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sufficiency in a sentence. 62 52 It is a sufficientanswer to remark that on this … In other cases, where the buds themselves contain a sufficiency of nutritive matter for the young growths, the retention of leaves is not necessary. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. Self sufficiency in a sentence 16. BB today has had a lot of attention due to SB self sufficiency ! sufficiency of water continues - hosepipe ban not envisaged in the near future! York 's ample sufficiency of water continues - hosepipe ban not envisaged in the near future ! Let me phrase these in terms of my criteria of necessity, 17. 5. The conditions which favour the vitality, growth and multiplication of the typhoid bacillus are the following: the soil should be pervious; it should be permeated with a sufficiency of decaying - preferably animal - organic matters; it should possess a certain amount of moisture, and be subject to a certain temperature. The article introduces that Sinopec Tianjin Company optimized and integrated internal resources, broadened the source of cracked stock and has realized self-, 30. Make their own clothes - Instead of buying new clothes, self sufficiency people make their own clothes. In testing the sufficiency of a child 's understanding I would not say that welfare has no place. By the early constitutions of the Church of England a bishop was allowed a space of two months to inquire and inform himself of the sufficiency of every presentee, but by the ninety-fifth of the canons of 1604 that interval has been abridged to twenty-eight days, within which the bishop must admit or reject the clerk. And, from the non-performing loan rate, the capital. It will be sufficientto describe those forms with which the most important work has been done, or which have survived the tests of time and experience. The usual response of catholic apologists is to repeatedly assert that 2 Timothy 3 does not teach sufficiency. There is sufficiency in the world for man’s need but not for man’s greed. In his view the distinctive mark of the state is not so much sovereignty (7.4) as self-sufficiency; a state is not a mere aggregate of persons; it is a union of them sufficient for the purposes of life (7.8); sufficiency being "to have all things and to want nothing" (7.5. because the ambiguity of the consonants without the vowels was a troublesome fact in the way of the extreme Protestant doctrine of the inspiration, verbal infallibility and sufficiency of Scripture, while it was by no means unwelcome to Catholic theologians with their doctrine of the need for an authoritative interpretation. The next requisite is that he should be admitted by the bishop as a fit person for the spiritual office to which the benefice is annexed, and the bishop is the judge of the sufficiency of the clerk to be so admitted. sufficiency requirements have, on balance, been met. The results show that the currentness and, 14. These researches led to a wide discussion of the sufficiency of the law of uniformly varying stress when applied to horizontal joints as a test of the stability of dams. Vitamin status-The state of vitamin sufficiency or deficiency of any person. Since lip movement sequence and language sequence are one-to-many mapping, it is far from, 28. Only a knowledge of the great loss of capital that has resulted from abortive reservoir construction justifies this notice of defects which can always be avoided, and are too often the direct result, not of design, but of parsimony in providing during the execution of such works, and especially below ground, a sufficiency of intelligent, experienced and conscientious supervision. There will be a new law, dwelling specially upon the " external duties" required of all men, wise or unwise; and even the sufficiency of virtue for our happiness may be questioned. From the Cambridge English Corpus The tutor's aim is to direct his pupil toward the self - sufficiency that reigned among the first humans. As successor Tuzun chose al-Mostakfi billah (" he who finds full sufficiency with God"), a son of Moktafi. 2. Upon the bishop having satisfied himself of the sufficiency of the clerk, he proceeds to institute him to the spiritual office to which the benefice is annexed, but before such institution can take place, the clerk is required to make a declaration of assent to the Thirty-nine Articles of Religion and to the Book of Common Prayer according to a form prescribed in the Clerical Subscription Act 1865, to make a declaration against simony in accordance with that act, and to take and subscribe the oath of allegiance according to the form in the Promissory Oaths Act 1868.

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