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No. The parameters of the model were detd. Pt/C catalyst traditionally used for liq.-phase hydrogenation. A high shear aniline or toluenediamine production system will now be described in relation to FIG. Pure nitrobenzene is a clear, pale As mentioned above, the generators of each stage may be interchangeable, offering flexibility. The unsubstituted alkyl monoalcohols contain from 1-8 carbon atoms, and, in some cases, 1-4 carbon atoms. As shown in FIG. In some embodiments of the process, the transport resistance of the reactants is reduced by operation of the high shear mixer such that the velocity of the reaction is increased by greater than a factor of about 5. _��(�*䔶Ű �N-��(׶�+n,�S�E���ƀ"� In other embodiments, nitrobenzene in contact with highly dispersed hydrogen bubbles, in the presence of a suitable catalyst, is hydrogenated to aniline. The as-prepared Pd-B/SiO2 amorphous catalyst exhibited higher activity than the corresponding Pd/SiO2 and crystallized Pd-B/SiO2 catalysts during the liquid phase nitrobenzene hydrogenation to aniline, indicating the promoting effect of the alloying B. with salt, to a separatory funnel, add about 40 mL of ether and (1). In some cases, the vessel 10 is charged with catalyst and, if required, the catalyst is activated according to procedures recommended by the catalyst vendors. Office Action Dated Apr. with rotary stirring devices in two or more receptacles in two or more consecutive, i.e. 1, the system is configured for single pass operation, wherein the output from vessel 10 goes directly to further processing for recovery of aniline or toluenediamine product. A discrete reactor is usually desirable, however, to allow for the presence of a fixed catalyst, increased residence time, agitation and heating and/or cooling. HSD 40 combines high tip speeds with a very small shear gap to produce significant shear on the material being processed. Selection of a particular device will depend on specific throughput requirements for the intended application, and on the desired bubble size in the outlet dispersion from the high shear mixer. ensure thorough mixing and cool again if the reduction becomes too hތ��n��_e.e��� $Ѳ�N *���\�ɵL�"rXo����YYT��ӽ}����_U�X'7�6yצ�'���\���RMS g (40 mL) of concentrated sulfuric acid. it will first be milky, then it will go clear, stop when it is Contact time for the reactants and/or catalyst is often controlled by mixing which provides contact with two or more reactants involved in a chemical reaction. Gradually add 57 If the nitrobenzene does not become 12/142,120. ethereal extract into the flask. having intermeshing teeth or cylinders or having orifices the stator rotor system being formed by substantial flat surfaces, Mixers with rotary stirring devices in fixed receptacles, i.e. In embodiments, the energy expenditure of HSD 40 is in the range of from about 3000 W/m3 to about 7500 W/m3. intrinsically conducting polymer is also produced from aniline. Byproducts of the reactions include water and organic by-products, which are separated from the TDA product based on their lower or higher boiling points. Vessel or reactor 10 is any type of vessel in which a multiphase reaction can be propagated to carry out the above-described conversion reaction(s). In some embodiments, HSD 40 delivers at least 300 L/h with a power consumption of 1.5 kW at a nominal tip speed of at least 22.9 m/sec (4500 ft/min), and which may exceed 40 m/sec (7900 ft/min). (K����Q\�ʋ�2��̞>cC�s��@%a6�AWV���\�� k��{��yO_e˒�%�2�1�������W���yϒ��>��K��|�N��e U�ޚ��f~e���9�"C�q,IDY"0�9qU���%Zx��a)-���Ґ|Yt%���XP��X2I�1�V3 ����7LI [2,3] Polyaniline, an. data well. 36 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<9D1CBBC7C93DFE4F8574D1DF2D1934CD><180362A79AEC304CAD382B59354F81D9>]/Index[21 24]/Info 20 0 R/Length 78/Prev 51650/Root 22 0 R/Size 45/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream movement of the receptacle not being meant to effect the mixing; Kneaders the mixer being composed of a stator-rotor system with movable slits between surfaces facing each other, e.g. In some embodiments, the gas bubbles have a mean diameter of less than 400 nm. Where numerical ranges or limitations are expressly stated, such express ranges or limitations should be understood to include iterative ranges or limitations of like magnitude falling within the expressly stated ranges or limitations (e.g., from about 1 to about 10 includes, 2, 3, 4, etc. In this sense hydrogenation could occur at any point in the flow diagram of FIG. IKA—Rotor/Stator Generators—2003 Process Catalog. High shear device 200 is a dispersing device comprising three stages or rotor-stator combinations, 220, 230, and 240. Office Action Dated May 24, 2010 for U.S. Appl. During 2014–19, global aniline consumption grew at an average annual rate of 4.8%, reaching more than 6.7 million metric tons in 2019. 12/142,447. Grooves in the rotor and/or stator may change directions in alternate stages for increased turbulence. 12/141,191. ); ENTITY STATUS OF PATENT OWNER: SMALL ENTITY, System and process for the production of aniline and toluenediamine, System and process for inhibitor injection, Promotion of imine formatin via cationic resin catalyst, Direct uptake of natural gas into liquid hydrocarbon fuels, Apparatus for charging or otherwise treating liquids with gases, Method for the catalytic hydrogenation of organic nitro derivatives in the gaseous state to corresponding amines, Reduction of aromatic nitro compounds to aromatic primary amines, Process for manufacture of organic isocyanates, Process for introducing terephthalic acid into a reaction, Process of preparing sodium-aluminum silicate dispersion complex and composition, Process for preparing p-aminophenol and alkyl substituted p-aminophenol, Co-production of an aromatic monoamine and an aromatic diamine directly from benzene or a benzene derivative through controlled nitration, Process for steeping cereals with a new enzyme preparation, Broad liquid level gas-liquid mixing operations, Method for refining acetic anhydride by distillation, Process for preparing high-purity aniline, Apparatus for dissolved air floatation and similar gas-liquid contacting operations, Variable liquid level eductor/impeller gas-liquid mixing apparatus and process, Treatment method for fibrous lignocellulosic biomass using fixed stator device having nozzle tool with opposing coaxial toothed rings to make the biomass more susceptible to hydrolysis, Apparatus for continuously preparing castable metal matrix composite material, Polymerization process using a dual shear mixing element, Process for the production of aromatic amines, Method for carrying out chemical reactions using a turbine engine, Method and device for the continuous coagulation of aqueous dispersions of graft rubbers, Treatment of contaminated liquids with oxidizing gases and liquids, METHOD FOR PRODUCING alpha-OLEFIN POLYMER, Process and apparatus for making aqueous hydrocarbon fuel compositions, and aqueous hydrocarbon fuel composition, Ethylene/vinyl acetate copolymer emulsion composition, Process and apparatus for making aqueous hydrocarbon fuel compositions, and aqueous hydrocarbon fuel compositions, Processes for the production of hydrocarbons, power and carbon dioxide from carbon-containing materials, Methods and apparatus for materials processing, Method of producing ethyl acetate and an equipment for carrying out this method, Methods and apparatus for high-shear mixing and reacting of materials, Process for high shear gas-liquid reactions, Process improvement for continuous ethyl acetate production, Method and apparatus for aerating wastewater, Apparatus and method for preparing aminobenzene by nitrobenzene gas-phase hydrogenation, Process for the preparation of ethyl acetate, Process for converting synthesis gas into higher hydrocarbons, Mixing apparatus and method for manufacturing an emulsified fuel, Process for increasing throughput of corn for oil extraction, High shear process for making metallic esters, Process for treating crude oil using hydrogen in a special unit, Process for the continuous preparation of organic monoisocyanates and polyisocyanates, Production of enzyme-resistant starch by extrusion, Process for the preparation of toluenediamine, Processes for preparing phase change inks, Polymer composition, method for producing high-molecular-weight high-density polyethylene, and film thereof, Process for preparing 4-aminodiphenylamine, Process for the hydrogenation of liquid organic compounds, From Batch to Continuous Chemical Synthesis A Toolbox Approach, System and process for hydrodesulfurization, hydrodenitrogenation, or hydrofinishing, Method for producing a,b-unsaturated c10-aldehydes, Fluid processing apparatus and processing method, Production of isocyanates in the gaseous phase, Process for the preparation of isocyanates in the gas phase, Method for producing toluylenediamine by hydrogenating dinitrotoluene, System and process for production of liquid product from light gas, Apparatus for conducting rapid chemical reactions, Tubular reactor, process for conducting liquid/liquid multiphase reactions in a tubular reactor, and a process for ring-nitrating aromatic compounds, Process for preparing chlorinated carbonyl compounds in jet loop reactors, Method of catalytic reaction using micro-reactor, Reactor and alkylation reaction method using this reactor, Method for the continuous production of isocyanates, Process for hydrodesulfurization, hydrodenitrogenation, hydrofinishing, or amine production, Lapse for failure to pay maintenance fees.

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