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Free Online Arts & Culture Experiences…, DSNY Holiday Calendar- NYC Garbage Schedule 2020, NYC Department of Education School Calendar 2019-2020, James Verdi's beautifully produced film about the early 1800s Seguine Mansion, Jacques Marchais – The visionary behind Staten Island’s Shangri-la, DSNY Holiday Calendar- NYC Holiday Garbage Schedule 2019, Central Park Conservancy Film Festival Begins August 13, Calendar- What to do on Staten Island NYC, Regional Enrichment Centers will be open from Monday through Friday, 7:30 am to 6:00 pm, Each room will have a maximum of 12 children, supported by at least one adult; this size will both allow for personalized attention and will meet social distancing needs, Children will have the opportunity to participate in remote learning with their regular school, as is the case for all NYC public school students, Children will also have opportunities to engage in art, music, and physical education, The environment will be safe and supportive, and staff will be prepared to respond to children’s social and emotional needs, Children will be offered a site based on their home address and their parent or caregiver’s role in providing essential services. Please do not hesitate to contact your REC site supervisor with any questions. The NYC Department of Education (DOE) has launched a new program which may provide some relief in this area. The DOE has been reaching out to other City agencies, unions, and partner organizations to help identify and contact families of first responders, health care workers, and key transit employees who will need to send their children to the Regional Enrichment Centers. With these partners, we are working to alert families about this opportunity and to help register the children for a site near their home. Site is curated by @illumiNET Digital Marketing, If you are an NYC DOE staff interested in volunteering to work at a Regional Enrichment Center to support the families of those who do so much to make all of us safer, please. Staten Island Museum, Pumpkin Picking at Decker Farm SATURDAYS & SUNDAYS  IN OCTOBER 2020, Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day ONLINE with the Staten Island Museum, Coronavirus NYC Food Resources on Staten Island and 5 Boroughs, Calendar: What to Do on Staten Island NYC, Free and Low Cost Events Staten Island NYC, How Nonprofits Can Utilize the New Federal Laws Dealing with COVID-19 | National Council of Nonprofits, Staten Island Arts Stay Inspired! If you think you might be eligible to send your child to a center near you, please complete this survey: The health and safety of students and staff members remains our highest priority. Staten Island Living discovers and reports on cultural events, fairs, community events, and just great things going on Staten Island. Regional Enrichment Centers (RECs) Overview What is a Regional Enrichment Center (REC)? �UlO�G��%`�5(K�֗_}��S����ʐy����� ip"�g*���B5]�cηՈ���ܲ�e��í]0�9u�,~2�uό��sjҲ:��~�[�z��4U9h�o:���~��������GT�1�%�9p��$Kyu��K�+�H�nJ�2{�:��KN���=_;ve3�Q� ��8��6����+$o+Z{���s��HE3�qls`H���4+ڏP)B��8�L�7Ķ;;9����=Oͺf*�mS�Kt:n"?��'���>��8�-�+vr�c=#���nO{�j���M�ME�mhP��«,��owxl�w���>CP���O=��mm�K����Ġ�!�Ž�2dgxVl�W�-7�?�k۲!�u\���e�m��a�e]'_�����Tx�>��EK����y�P�O���>$|j&9<008&����)�f�x�^�5��$� ���i㥹�� �>��N���AF� ��9�>ek�ڤ���:M�9�2D��?�!/��0A�҈�! REC enrollment is currently closed. 4 0 obj Instead, they’ll be able to participate in the remote learning being offered by their regular schools. Our mission is to improve the image of Staten Island to help change it from the Forgotten Borough to the Can’t Forget Borough by communicating community resources, news and events from all over Staten Island and surrounding areas. The NYC Department of Health is currently investigating cases of Pediatric Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome, or PMIS, a new health condition appearing in children in New York City and elsewhere. ����|��R�-^�M� ��G>RD�C[�t2�2������\�9�� The staff will be a combination of Education Department and community-based organization workers, but it’s unclear how they’ll be chosen or if they will volunteer for the assignment. City to Open 'Regional Enrichment Centers' for Students Whose Parents Are Essential Workers By Jillian Jorgensen New York City PUBLISHED 3:02 PM ET Mar. From March through the summer of 2020, RECs served thousands of children across all five boroughs, with sites in almost every school district, as well as near transit and healthcare hubs. !ݡD��Ê�UِH,|��&�����Ygw�tK��u����5d��*:x3�!�4S߉'XYߣ�}�� ���K0��_�)n�0��` D%Y�E�ԡ�Ǔ��e2up�~loF~����r�*э��i�K1S wQ����V�Ѝ#�L�u�u���d[g*�Y�c� ���B��XE��!���M96E[��W�*. A response will be generated back to the family with the offered site, and we will prioritize geographical proximity to their residence. That is why we have created Regional Enrichment Centers—places where the children of these front-line workers can be safely cared for while their parents continue to serve the … What is the Electoral College and How Does it Work? Remote Learning for All Students Starts November 19, 2020, Sign the COVID testing consent form using your NYCSA account, Rev. After six months of emergency operation at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in New York City, Regional Enrichment Centers (RECs) permanently closed for service on Friday, September 11, 2020. Regional Enrichment Centers (RECs) were closed for on Friday, September 11. A REC is a safe, enriching place created by the New York City Department of Education to provide childcare for first … Site is curated by @illumiNET Media www.illuminetmedia.com.

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