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No doubt the Lobos are set up for success for years to come! https://t.co/y…, Copyright © 2020 Samson Equipment | Site by Contempo Digital Services | Found a bug? The provided budget for the flooring and equipment was an extremely limiting factor. With the help of a great booster club, the Anna High School Rockets are prepared for take off! #Samsonstrong, La Porte HS’s new weight training facility is comprised of Custom Double Sided Racks complete with Custom Graphic Panels, Plate Storage, Inlaid Platforms as well as DB Racks, Lat/Row combos w/ Custom Graphics, etc. Custom Graphics on Each Rack, Inlaid platforms With Logos and much much more. AT&T Stadium is home to the Cotton Bowl Game, which is a part of the College Football Playoff system each year. I have to admit that I check the site on a daily basis! $25.50 $ 25. Every square inch of this facility was custom designed in some form or fashion. I͛ve been a loyal customer of Brian Carroll and PRS since the brand ͚kicked off͛ in 2014 with his original 10/20/Life method. From the flooring to the furniture, Samson was there to help him cross the finish line. 4.7 out of 5 stars 174. Get to know FLEX® Series Functional Training Rack Specs... @football_castle #cvchallenge. NOTE: 25% Discount Available For Military, Police and Fire Personel. Shipping and discounts are added at checkout. Despite guys traveling, injured and sick, its always a great atmosphere in the gym. Contact us today to let us know what you could not find so we can fix it for others. #Samsonstrong, University of Maryland-Baltimore CountyBaltimore, MD. Stan, Jason and Nick will compete February 16 in the SPF Daytona Classic. In comes customized Full Power Racks w/ Lat/Row Combos Built off the Back Side of each rack as well as Adjustable Cable Columns off the other side of the rack. Heading into his second collegiate Head Strength and Conditioning position, Coach Zach Fears, was tasked with designing and procuring a new weight room for a HUGE renovation at Southeastern Oklahoma University. Brian and Clint continued on floor press while Stan and Byrd were did shirt work in SDPs. Felipe used a straight bar for squats for the first time in a while as he continues to get healthy. That’s all we can really say here!! Follow Us on SPN Like Samson Equipment on Facebook Follow samson_eq on Twitter Watch Samson Equipment Videos on YouTube. Stan being in week 1 of meet prep, hit 70% triples off of three boards. Belt squats and 1 leg good mornings continue to be favored assistance work followed by the McGill big three and carries. This book is a guide that will teach you the same.”, Professor Stuart McGill, Professor of Spine Biomechanics, World Renown Authority on Low Back Disorders & Author of The Guide to Fix Your Own Back – “Back Mechanic.”. From the flooring to the furnished equipment Samson handled the project for Moriarty High School. In came all new Custom Designed Half Racks with “RETRIEVERS” branded on the racks themselves, new Scissor Tables, Custom Benches w/ logos, etc. Southeastern Oklahoma UniversityDurant, Oklahoma. The United States Air Force Academy’s Olympic Sports Weight Training Facility is now complete, and the final results speak for themselves. The Samson team was beyond excited to work on this custom equipment. Space was plenty in this room, Samson equipped the room with 16 Half Racks with Custom Tablet holders, 16 Combo Benches, Six Lat-Row Combo Machines, Six Glute Ham Developers, Four Hi-Low Cable Columns, One Belt Squat, and multiple rack attachments and accessory work tools! Working directly with Steve Englehart, Director of Strength and Conditioning for Olympic Sports, the Samson Equipment team developed custom weight training equipment that is unlike any in existence. We have no doubt in our minds that this goal will be achieved. Joe put his complete trust in the experts at Samson to deliver a first class facility with all their needs covered within their budget. Samson Equipment is an industry leading athletic equipment & facility designer and manufacturer. Rather than make each team that is selected to play in this game each year to either bring equiment, or train at a local high school, the committe at the Cotton Bowl decided to clear space in AT&T Stadium and buid a permanent training facility. WAY too many custom items to list, but the highlights include Custom Double and Half Racks all linked togther with Custom Graphics, Plates, Bumper Plates and Benches, a slew of selectorized machines, Custom DB racks to hold Med Balls, KB’s and Custom Logo DB’s and much much more!! The following two tabs change content below. In comes 12 Custom FTR Racks, 12 Double Sided Racks, Glute Ham Benches, Combo Benches, Wood Technique Boxes, Plyo Boxes and more! What began as a small group of members has grown into an accomplished team of lifters that continue to chase after new strength gains. This facility was redone from the floor up. The Samson design team had a blast working on this facility!! Another good week putting in work. Click Here. TOO much going on here, but the highlights include:  Inlaid Platforms w/ Logos, FTR Racks built into Custom Full Power Racks, Linked togtehr with custom Bumper Plate/Olympic Plate Storage. I͛ve been a loyal customer of Brian Carroll and PRS since the brand ͚kicked off͛ in 2014 with his original 10/20/Life method. We all worked up to 365 with the buffalo bar. Some Restrictions May Apply. To add MORE lifting platforms we used low profile half racks along the wall and custom Post Style Plate Storage. LET’S GO SABERCATS! Shipping Weight: 726.00. This book is a guide that will teach you the same.”, Professor Stuart McGill, Professor of Spine Biomechanics, World Renown Authority on Low Back Disorders & Author of The Guide to Fix Your Own Back – “Back Mechanic.”. Team Samson is made up of pro lifters Brian Carroll, Clint Smith, and Jonathan Byrd along with lifters in various stages of their lifting career including Adam Driggers, Keith Price, Filipe Gusmão, Mike Holman, Paul Key, Shane Ford, Shane Shepperd, and Tony Garland. These have the Adjustable Cable Columns built into the rack frames themselves, with the Adjustable Pullies coming off the front of each rack.

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