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All contents © 2020 The Slate Group LLC. In South Korea, there were five big accidents which led to more than 100 deaths over the past 20 years: Seo-hae Ferry accident in 1993 leading to 292 deaths; Dae-gu subway gas explosion in 1995 leading to 101 deaths; Sam-pung Department store collapse in 1995 leading to 502 deaths, Dae-gu subway fire accident in 2003 leading to 192 and the Sewol ferry accident in 2014 leading to 295 death. Kam: You’ve seen the news and its images: of the children, especially their last moments, of the sinking ferry, and of the hovering rescue helicopters. government ineffectualness in the Sewol investigations and farmers’ rights in Gwanghwamun in central Seoul. (Currently looking for animators who can turn this animatic into animation!). In the Absence, a haunting short documentary directed by Yi Seung-Jun and produced by Gary Byung-Seok Kam, gives audiences a feeling for how the disaster unfolded in real time, drawing on audio from first responders and government agencies, aerial video from choppers, and cell phone video and text messages of doomed children. That a parent who sees a child off with a “see you later” should be able to welcome the child back with an “I’m back.” But it’s not just South Korea where these basic guarantees of safety are threatened, where children might leave on a field trip and end up drowning. It was more than 30 terabytes…It was hard for me to see the faces of the victims while the ferry was sinking. “Healing is one of the impacts of art,” Lee says. As documentary filmmakers, how were you able to approach the subject differently from the way it was covered—as you say, extensively—in the news? The live action shorts aren’t as sturdy in matching emotions and ideas with execution, but they have their moments. Can you say a little more about the larger significance of Sewol in this regard? The nomination really, really helps us share this story, and we are very, very grateful. Copyright © 2020 Penske Business Media, LLC. That is basically the responsibility of any government or any community. South Korea ferry: Six teenage girls who survived Sewol horror describe 'floating out of cabins' as ship filled with water. “The Rooms of the Children”, photographed by a collective of photographers, is part of an ongoing collaboration with the. There were some clips that we personally felt that we should not include, and others that we solicited the opinions of the families on. 이 사고로 약 300 명의 승객이 숨지고, 5 명의 승객이 아직 미수습 상태입니다. His “Reading For Our Children” is a two-room installation and the final artwork in the exhibition, and imagines what literature the young adults might have discovered had they lived. When new people are put in place for the same positions, they will eventually be under the same pressures for the maximum profit. South Korean artist Ahn Kyuchul often employs typography, text and audience participation in his work. 인간이 만든 안전 절차나 규제가 다룰 수 있는 영역은, 이러한 다양한 상황에서 대처해야 하는 영역에 비해 매우 제한적이다. SEUNG-JUN: The previous government…wanted to hide as much as possible…As soon as the previous president was impeached, the ship was brought up immediately. that a “tragedy must repeat itself when it is prohibited [in society] to reflect on it”. Yi Seung-Jun’s “In the Absence,” on the other hand, is a full-on devastating account of the 2014 Sewol ferry sinking off the coast of South Korea, unfolding like a waking nightmare of inept, callous and negligent disaster management that only got worse for the ferrygoers, their families, and the civilian rescuers who stepped in when nobody else would. That’s where our questions began. Lee believes the government has isolated the families. Nine bodies are still missing . They had to hold a guiding rope all the time, so that means that you have to hold every child to take them out…One diver said the bodies were entangled and really in the dark he couldn’t see. Of the 172 people who were rescued, 22 were members of the 29-person crew. As many of the victims would have started university this year, Ahn chose works by Korean poets such as Bo-Seon Shim who are often read by young students. Gyeonggi MoMA is located a couple of kilometres from Danwon High School, where most of the victims were pupils. 두번째 관점은 인간의 행동을 유발한 배경에 더 관심을 가지고 보는 것이다. The “absence” in the title of In the Absence, the Oscar-nominated documentary short from director Yi Seung-jun, refers to the absence of the government. It’s a matter of respecting the people living in this world. 첫 번째 흑백 논리의 관점으로 보면 시스템 속에 있는 인간은 안전을 위협하는 치명적인 약점이며 사고의 근본 원인이다. I hope to believe that it was a well worthwhile effort. These are the bedrooms of the South Korean pupils who died when the MV Sewol ferry … For the past two years, the museum has doubled up as an ad hoc community space for the families to meet and hold press conferences. For three years, we’d observed the news cycle churn out various Sewol-related images for consumption, but we wondered how it all fit together during that day. Newgrounds accounts are free and registered users see fewer ads! We wanted to do what we can do best to ease our guilt to the victims and hopefully contribute to endeavours to bring good out of bad. But a different kind of absence is also the source of the documentary’s strength, as Yi approaches the tragic subject matter with a considered restraint. It simply asks us to think about how we can best learn from it, taking account of systems safety research over the past thirty years. I felt this all the more strongly because I was ultimately making a disaster documentary. As victims’ families continue to grieve, amid hope that the salvaging will yield some answers about how exactly the disaster happened , the exhibition at Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art (Gyeonggi MoMA) is a show of support to the families and a remembrance of the victims. Steve McQueen kicks off his ‘Small Axe’ series with ‘Mangrove,’ a timely true story of protest in London’s West Indian community. We trusted the audience to understand without our pushing them to witness this, or that. For example, the captain and crew members of the ferry loaded almost twice the legal limit of the cargo and did not secure them properly. Fan Flash animation. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLaMzoyS-nHO98IfTYt9ea75b6l-WLaHax. ad hoc community space for the families to meet and hold press conferences. On the morning of April 16, 2014 the passenger ship with 476 people on board, including hundreds of school kids, began listing dangerously. South Korean ferry sinks – The mother of Sewol ferry disaster victim, Danwon High School student Lim Kyung-Bin, attends a rally to pay tribute to the victims of the ferry … This was why Director Yi put so much emphasis on the effect of pain. DEADLINE: Have you given thought to making a feature-length version of the film? In that sense, the Sewol ferry incident was very much a part of the story of the protests. Some believe tightened shipping regulations and jail sentences for 15 crew members and shipping officials are sufficient. Yves Piat’s “Nefta Football Club” puts a donkey wearing headphones in the desert path of two soccer-loving Tunisian boys, and gets an agreeably pointed punchline out of how its cargo is used. Noh often critiques social and political issues in his work. We presented the findings at the international safety symposium in Copenhagen in August 2014 and many internationally-renowned safety experts gave very sincere advice and heartfelt support. California’s new stay-at-home order now in effect: What you need to know. They had to drain the ballast water excessively in order to hide their overloading, which reduced the ferry’s ability to bring balance back after quick turn. YI SEUNG-JUN: I myself started filming from 2017 with families [of victims]…The footage from the [incident] and also the footage from the rescue operation of the divers, those were given by my colleagues, film directors, who went out to the spot from the beginning and they started recording the situation…This project was strongly supported by the Victims Family Association, so they provided us with the mobile phone footage and text messages. The coastal liner business in South Korea was very small and loosely regulated. Paul and Millie Cao in the documentary short “Walk Run Cha-Cha,” a love story from Vietnam to Southern California dance floors. My priority was in dealing with my daily academic busyness, instead of doing something potentially ‘useful’ for many. DEADLINE: Why did it take three years to raise the Sewol? 2014년 4월 16일, 476명의 승객을 태우고 인천에서 제주로 향하던 세월호가 침몰하는 사고가 발생했다. 2014 South Korean ferry capsizing – A more sensible title. – told passengers to stay in their cabins. As a director, I included them because I recognized that they were powerful images. The sadness, frustration, and trauma of the Sewol accidents crystallized into an anger against the government at the candlelight protests, and fueled the fire. The first viewpoint is to see the causes of this accident in a simple, linear manner. “This is an ongoing story because in almost six years’ time there has been huge demand for thorough investigations, but the previous government, they evaded the investigations,” notes producer Kam.

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