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You can hold the square either from the top or bottom, really just personal preference, we both typically hold it from the top. How to Use a Speed Square as a Try Square A try square is a traditional woodworker's square for marking right angles and checking corners or assemblies to make sure they are square. The most common use of a speed square is creating a square line. To mark a line at a right angle to a board's edge using a speed square, place the square flat on a board and hold the flange up against the board's edge, then mark along the square's edge that is perpendicular to … You can use a speed square to find roof pitches, guide your circular saw and more—including marking any angle from 0 to 90 degrees. It is extremely inexpensive, accurate, and has a wide variety of uses! A Speed Square or carpenter’s square is one of the most basic and essential tools in woodworking. Example Applications: Use Speed Square as an improvised level for hanging cabinets, installing countertops, doors or windows or just about anything in your home that must be dead-level. Simply hold the square against the long edge, you can draw a straight, square line. Tools Required Circular saw How to : If you don't have or can't find your bubble or laser level, you can use Speed Square for this, but you will need to have a string, twine, or chalk line on hand. That is just a scratch on the surface of everything that tool is capable of! You often see the Speed Square being used as a way to make sure everything is perpendicular and square while building.

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