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Nigella's simple but delicious Toasted Brie, Parma Ham and Fig Sandwich, the ideal midnight snack! It’s by far my new favorite! This winter I’ve tried everything from breakfast for dinner, testing new cuisines (more on that soon! Toast the sandwiches on the panini maker until the cheese has melted and the sandwich is completely toasted on the outside. Spread the fig preserve on top of one of the pieces of Brie. 10-13 slices prosciutto (about 8 ounces) 2 tablespoons fig preserve (or preserve of your choice) Bread, or crackers for serving; How to Make It: Preheat grill to about 350 degrees spray with non stick spray. We received our panini press as a wedding gift nearly a decade ago and it has held up like a champ. To create a little excitement while we slog through the winter doldrums I like to change up our dinner routine. Top with three slices of Brie (it’s okay to leave the rind on). Spread 1 slice of bread with Dijon or seeded mustard. https://thenaptimechef.com/2014/02/the-fig-prosciutto-brie-panini Any break from the norm on evenings when the sun has set by four o’clock is a good way to lift the spirits and keep a smile on our faces. Logo by Type Shape Color I use it all the time to make our favorite pressed sandwiches, grilled cheeses, and even grilled vegetables. https://cupcakesandcashmere.com/food/prosciutto-and-brie-sandwich That was a hoot! If you don’t have a panini press this sandwich can easily be grilled in a small skillet over medium heat. https://petitesouthernkitchen.com/brie-fig-proscuitto-grilled-cheese 1 Serves: 10 MINS Prep Time: 0 MINS Cook Time: 7 Ingredients: Ingredients . In fact, it went over so well that the next night I set up a panini “bar” with lots of ingredients and let everyone make their own concoction. It was the perfect hearty sandwich to eat alongside our soup. On one side of a sourdough baguette I spread fig jam, with Brie on the other, and added a few slices of prosciutto and some spicy greens to finish. Buttering the outside of the sandwich will create those pretty grill marks when using a panini press! Spread fig jam on the bottom slice of bread. On two slices layer even amounts of the cheese and prosciutto (about 2 slices per sandwich). I have an intense, deep-seated obsession with sandwiches. Place a single layer of brie … The cheese melted into a gooey mess while the sweet jam melted into the bread. I mean it fills my three of my favorite food groups – cheese, bread, and butter!? Required fields are marked *. Seriously y’all there are SO many endless ways to make a mouthwatering grilled cheese sandwich! https://inspiredbycharm.com/brie-fig-and-prosciutto-crostini Top with baby spinach, sliced brie, prosciutto, … Not to mention the creamy brie and salty prosciutto. If toasting in a skillet, cook for 2-3 minutes for side. If I had to choose one food to live on the rest of my life it would probably be a grilled cheese! Spread the fig jam on the second slices of bread and use them to close the sandwich with the jam on top of the prosciutto. The combination of the tart sourdough matched with the sweet fig preserves is a match made in heaven! I'm sharing all of my favorite Southern recipes -- giving you confidence in the kitchen everyday & for every celebration in life! Each flavor complemented the next and I can't wait to experiment with even more combinations (next up: Burrata with cherry tomatoes, olive tapenade and sea salt). Hey y'all -- I'm Hayden Jordan, southern girl born and raised in West Texas, currently living in the “Deep South” (aka Mississippi)! With the buttered sides facing out, place in a panini press for about 5 minutes until the bread is toasted and the cheese is melted. Privacy Policy. Brush both sides of the bread slices with olive oil. And I truly don't discriminate; I'm just as content with peanut butter and jelly on white bread as I am with a turkey club piled high. Release date: 06 November 2017. Instead of the normal mayonnaise/mustard routine, I spiced things up a little yesterday. 1 Qukes ® baby cucumbers; 1 fresh fig, sliced; 2 prosciutto, slices; 50g brie, sliced; 15g baby spinach; 2 tsp Dijon or seeded mustard; 2 slices sandwich bread of your choice; Method. Your email address will not be published. Layer slices of Granny Smith apple over the fig jam. I sandwiched that between the sourdough panini bread and layered in some prosciutto (bacon would work well in a pinch), and fig jam. Spread one piece of bread with fig preserves. This sandwich can really be taken up a notch by using lightly buttered sourdough bread. Take two slices of bread and lightly butter the outside pieces. ), and revisiting our beloved sandwich maker. © 2009-2020 The Naptime Chef® It may not make spring come faster, but at least it helps speed the season along. This work may not be reproduced without permission by the author Kelsey Banfield. QUKES ® PROSCIUTTO, BRIE & FIG SANDWICH. The basis of our sandwich was the leftover brie I had on hand from a previous evening. ciabatta roll 1-2 tbsps fig jam 3-4 slices Granny Smith apple 3-5 slices brie cheese 2-3 slices prosciutto 1/2 cup arugula. Blog design by cre8d This easy dinner sandwich helped us get through another night of deep dark winter. The Naptime Chef® is a Registered Trademark of Kelsey Banfield. Preheat panini press or skillet over medium-high heat. Slice the ciabatta roll in half to make a sandwich. Cut the wheel of Brie in half and open like a sandwich. I highly recommend making this brie, fig, prosciutto grilled cheese. Your email address will not be published. Last week I dug it out of the basement for the first time since we moved to make some dinner sandwiches on a particularly cold evening. Duration: 4 minutes This clip is from. Brie Fig Apple Prosciutto Sandwich [print recipe] inspired by Salto Coffee Works ’ Salto sandwich. Spread cut sides of bread with confit and make 4 sandwiches with prosciutto and Brie. With just a little bit of olive oil on the outside it crisped up perfectly in the sandwich maker. My main issue is that I fall into ruts when I make them for myself, relying on the same boring flavors time and time again. https://thenaptimechef.com/2014/02/the-fig-prosciutto-brie-panini/, 2 tablespoons fig jam (or as much as desired). Products in this post may contain affiliate links.

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