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Kare invented the command key, based on a stylised castle as seen from above (commonly used in Swedish Campgrounds for a place of interest). 1ère plateforme française de création de contenus en ligne, CREADS accompagne les petites, moyennes et grandes entreprises dans la production de contenus graphiques, digitaux, vidéos ou rédactionnels. And then Steve Jobs said, If they’re going to be cities, they need to be world-class cities. Aujourd’hui, Susan Kare travaille toujours dans le design, à San Francisco, pour produire entre autres des icônes qui soient aussi fortes et percutantes que celles du Mac en son temps. I called it Elefont, because it was supposed to be big and heavy. « Je n’étais plus employée d’Apple lorsque cette opportunité s’est présentée. Today, Susan sells her artistic designs on her website: kare.com. These features were designed to fit in with the screen resolution which were extremely limiting at the time, especially in contrast to how far computer quality has become. Et si vous avez aimé l’article, partagez-le autour de vous ! But it is not just her fonts and contributions to Typography that make Susan Kare a design icon. I needed to make capital letters that could fit into a very small grid, seven squares wide, nine squares high. Her new book takes a look back. Improve your designs with these typography tips, Why the new Macs are a game-changer for product designers, Learn from Apple’s art of tech explanation, The greatest piece of design you can’t buy (in America), How UX designers use psychology to manipulate their users, The cognitive overload happening on your screen right now. Mais il s’agit également d’un nouveau langage qui a vu le jour, au-delà des impacts des entreprises telles qu’Apple : un langage entièrement visuel et universel, une langue des signes, qui puisse être compris dans le monde entier, comme un esperanto digital […] ». Après la création d’icônes pour Apple, Susan était chargée de créer les polices de caractères. Typefaces before then used to be exclusively Monospaced – each letter form having the same width and spacing as the next element. → Plusieurs articles sur eyeondesign.aiga.org, esadlabs-reims.org, blogs.plos.org, fastcodesign.com A 63 ans, la graphiste américaine Susan Kare jouit d’un parcours exemplaire. They gave a lifeless computer a warmth and personality that lives on in the modern Mac to this day. A 63 ans, la graphiste américaine Susan Kare jouit d’un parcours exemplaire. YouTheDesigner talks about Susan Kare, design icon and trailblazer of digital typography. Cairo – was a fun font that played around with the idea of modern hieroglyphics. These icons were specifically bitmapped for MacIntosh screens due to the strict restrictions technology brought at that time. Having a limited space of 32×32 pixels she had to craft some of the symbols that have stuck with us through everyday. Susan’s work and the attention to the details are proof of the dedication in her craft. In developing the Command icon on a tight deadline, Kare paged through a dictionary of international symbols and was eventually influenced by a floral-like design used in Sweden to indicate an interesting feature or attraction in a campground. The image was later chosen for the Print Setup dialog box in the classic Mac OS. Susan Kare is considered a pioneer of pixel art and of the graphical user interface, having spent three decades of her career "at the apex of human-machine interaction". It was displayed along with a set of hexadecimal codes that indicated the type of problem. Jan 12, 2013 - Explore Visual Info Design's board "Susan Kare" on Pinterest. But design problems are solved by thinking about context and metaphor — not by tools. Les documents iconographiques et les textes présents sur ce site sont à usage strictement pédagogique. Here are some of her sketches and drafts for the original icons. The icon for the MacPaint application, which was a. It appeared opposite a Tortoise icon for decreasing speed. This was semiotics in action. Susan, after graduating with a Ph.D in Fine Arts from NYU, moved to the Bay Area where she took a curatorial job at the Fine Arts Mueseum of San Francisco. Aujourd’hui, ses icônes ont été remplacées par des versions 3D mais Susan reste la créatrice originale. Le concepteur Andy Herzfeld lui demande de créer une série d’icônes pour le système, ainsi que des polices de caractères. The Chicago font harnessed Steve Jobs’ idea of allotting each letter the number of pixels it needed instead of making them uniform, so that the narrow ‘I’ and the wider ‘M’ only took up the width they needed. She is of the view that out of million colors all the colors dont need to be incorporated in the icons and that once a well-crafted and meaningful icon is designed it doesnt need to be resigned frequently. The Hare icon was a Control Panel illustration that denoted an increase in keystroke repeat speed. The Happy Mac icon was designed by Kare in the early 1980s and literally gave computers a face. » explique Susan Kare. En effet, c’est elle qui a créé les premières polices Apple, les premières icônes pour le Macintosh et celles de Windows 3.0. These are essential parts of UI design as this is how we hold our users hands and lead them through the various portions of our work. It’s how we interpret signs, icons and visual queues. * Reaching out not just to the market of people who were adept at mastering command-line UI but to the artists, writers and the crazy ones who could imagine doing more with personal computing. explique Susan Kare. Shades of the Happy Mac are still visible in the Mac's current Finder icon. Kare says "making a good icon is as much about metaphor as design.". Elle continue d’appliquer toujours la même règle : « Ne pas faire dans le voyant et le tape-à-l’œil pour se concentrer sur la pertinence et la compréhension immédiate de sa fonction. Sa technique ? À ce jour, l’influence de Susan Kare sur le développement moderne reste considérable. Happy Mac icon - Susan Kare The Happy Mac icon was designed by Kare in the early 1980s and literally gave computers a face. Découvrez l’univers de Amit Shimoni, un artiste qui transforme les célébrités en hipsters ! For example, the fewer pixels used the lighter the shade. Creads vous emmène découvrir les origines du graphisme avec les premiers croquis de Susan Kare ! This icon appeared along with a chime tone and a dialog box that carried a notification. Susan Kare also went on to create icons for Windows PC and even bitmapped a virtual deck for a game of solitaire. Her unique approach to art is timeless. On peut le dire, l’un des atouts de la réussite du Macintosh s’appelle Susan Kare. Susan … Lastly, our RSS Feeds is open for subscription, so that you can stay creative. There’s no more famous name in computer icon design than Susan Kare, who remains best known for creating the famous icons for the original Macintosh. Le concepteur Andy Herzfeld lui demande de créer une série d’icônes pour le système, ainsi que des polices de caractères. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. On this International Women’s Day, we wanted to honor a particular woman in tech who’s had an such immense impact on our lives, that we should thank her every day and not just on March 8th. There was a placeholder typeface in there, but they wanted something kind of bold so it would stand out, and what was there looked a little thin and jaggedy. Icons were an important step in making computers accessible to mainstream users, instead of being limited to programmers with the know-how to work with code. A member of Apple’s original Macintosh team, she designed some of the most recognizable icons that we still use today. While working on a commision in her home in Palo Alto, she got a call from Andy Hertzfeld – an original member of the Apple Development team to come design some typefaces for them. We use icons so regularly in our daily interactions with virtually every screen in our lives, from our desktop computer to our e-book reader to the tiny icons on our smartwatch. Elle axe sa recherche sur ce qu’elle nomme l’économie d’expression, soit la nécessité pour une icône de transmettre sa signification d’un simple regard. Susan Kare (née le 6 avril 1954) est une artiste et graphiste qui a créé de nombreux éléments d' interface et des polices de caractères pour la série d'ordinateurs Apple Macintosh dans les années 1980.

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