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These are hours that could be spent going to school, or at work. This is because 63% of water for irrigation depends on groundwater (and not on dams or canals). Even as we’ve started to acknowledge the water crisis in urban India, we’re still disconnected from how our rural communities are affected by it. He supports programmes which aim to build scalable solutions to address India’s water challenges. Last year, Chennai and Bangalore showed us what water scarcity looks like. Previously, Reshma founded two social ventures including a specialist advisory firm on sustainable social responsibility and an accelerator for agri and artisanal micro-entrepreneurs. Shrinking CSR budgets for next year will impact non profit operations and many smaller organisations may struggle to remain afloat. Agriculture accounts for over 80% of India’s freshwater use, and more than half of India’s rural population depends on farming as a vocation. He graduated from the National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal, and has studied Development Management at the Indian School of Development Management. women log 3,300 hours of work on farm labour, 60-80 percent of the food and 90 percent of the dairy products, women can constructively influence public officials, demonstrated their effectiveness as mechanics, that including women in technical and decision-making capacities improved the impact of projects, the presence of women is crucial to changing agricultural practices in rural India, It’s Time for Results as Sudan Enters Second Year of NDC Partnership, Tobacco Industry Capitalizes on Pandemic to Increase Influence in Low- and Middle-Income Countries, Youth Demand a ‘Fair Share’ from World Leaders Ahead of G20 Summit, Bringing Clean Water On Tap To Rural Villages In Polynesian Island Nation Of Tuvalu, A Potential Weapon Kills Over 1.5 Million Worldwide –Without a Single Shot Being Fired, Japan Should Lead Charge for Equitable Access to COVID-19 Vaccines, Mexican’s Labor Rights Closely Watched… by the US. As the Government of India seeks inputs for its National Water Policy, we do hope that women are at the front and the center of India’s new water governance and regulatory framework. Reshma Anand: Reshma is a business school graduate with over 20 years of leadership experience in mission-driven nonprofits, social ventures, and philanthropic organisation. This makes them a critical lever to inculcate water awareness among future generations. Women form a significant portion of agricultural labour: Women represent 37 percent of the agricultural workforce in India. Here’s How, hindustanunilever.foundation@unilever.com, How Climate Change Is Causing The Colorado River To Shrivel – Supply Chain Council of European Union | Scceu.org, Domestic Violence To Cyber Abuse, Life Under Lockdown Was NOT Easy For Women, “My Husband Does Not Earn. Reshma is also a TED India and an Aspen Fellow. Women in villages can end up spending up to four hours a day fetching water for their drinking needs. She currently heads Hindustan Unilever Foundation, a nonprofit focused on water conservation and governance. Women spent more time than men in cleaning and maintaining the canals, supervising irrigation, collecting water taxes, and building water percolating structures. - Terms & Conditions, Evidence from India indicates that women are not just integral to addressing the country's water challenges, they are probably the only ones who can do it—at scale. This story was originally published by India Development Review (IDR), IPS is an international communication institution with a global news agency at its core, India will face a water shortfall of almost 50%, by 2030, if our water-use continues its current pattern. They ran their village spare stores and met the collective domestic water needs of 130 villages. Women are enthusiastic adopters of new technologies and sustainable farming methods: A 2017 report on the role of women farmers in attaining the Sustainable Development Goals studied 39 sources and concluded that the presence of women is crucial to changing agricultural practices in rural India. Learn more about water and related issues at. They have a high stake in solving the water crisis, and they’ve proven to be effective champions of solutions for their families and communities.

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