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worldwide using our research. Realization Start and Finish Dates: It is important to set these dates so that we can know when we should be measuring benefits. This workbook should be used to categorize benefits and record relevant information regarding impact, stakeholders affected, and time to realization. Some benefits are delivered over a period of time long after the project delivery so the tracking and measurement in the plan may extend beyond the completion of the project, and in this case, the owner of the benefits will continue to track throughout this period. A genuine appetite amongst the stakeholder executives for decisions that may cost more or take longer to deliver the right outcomes! The Benefits Management plan will describe how the benefits of the project will be delivered and when they will be delivered. However, to be blunt, the thinking on benefits management in some circles remains a little primitive. Planning for how the benefits will be delivered. I’m not going to paint it as three easy steps; it’s actually hard work. Governments have realized that there are massive savings to be made from doing a project once and doing it right. The types of benefit are variable and there can be several types of benefit for a project, here are some examples: Benefits can be broadly categorised as tangible and intangible benefits. You may also show what characteristics deliver that benefit. Tracking Production Downtime in Excel: Free Template & Instructions, Strategies for Establishing Process Capability. Only track benefits for a short period after the project. In order to measure the delivery of some benefits such as cost reduction, a baseline study of the current costs within the business is needed so that a comparison can be made following the delivery of the project. This site is supposed to help you learn the required vocabulary of the project management world. It is important that the date is picked after careful thought as once the date is published all the stakeholders will have an expectation that the dates be met. Tangible and Cashable: A tangible benefit is one that can be clearly observed and is directly relevant and measurable for the receiving organization. Project Benefits Tracking Template Excel Download. A strong contract with the change leaders who will be charged with turning the change into beneficial change. Periodically do a reconciliation between business case/project proposal document to ensure both are aligned. Collaboration Tools for Project Managers. Strategy Contribution: All successful organizations will have some form of strategic direction. Simply explained by a PMI-certified Project Manager. Stress testing the base, out-of-the-box system before build. Last Revised: November 29, 2016. This is because, logically, it is uncommon for a project to keep delivering after all its benefits are achieved. Ensure you keep the tracker in a place where it is accessible to the required people. The key to effective project benefits management is initially identifying what project benefits … This template aims to tie business case commitments to specific tracking activities and measures. For example, imagine our Personnel Systems Project will provide a faster connection and processing speed that will drive a benefit of reduced processing cost. Ah … now the big one that I’ve deliberately left until last: Mechanisms: These, in my opinion, are the absolute core of successful benefits management. Re-organization of the processing area to harvest the savings. BENEFITS SUSTAINMENT PLAN: A tool to identify risks, processes, measures, metrics, and tools necessary to ensure the continued This excel template allows a project manager to track various aspects of project benefits including type, alignment, and strategic importance. Typically projects have both kinds of benefits and it is important to differentiate so the tangible can be quantified. However, follow these steps and you will have a much greater chance of receiving the benefits you set out to achieve. Many of the templates illustrate the minimum content that should be covered in a PRINCE2 project, others represent programme and project activities not necessarily included in a formal methodology. The project business case or project proposal is in the documents which can be a source of benefits. Now the world seems to be waking slowly to the realization that the successful corporations in the world are the ones that derive the benefits from their investments. These are sometimes the same person, but sometimes they are not. Benefit description: This should be precise and specific, and is your chance to explain what exactly the benefit is (and what it isn’t). An intangible benefit is something that cannot be measured accurately, although the effects of this benefit can be seen, for example, brand awareness. check my certification status or to learn more about me, Reducing business costs through the automation of a process, Increasing the sales of a business with new or improved products, Meeting the requirements of a legislative or regulatory matter, A description of the benefit that is expected to be delivered, How the benefit will be measured including baseline measures if appropriate, Assumptions and risks considered in determining the benefit. The Benefits Management Plan Template is used to document project benefits and create a plan for realizing those benefits. For example, the restriction of tender responses needs to be checked at a project gate before the request for tender (RFT) is released. Follow these steps and you’ll waste a lot less money! Although the benefits realization plan template will be tailored to suit different business' project demands, it's an integral part in following each stage of the project for tracking and reporting. That is why we do these things – so the message doesn’t get lost or watered down and the customers receive their benefits. You can’t seriously track product sales as a benefit 5 years after the product was launched. “Cashable” goes one step further and asks whether we can expect to see an actual dollar impact from this that is either bankable or will directly and measurably reduce costs. Later it turned out that the matters we had spelled out in the RFT were not delivered and a $200 million argument erupted.

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