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NOTE 3: There are only 2 documents required when requesting extension of your transportation entitlement: your request in writing, and a copy of your retirement orders. Writing an extension request letter after retirement I am writing to you to ask yo ... Service extension request letter after retirement. You should also include a new, realistic deadline that you think you can meet. How to write a leave extension letter to the company? Letter writing for extension of company quarters after retirement? The request must also include the specific additional time period required to complete the move and acknowledge the extension will not be granted merely to accommodate personal preferences or convenience. Hi, last 15 month i am working in security company and i want apply for s,africa vist visa for 20days.so embesy require noc but our company not give? Application for extension of job after retirement, Application for extening my service after retirement, Education & Reference > Other - Education. Dear,inext month i m getting married.our company provides a company quater after marriage.how to write the application for this?please give one applic, Service extentio recomendatio letter example. Then, in the body of your letter, state that you'd like an extension and explain why you need one. But, as the higher management is pleased with your service provided during your tenure in the company we would like to extend your employment by one more year. Sarah Carlin. I m a central govt employee can i take retirement with pension before 20 years of qualifying service? Services rendered during the period of extension shall no longer be credited as government service unless extension is granted specifically for the purpose of completing the 15 years of service required under the GSIS Law. Give me an example of extension letter for my loan? Letter to hr for an extension of employment service after retirement. e®ÈJÇm]—}s¨İ²—KÕedİ^´ô&¼â4 ‹ÍY „¨;õfĞÒ~w¬vv¯*ìÔâ“ú‹²É†¶Ûס. This employment extension request letter sample can be downloaded and used as per your requirement. It was approved and I have orders dated 26 Feb 2010 that show my last day on active duty is 30 Sep 2010. from Sept. 1, 2012 for Category A and B PWs, or from March 1, 2013 for Category C-G PWs). In new company my joining date is on 1 st april ,and present company is releaving me on 4 th april ,so wanted to extend the dates in new company fr... Sir,more than two years i have been working in a company.even though i am the best technician in the company,company didn`t give me a increment s? Like us to stay up to date Request for extention of services after retirement in education department as ahm. © sampleletters.org. Formate letter from company to worker to continu service after retirement. Write a request letter for extention in accommodation due to my retriring company service & operation of kidney? Required fields are marked * If a person retired military as an e 8 with over 22 years service in 1974, what would retirement monthly income be now? Name of your Company Re: Continued Work after Retirement. Request for extension shall be made by the head of office and shall be filed with the Commission prior to the date of the official/employee’s compulsory retirement. A request for extension with strong justification shall be made by the head of office and shall be submitted to the HRDO six (6) months prior to the date of retirement with final recommendation submitted to the CSC not later than three (3) months prior to the date of employee’s compulsory retirement.

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