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For a bit of extra Spanish speaking practice, read the sentences aloud to work on your pronunciation. 1/40. You can play the Frog Game for any verb tense, and once you try it out for one of the tenses, you’ll want to keep playing for all the others! There’s even a memory game near the end of the course so learners can have fun while checking their skills. Whatever your learning style, the perfect conjugation resource is out there! Yes, you heard me correctly: I said fun. ), ImperfectElla siempre hablaba del imperfecto. And—hear me out—Spanish verb conjugation can even be fun! pigQuiz allows you to create your own custom quizzes containing the verbs and the tenses you want to practice, and tests you on the correct conjugations. By the way, if you need extra help, Spaleon also offers a conjugation tool, which you can use for studying or for producing flashcards. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. maybe you just haven’t found the right tools, Learning Spanish from Scratch? (Suddenly he spoke of something else. Verbs are sorted into sets (regular verbs, irregular verbs and special topics) and learners are directed to choose which set they’d like to focus on. Then PigQuiz is for you! (It is important that he doesn't talk with anybody about it. When you conjugate in Spanish, the first part of the verb (the stem) stays the same, and the end is altered. A conjugated verb will appear at the top of the screen; it’s up to you to match it to the correct subject and tense. The special topics include learning and traveling. The game scores success automatically—and even has a winning streak section for those who like to compete against themselves! If you’re looking for ways to add more fun to your language practice, look no further than FluentU! Don’t fret if you choose incorrectly, though, because the game points out the correct answer. (He talks with me. Google Ads block to desktop version (300×600), Google Ads block to mobile version (320×100). So, we might be tempted to push it to the bottom of our Spanish to-do list for as long as possible. Incorrect. Play over and over again and try to beat your previous scores! Let’s face it, verb conjugation—in any language—can make even the most grammar-confident learner shiver. What better way to learn conjugation than through the immersive experience of hearing native speakers use verbs in real-world contexts? (Tomorrow she will talk of her future. Digital Dialects turns learning Spanish verb conjugations into a game. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Study Spanish is a collection of lessons that cover every regular verb tense as well as irregular verbs, too. 1/40. There is a full-on spaced repetition option that includes all Spanish verbs and tenses. Just select the 3 options below and get started. Did you mentally cringe? (Download). If you have a learning buddy, you could even use PigQuiz to design custom-made quizzes for each other, and then challenge each other to see who scores highest! Create a Quiz. Add some of these to your language program to increase your grammar skills. Gettings started with the practice of your Spanish verb conjugations is easy. We also participate in other affiliate advertising programs for products and services we believe in. These 10 websites include games, activities, quizzes and exercises to get you conjugating in no time. Correct. Their verb tense practice resources are highly customizable: You can create your own practice quiz by choosing which tense and verb ending you want to practice, as well as deciding if you want to include irregular verbs, reflexive verbs and vosotros/as conjugations. Conjuguemos offers loads of options for practicing Spanish verb conjugation! Presets. 0. To track your progress, you need to log in and choose a preset. (If he talked less, she would talk with him. ), Future TenseMañana ella hablará de su futuro. can take anywhere. Even better, each video comes equipped with interactive subtitles, vocab lists, a transcript and a comprehension quiz. A great feature of Digital Dialects is that at the end of each round, you’ll see which of your answers were correct and incorrect—and you’ll see the correct response, too. The verb practice page explains everything anyone ever wondered or wanted to know about how—and why—verbs are conjugated. Study Spanish is a collection of lessons that cover every regular verb tense as well as irregular verbs, too. 0. All Rights Reserved. Notice how the root (habl-) stays the same, and the ending changes from -ar to -o. Spanish verbs end in -ar, -er and -ir, and each verb ending has its own specific conjugation rules. Their Quick Play option is not only intellectually stimulating, it’s just plain amusing. I did it several times and was surprised that verbs didn’t overlap from selection to selection! Verb conjugation sounds intimidating, but it’s really very simple. Plus, each tense-specific conjugation quiz is uniquely generated, meaning that you’ll never run out of practice questions. Spanish verb conjugation doesn’t have to be a drag. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. This one is great for absolute beginners, because Memrise’s conjugation course starts right at the beginning: by explaining Spanish personal pronouns like yo (I), tú (you) and so on. There are conjugation charts for the various tenses as well as printable cut-out flashcards for use away from the computer. The course is divided into 25 sections which cover every point of Spanish verb conjugation. There are pre-made quizzes available that cover all verb tenses. The timed drills, which are scored, are great for gauging your progress. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. On FluentU, you’ll find hundreds of videos made by native speakers from all around the Spanish-speaking world. Web pages with explanations about the uses of Spanish verb tenses: Entertaining video clips with Spanish subtitles and English translation. Consider this your warning. At first glance, it seems difficult—not to mention tedious. Live Lingua makes Spanish verb conjugation look like a walk in the park. Warning: Maestro Spanish may be mildly addicting to Spanish learners who like a challenge. Incorrect. Unlike other websites, which organize their games and quizzes by tense, Digital Dialects organizes them by verb. © 1997–2020 Study Languages, LLC. This game is a great way to learn to conjugate on the fly and to conjugate verbs within the context of a sentence—two skills that you’ll need to develop, especially for conversational Spanish. Each lesson is a complete and in-depth explanation of the topic, complete with examples. With the right resources, it can be super fun. Like the fun, fast, challenging style of a good quiz? 0. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Learn about imperfect tense forms with fun practice quizzes. The site covers a ton of verbs and tenses. Once you feel confident, it’s time to click the “play game” button. 1 - What verb types do you want to include: (select all that you want) Regular Irregular Reflexive. It’s also possible to get a random selection of verbs to study in quiz form! It’s really not that big a deal once you dive in. ), ConditionalSi él hablara menos, ella hablaría con él. That makes this website great for more advanced learners, since you’ll be testing your knowledge of many tenses at once. Learn Spanish verbs and their conjugations with these handy drills and quizzes at StudySpanish.com. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Fully customizable, practice as many or few tenses as you want! Please send comments or report errors by clicking here. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc, or its affiliates. From there, you’ll begin to fill in the blanks with correct conjugations. Given a sentence, conjugate the verb in parenthesis to the … So even when you’re wrong, you’ll get the chance to learn the correct conjugation! Thanks for subscribing! (Take it from me, I know!). Hablo is the first-person, present-tense, indicative conjugation of the verb hablar (to speak). Download: This blog post is available as a convenient and portable PDF that you Choose the correct option and the meter at the bottom will inch toward the full line. Many of us dread learning how to conjugate verbs. This is a great learning resource that can keep you hooked for literally hours.

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