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(I didn’t do the dates last time either, ugh!) I literally got leg cramps every night until i started talking magnesium, and then I got zero. But well it happened it was suppose to be this way. Fertilityharbor.com participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and the ShareASale network, which are affiliate advertising programs. Genevieve Howland is a childbirth educator and breastfeeding advocate. Hi Mary If you decide to have raspberry leaf tea during pregnancy, here are some ways to make it as safe as possible. Is it under a different name? I generally buy it Vitamin Shoppe or Wholefoods. I drank Traditional Non GMO Rrlt in tea bags and Bedtime in tea bags. Please let me know if anyone has input on my question. Most honey is cut and coming from China, there are documentaries on this, check Netflix, real raw local honey from your local beekeeper. I heard of one mom who was overdue taking the strong brew and it brought on the labor quickly. All my labors were different, but my contractions were always productive and strong! It was a smooth, natural & very fast labour. I will get that and start drinking right away! In 25 years of natural birthing, I’ve never heard any medical professional worry about honey. I got a decent brand of raspberry leaf capsule from the health food shop and it made a big difference! In terms of bagged tea, I know that this brand is high quality. I had an irritable uterus with my first and just couldn’t seem to handle RRL until later in my third thrimester. But pregnant women pee all the time anyway, so…). Hi, I'm Jenny, I am a Nurse, Author and Mum of 3 - William (11), Phoebe (9) and Daniel (5) My blog is a mixture of pregnancy and birth information, family life, homes and interiors and family reviews. Also did you get any tear from this birth? Thank you! I even ask myself the question time to time. 37 weeks i was dilated at 4 close to 5 cm – 38 weeks a 6 cm. Thanks so much Natural Mama need more information to make better decisions! I really can’t stand tea and know I won’t consistently force myself to drink something that taste like black tea. What do you recommend for capsule dosage? I guess the small amount of RRL is just a nice extra in this prenatal. Congrats dear.. But before you do, read this and learn more about whether drinking red raspberry leaf tea for labor is safe, effective and has any downsides. Do you have links to prove the safety of Comfrey? Or you can order online by following this post’s link. So I’m a little confused, do I drink 3 cups with a teaspoon each or do I drink 3 cups with a tablespoon of loose leaf tea in it in my third trimester? For me, I can’t tell a difference. So for my fourth, I’m going to be drinking this tea most every day and postpartum too! (4 weeks before my due date which was estimated to be on 9/3/18) At my 36 weeks appt, my OB checked my cervix and said that my cervix was super thin and I was already at 3 cm! My 8 pound son flew out at 6:10. The taste is great with just the herbs. Which tea u used means I bought it but it’s flavoury… N red color tea bags plz guide me. Like how many mg per day? Has less effect on your blood sugar levels. Raspberry leaf tea is not intended for using to bring on labour. Thanks for the fantastic resource you’ve made for Mamas! Countless women have tried it. Well, that can make drinking your fill of this magical elixir feel downright impossible. Awaiting your reply. If I were you I would get a new doctor right away. I used RRLT with the birth of my daughter 29 years ago and swear by it! Wilkinson, Jenny M. “What do we know about herbal morning sickness treatments? But why take it? It can contain echimidine a liver toxin. Another woman took the strong brew in the hospital parking lot because she thought the staff would take it away from her. They said because it was good for menstruation (relaxing the uterus) doesn’t mean it’s good for labor and to avoid it like the plague… Needless to say, my sis in law is terrified of it now even with all the research suggesting it helps. How Much Weight Should You Gain During Pregnancy? I have a total of 5 children and I wished some one had told me before about Red Raspberry Leaf Tea. I think I’ll try it as a last resort if I go super late? Does Red Raspberry Leaf tea lose all of its micro-contraction inducing power after the first steeping? if i was taking this to help conceive, and i got my positive pregnancy test, should i stop immediately or wean myself off? Once I was induced, the contractions came on pretty strong but every time they did we would loose my babies heartbeat. Do not start below this unless you have had it prescribed by a qualified medical herbalist. I’m hoping it will help with my labor. I decided to go back to raspberry leaf tea . I just don’t think I can keep gagging it down.

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