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500 grams ricotta cheese – heavy ricotta for a thick filling, smooth ricotta for a light filling4 eggs½ cup sour cream (double cream for a thicker filling)¼ cup self-raising flourJuice and zest of 2 lemons2 tablespoons icing sugar plus ½ cup for topping½  teaspoon nutmeg200 grams butter, melted1 packet filo pastry½ cup sultanas soaked in Marsala (optional). It’s sweet, buttery, and so delicate that it basically melts in your mouth. //--> Use slightly tart gooseberries in this summer dessert with a delicate vanilla custard and filo pastry, Runner beans work really well with spices and these curried filo triangles are the perfect showcase - a great starter or nibble for 6 people, Transform leftover turkey in this spiced filo pastry parcel, inspired by a Moroccan pastilla - a perfect main course for Boxing Day, This traditional Greek spinach and feta cheese pie gets a healthier makeover - we've slashed the fat, salt and calories, These little filo pastry parcels are packed with a cheese, basil, mint and watercress filling - perfect for a picnic, Crispy filo pastry filled with sausagemeat, sage and chunks of juicy apple makes a simple yet tasty weeknight supper, Rice, feta and spinach make the filling for a savoury twist on the Moroccan dish M'hanncha - perfect for entertaining outdoors, Cover spiced lamb mince, stewed potato and peas with crispy filo pastry for a low-fat, Indian-inspired dinner, Use up leftover cooked potatoes and turkey in these spiced filo pastry parcels, then serve with tangy mango chutney, Give mince pies a makeover with this alternative recipe - all the festive flavour wrapped up in sheets of filo pastry and baked until crisp, Fill filo pastry parcels with turkey or chicken mince, spring onions and ginger for a buffet nibble or party canapé similar to a spring roll, This impressive make-ahead vegetarian dish layers up a spiced veggie filling with crispy filo pastry - perfect with a light salad, This light, zesty tart is packed with asparagus, courgette, herbs and feta.

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