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Carol, having reverted back into Captain Marvel, wakes up in the ruined city. He's also got a really good shield. Peter also has the advantage of his powers being one with his DNA. With the gauntlet, Thanos is without a doubt the greatest threat to the universe, making Captain Marvel simply no match for the Mad Titan. Are they the same, Avengers Endgame: Old Captain America’s age finally REVEALED by Marvel. While the One-Above-All could surely destroy Captain Marvel at any moment, the entity largely remains out of the action. Wiz: To sum it all up, Carol was thrown into a series of events involving the Kree, in which she was kidnapped several times. Sheesh, why does everything always go wrong? It's too much! Supergirl flies around the sun before throwing Carol into an asteroid field. 0. Captain Marvel (MCU) I think they are even in strength and possibly speed, but I think CM is more durable. Given the nature of Superman’s powers and everything he has achieved over the years though, he is definitely the more likely to be the victor between the two of them. Of course, Superman still knows how to throw a punch, but Captain Marvel has proven time and again that that is not merely enough. Supergirl grabs Binary's right arm and breaks it while Binary focuses her energy into her left leg, kicking at Supergirl's right leg and breaking it as well. Boomstick: Too bad it can't be sustained forever. Supergirl punches Captain Marvel in the face and the two resume punching each other. Captain Marvel flies down and sees She-Hulk fly into a nearby building. But scientist Hank Pym said that she could hit harder than that. Never again. Supergirl and Binary shoot beams of energy at each other resulting in a beam struggle. Since she first got her powers, the character has constantly been evolving and growing into the best possible version of herself. Edit and Composite Kara is terrifying, A Kryptonian trained by Wonder Woman and Darkseid with a red lantern ring... and Composite Kara is terrifying, A Kryptonian trained by Wonder Woman and Darkseid with a red lantern ring... Composite SG is even a lot more than just that. The super-chick who went to them all!!! All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. 20 Destroy: Loki. DC VS Marvel! Supergirl keeps flying while using heat vision, dealing severe damage to Carol. Sadly for Superman, however, he does not feature in the roster of new films from the DCEU, the DC Extended Universe, meaning he may be hanging out in the newsroom as Clark Kent for a while. Gamora’s mastery over martial arts may make her a better hand-to-hand combatant than Captain Marvel, but Carol has so many other tools at her disposal that this fight would likely never come to blows. Captain Marvel's hands glow with purple energy, and then shoots out two beams of energy. Who's the better Danvers? In some cases, it's because the publishers have taken inspiration from one another; in others, it's because writers have moved between the two companies, and they've wanted to carry on telling similar stories. Carol kicks into Supergirl's gut, sending her flying. This one was damaged, which made Carol into the badass we know today as Captain Marvel! All Carol would have to do is fly around and fire photon blast in Gamora's direction, never even giving the assassin a chance to put her sword skills to good use. Her true strength comes from her unique power: energy absorption. Still would give it to Supergirl though. She’s been everything from a stereotypical damsel in distress to an Air Force pilot, to a human-Kree hybrid capable of cosmic powers. Supergirl puts even more power into her beam while Binary struggles to absorb the energy. Whether or not Spider-Man is able to lift 10 tons or 50 tons, it’s abundantly clear that Peter Parker is far stronger than characters like Tony Stark and T'Challa — even if he doesn’t look it.

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