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It really comes down to its versatility in creating advantage. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Sharknado as a 6 mana garbage enchantment is pretty much worse than Yidaro.As an enchantment its a worse Metallurgic Summonings - which is not exactly a commonly seen or played card, for good reasons.Its cycing mode, is VERY questionable. It's an uncounterable flash flyer that draws a card. Sharknado is outstanding in my experience with it. If you think back to the original Caw-Blade days, that deck ran four copies of Stoneforge Mystic and four copies of Squadron Hawk… And kind of called it a day on creatures. I wouldn’t say ONLY good against 3feri, but he is defiantly a big target. One thing that i dont understand, is how you would have 6 mana open to cast it.... even in late game... as a control player, wouldn't you want the 6 mana to cantrip or keep you opponent's board under control? In a vacuum, im not saying that the card is bad, but the opportunity cost is just too high, imho... having said that, i have never put it in a deck, or used it, so i have no objective way of knowing how it plays in a deck.. Aside from the obvious card advantage, even as a chumper, flexibility is often the most important aspect of control cards. X=0 its a cantrip for 2 mana, which is pretty much unplayable in msot cases, X=1 is Ice-fang Coatl without deattouch, also known as worse Spellstutter sprite, X=2 is slightly improved Shaman of Spring, X=3 flying Kavu Climber, or improved Messenger Drake. When you cycle Shark Typhoon, create an X/X チェンソーマン:50話のタイトルがモロ。ただしこちらは、鎖鋸on鮫vs爆弾with台風である。. (Just often not necessary or wise.) For the same mana — and additional Mountain sacrifice — Shard Volley does one more point of damage, but can be very awkward to cast. We are looking to make infinite sharks, make them huge, and annihilate our opponents!Decklist and TCG affiliate link:https://bit.ly/SharknadoDeckConsider Supporting us via Patreon!https://www.patreon.com/user?u=15711695You can digitally tip us here:https://www.buymeacoffee.com/9CWGBPuFollow us on Twitter:Twitter.com/Nitpicking NerdsMusic:\"Digital Lemonade\"Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ It's tricky on, say, turn 3, when you have a 3 mana counterspell and a 4 mana draw spell. ラバランチュラ:こちらは火を吐く蜘蛛が大暴れする映画。シャークネードとリンクしているような描写が存在する。 Shark Typhoon isn’t quite Squadron Hawk — meaning it can’t un-mulligan you early — but the Typhoon does a great impression of “flying threat + card advantage” … and can be much bigger than 1/1. Counter, draw. ", at 3x?? 2 Shark Typhoon replacing 1 Fact or Fiction and 1 Wall of Omens Admittedly, there is plenty to acquire here, but it's all strict upgrades on budget alternatives. Ok ok, you got me. 主に竜巻には自作の爆弾、サメにはチェーンソーを得物に対抗する。特に後者を扱う腕前は尋常でなく作中何度も猛烈な勢いで突っ込んでくるサメたちを切断しまくっている。 Check out Kogamo’s build of StoneBlade; a recent 5-0 deck list: A post shared by Top Level Podcast (@toplevelpodcast) on Aug 23, 2020 at 9:54pm PDT. THE_MAYDAYS:グランブルーファンタジーのイベントシナリオ。登場するサメハンターの声を堀内氏が担当している。 Verdict is basically a 100% must in UW, Terminus is a fill in spot for a lot of lists, it’s easily replaced with: Sphinx Rev, Secure the Wastes, T4feri, sharknado, omen of the seas, or even surgicals, I feel like shark typhoon is the gift that keeps giving. Who might you want to Unearth? Small nitpick, the threat doesnt grow if you use that mode. So naturally, we are going to build around it! Ikoria Lair of Behemoths spoilers are in full swing, and we've stumbled across Shark Typhoon, what is quite possibly the most meme card in the entire set. So … It really comes down to its versatility in creating advantage. They're very different cards that you play for different reasons, can we see a build so far? 吹き替えも『ビバリーヒルズ』と同じく堀内賢雄が担当している。, サメ映画 地上波ではテレビ東京系の『午後のロードショー』での放送が多い。 I have also had grindy games where a just play the enchantment and start making a Shark army. I don’t see the price dropping and it will be a player in control for a while. The hardcast mode it's not playable per-se, but the cycle ability is strong. ?」 I’m filling out my last few slots of UW control and I’m stuck choosing between two cards. Otherwise I agree. The fact that it's instant and can be played anywhere on the curve from 2 upwards is why it's good. How do you make it "non clunky? Do black discard decks want to kill opponents with creatures or The Rack? And since it's card neutral, you'll only ever accrue advantage from it. And on the rare occasions when it’s appropriate, hard casting it is AMAZING. I just bought 2 paper copies, let's take it from there, thanks for the suggestions, I underestimated that t3feri's static doesn't interact with it and probably the general "adaptability" of the card. Some assorted thoughts from the podcast: Shark Typhoon in StoneBlade (and much more Modern), A post shared by Top Level Podcast (@toplevelpodcast), What You Need to Know About the 2019 MOCS Decks, Aetherworks Marvel is the Biggest Game in Kaladesh Remastered, We Have Reached the Main Deck Ox of Agonas Stage. A subreddit dedicated to the discussion of Magic: The Gathering's Modern format! If your shark kills one of their dudes, then it functionally was a cryptic command right? Anyway, Mike hates Skullcrack. Michael thinks this deck could do with a certain better-than-all Planeswalker (and would probably add a little more Mystic Sanctuary action)… But all agree this is an interesting direction to take a long-standing archetype. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. ……のはずなのだが、そのクセ妙に頑丈で大型台風(通称、シャークネード)に巻き上げられて長時間空中を吹き飛ばされてもピンピンしており、落下しながら獲物を見つければ平気で捕食しようとするなど肉体的・精神的にかなりタフ。 近年の地雷映画だらけと言われるサメ映画業界から珍しく…というか唯一レベルで大ヒットを見せた作品であり、低予算で短時間で撮影する事に定評のあるアサイラムが制作しているため、人気が出た事で1年に1作レベルのスピードで続編が作られ続けた。悲しいことにこの続編も勢いはそのまま、どんどんスケールアップして視聴者の予想の斜め上をぶっ飛んでいくため、これまたヒットするのである。 Versatility is why this card is so incredible. We spent an unusual amount of time on Red Decks (and in fact various black discard and Death’s Shadow builds) this episode. If you're running stoneforge, you need creatures to put swords on and sharknado is the best on-color way to easily provide said creatures with evasion without losing a card - no contest there. Owner of fine luxury cardboard rectangles! But, if you ever get to a boardstate where you get to cast it while holding Force of Negation or later in the game having mana for additional counterspells, once you untap you are fully in control of the game against any sort of fair deck. I know Shark Typhoon has been disgusting in legacy but I’m still confused on its impact in modern. “The kind of deck Kenji would play,” according to Patrick (and, let’s be honest, Kenji himself), this deck combines the original core strategy of Azorius StoneBlade with recent standout Shark Typhoon. Casting it is definitely plan B and is almost purely in there for cycling it. I play creature heavy decks and would be more worried about terminus against UW control. I don't see why the two cards would be even considered to be contending for the same spot.And hopefully from the fact that cards listed are pretty much all unheard of, you can judge how competitive it is to stick a card draw effect on a vanilla bear or hill giant for two more mana in its cost.

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