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can I have coffee or is it only water for drink??? I'm starting tomorrow...... looking forward to losing some weight I have recently gained. I am starting round 2 of the 28 day diet. I will admit these first 3 days has been very very hard. I didn't and shouldve. I did suck on a chocolate chip a couple of days ago. I cheated but I still had a result, I am really glad. Keto Egg Fast: Rules, Risks, and Can It Help You Lose Weight? Anyone know, Zini I want to know that u were having tea and cheat meal on weekend, so after this cheat meal, did u start from the day 1 or u just follow the same?? diet, you can have an unlimited amount of protein and fat but your The ketones are then eliminated from the body by the kidneys. Then why it is mentioned specifically by worlds like chicken and fish at other places and not by meat only at all places? Try water only and see if that helps some. plz guide me, I've lost 49lbs total after the two rounds of round this diet. I am excited to start this. Many thanks. I did diet 3 days then cheated on dinner ate alot other than mentioned in diet should I continue diet or start once again from 1st day, He has disappeared whose going to answer our questions now? IS IT EASY OR COMMON TO GAIN THE WEIGHT BACK? I've just been using grilled chicken breast. You can start to incorporate carbs into your diet but very slowly. Wowwww! Wish me luck. So excited! I have never been able to eat whole fruit at breakfast even as a child, but i drink unsweetened grapefruit juice every morning for years. This is what I’m thinking of doing from now all the way until the last It does not clarify what drinks are allowed. Also is it OK to change the order of meals on any given day? The true fact is that when we normally eat carbohydrates they are turned immediately into glucose. 5 or 6 oz? If you kindly help me identifing what I'm doing wrong will help me to continue this plan further and reach to my goal. Trying to loose 30 lbs total. it in any combination or at any time of the day as you wish. Do you have an email adress whereby I can contact you? You can substitute eggs with "225 gram fish cooked any way you like" or 200 gram of Roast BeefBest of luck. While on a low carb diet such as the egg diet it is very important to get adequate amounts of fluids without carbohydrates. I am trying to become 108 to 110 I used to be 115 but I gained alot of weight my clothes don't fit me and I want to prove my mom and my classmates wrong I will be skinny before I get back to school oh and no self help comments ive heard too much of this its so frustrating I just need help with this one question and if no one can answer it without self helping comment do not answer at all please . Today is my 6th day and the scale hasn't budged yet ! If I need to eat it, can I add seasoning to it, like seasoning salt and black pepper? Yep , That's True Thank you so mush , And welcome to our Page https://www.facebook.com/weightloss1, On day 18. Me my daughter and son n law have completely stopped losing. I encourage everyone, it is not easy but it is worth it.... thanks, thanks a lot. Did you take a two day break in between? Tell me whether any guys who went on this diet looked into their weight after 3 months. Would you advise to do this meal program without adding additional meals to make up for the increased activity? Ana F I'm on day 1 and very excited to read all the positive results every one has had. Egg and Cheese Quiche Recipe for and Egg Fast Diet. When we starve ourselves of carbohydrates, our body pulls the fat from the fat reserves and turns it again to glucose. But I am still happy about the result. if you kindly reply to my above question as well. I am getting close to the end of the diet and I would like to know if I still need to lose can I just start the diet over or is there another method? :). I plan to do it again. If yes, should I expect any adverse effects? And also how much grams is a substitution for each egg plz specify. One thing I'd like to add is...after you have lost all the weight..it is obviously 'difficult' to maintain it...but then that goes for any and every diet. Could I take tea with milk no sugar? Can anybody answer that what we mean by "meat"? For example, shakes, drinks, pills etc. Congrats!! One significant advantage of doing a 5-day Egg Fast … This diet cuts down on dairy a lot. on day 8 i have lost 4.5kgs wish to lose 6 more, Keep going (y)Repeat the first week twice, Ok.......reasoned to myself that eating too many eggs on this diet wont exactly kill me for the duration of it....big girl but i will give it a go...just had hernia operation so cannot do much exercise at the moment except walk around my back yard...here goes..day 2..lost i kg in water but its a start lol. By doing this up until then and an hour and half of cardio everyday will I be able to do so? I lost 24+ lbs. yes but no cream or sugar, just artificial sweetners. not bad usually have 3 to four tablespoons of sugar in coffee or tea. Also can i use honey to sweeten tea instead of fake sweeteners? When you dramatically restrict your carbohydrates while increasing fat and protein your body produces ketones, going into a state called ketosis. I dont know if its because i am tired of the diet or because the days are winding down. You are having tea with milk. Am going to start tomorrow, who is in with me? About the fruit, depends on the day, it will tell you that you can have a mix of fruit or that you can only have 1 fruit. I want some Greek yogurts so bad...There is not a lot of diary consumption. When it says grilled meat. does this diet work if we swap , cuz the whole point is to take protein. During this week you can have only the specified quantities for each day but you can eat it in any combination or at any time of the day as you wish. I did not loose a lot because I cheated. I am 71 years old and this is my first diet.Stick straight to the diet. Do i keep going or start over. This second time around is harder to do. Remember to : Prepare yourself for eating eggs (boiled). I couldn't finish my dinner. One variation that is really popular is the egg and grapefruit diet which despite having no affiliation is frequently referred to as the Mayo Clinic Diet. When it says as much fruit as you want, can it be a mix or strictly one kind of fruit?Starting this diet tomorrow! During this week you can have only the specified quantities for each day but you can eat it in any combination or at any time of the day of as you wish. Here are some good water filters. A few days or weeks of binge eating can ruin all your efforts. I'm on day 12, the first four days I lost a pound a day, then nothing. Seen really good results. Thanks a bunch! However water is best. I did this diet the full 28 days no cheating and I lost 23lbs I probably could have lost more but the last week I was just so unmotivated and didn't want to eat the foods anymore. You may be eating a balanced diet which consists of milk, bread, vegetables, fruits and sometimes meat. The egg diet is an exceptionally low carbohydrate diet, but eggs protect you from fat. I need a substitution bkz it is so unhealthy for ppl who have cholesterol like me and even ppl that don't eating eggs more than 4 times toppppps a week is crazy. In recent years, anti-egg crowds have deemed the egg as an unhealthy diet food because eggs are high in cholesterol, however eating eggs doesn’t raise your bad cholesterol the way eating fatty food does. I guess it could be any type excluding lamb etc preferably chicken. Yes I did take a break in between. I actually addictied to tea. After reading all these comments i cant wait to start tomorrow!!!!! I looked and thought, great....but then I continued reading, and I could feel my arteries shrivelling up in horror. Probably yes , losing that weight can be possible if you give it all what you have. Yes You can use it , But the better be plain, I cant have orange and grapefruit. On day 15 when it says we can eat any fruit at anytime for lunch and dinner does that allow eating fruit as a snack, say we are hungry in between lunch and dinner? Mm. It is pretty hard, that's no lie. I know plenty water will be crucial but what about tea. You can eat lettuce or cucumbers or carrots but you have to wait 2 hrs from main meal time, Today, I am on my 19th day. On this On the last week do you still eat 1 to 2 eggs and grapefruit for breakfast or only the foods listed. the same question goes for the green salad (lettuce, tomato, green pepper, carrots, cucumber) on day 2 dinner, thanks you, Read_237 Thank you for your comment , Broiled Vegetables, Yes it will do ;)welcome anytime, Feel free to ask anything. What's going on? I lost 30lbs in 26 days my last round. Down 12 lbs todate. I started the diet on Sept 3rd (Wed) and today (Friday) I have lost 8 lbs. WAS WANTING TO KNOW WHEN THE DIET IS OVER, HOW DO YOU MAINTAIN THE WEIGHT LOSS. @llebpack SmithI am a journalist at 'n magazine in South Africa. Eat just that. you can only eat one kind of these vegetables between meals. I'm taking 10-15 glasses of water in a day and also doing Jillian micheals ripped in 30 days exercise regularly.

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