eyes of the criminal justice system; criminal penalties for violence against cops are categorically the most extreme of any class of victim... Blue Lives Matter bills are not meant to serve a criminal justice purpose, just to send a message. Instead, we rely on readers like you, to provide the "people power" that fuels our work. "She's a cop," Hawk Newsome, co-founder of the Greater New York chapter of … | Updated Jun 25, 2020, 10:12 AM Rep. Val Demings, Orlando's first female police chief, relied on her law enforcement chops to help prosecute the House impeachment case against President Trump. The firearm has not been recovered. [37], Demings received a 100% voting score from NARAL Pro-Choice America for 2017, 2018, and 2019. Valdez Venita Demings (née Butler; born March 12, 1957) is an American politician and ORLANDO, Fla. – Former Orlando Police Chief and current Democratic congresswoman Rep. Val Demings offers a unique perspective in the wake of … [19] He served as the Chief of the OPD, the first African American to do so, from 1999 to 2002. But we can't do it alone. Chinese General Secretary Xi Jinping offered a belated congratulations to President-elect Joe Biden, after weeks of avoiding the gesture as President Trump’s allegations of election fraud unfolded. ", Rep. Val Demings (D-Fla.) has been floated as a potential vice presidential candidate for presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden. [33], Demings was sworn in as the representative for Florida's 10th congressional district on January 3, 2017. That's something she has to answer for.". Common Dreams is not your normal news site. In America, we should never ask our military to police our streets. She lost the general election in 2012 to Republican incumbent Daniel Webster but won in 2016 after the State Supreme Court mandated the creation of a new, majority-minority Democratic district in Orlando. Our Mission:To inform. We want the world to be a better place. [20] She faced freshman Republican Daniel Webster in a district that had been made slightly more Republican than its predecessor in 2010. [42], Demings received a 70% rating from the American Civil Liberties Union for the 115th Congress. Demings, the youngest of seven children born to a maid and a janitor in Jacksonville, has welcomed the process. To inspire.To ignite change for the common good. We need you. "She was a top cop at an extremely brutal police department. NASA has started building its new Space Launch System, or SLS, megarocket, a year ahead of its scheduled maiden voyage. Because things aren't weird enough, Tuesday saw the shabby, surreal spectacle of President Turkey congratulating Corn the Turkey - "Look at that beautiful, beautiful bird. She was similarly vetted when she tried her hand at mayoral politics in 2014, though she ended up pulling out of the race for the position held by her husband Jerry Demings since 2018.

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