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Some variations of historic log house plans include: the typically mid-Atlantic "continental" plan, consisting of a single-pen of three rooms organized around a central hearth; the "saddlebag" or double-pen plan, composed of two contiguous log pens; and the "dogtrot" plan, formed by two pens separated by an open passage space (sometimes enclosed later), all covered by a continuous roof. 30 Clay Tile Roofs Read More, Ward Cedar Log Homes builds log homes with the craftsmanship and quality of more than 95 years of experience. Along with the foundation, the roof is the other most vital component of any building. To begin the process of log replacement, the entire length of the log must be inspected from the exterior and the interior of the structure to determine whether it supports any structural members or features, and how their load can be taken up by bracing during jacking and removal. This may be a useful technique if it can be accomplished without causing undue damage to the interior finishes in the log building. Read More, "The Lakehouse" is another Golden Eagle Log & Timber Homes project home, like the Double Eagle and the Country's Best Showcase homes. Briscoe, Frank. If the partition walls are framed from floor to ceiling, as they would be in a conventional home, something bad will happen as the settling log walls transfer weight to the partition walls that were not designed to bear weight. Settling of the foundation is a typical condition of log buildings. It is very common for rot to develop on these lower shelf areas. Sill log, as well as upper log, deterioration may also be revealed by loose or peeling areas of the cladding. If a foundation problem is minor, such as the need for repointing or resetting a few stones, work should address only those areas. 34 Composition Ornament 22 Stucco Read More, This home is inspired by Hochstetler's McKay model with a few changes to meet the homeowners interests; enlargement of the master bedroom and walk-in-closet, addition of both a laundry room off the... Read More, The Sebec cedar log home might not seem like a large house at just over 1500 sq. 38 Removing Graffiti 28 Painting Interiors Every log home has areas where flies, moths, mice, spiders, dust, stinkbugs and cold air can gain access into the interior of your home. Log homes have some characteristics that are very different from conventional homes, and it’s crucial for home inspectors to understand them. Washington, D.C.: Government Printing Office, 1962 (Rev. This is one of the reasons that these types of log homes usually need to be chinked or caulked. Stone or wood strips served to fill in the chinking areas over which the daubing was applied. If the same wood species cannot be obtained in the original dimensions, a substitute species may have to be used, and may even be preferable in some instances if a more durable wood can be found than the original wood species. The splice is secured to the severed log by angling lag screws or bolts through the upper and lower surfaces that will be concealed by daubing. For many frontier and western structures the round logs were debarked or used in their original form with the bark left on, or one or more sides of the logs were hewn flat with a broadaxe, or more finely finished with an adze as smooth thick planks. In most instances, the use of chemical wood preservatives is not generally recommended on historic log buildings. Furthermore, log buildings can rarely be put back together as easily as they were taken apart. ft., two bedrooms and two bathrooms, this is barn home living at its finest. The large cathedral ceiling and tall windows make for excellent outdoor viewing. Another problem with cabin log construction is that water can make its way into the interior of the home by sitting on the shelf and pooling to the inside. This popular resort was tremendously influential in its use of locally-available natural materials, especially log, and gave impetus to Rustic as a true national style. Myth: Log homes are difficult to finance and insure. Historically, patching and replacing daubing on a routine basis was a seasonal chore. Even the Scotch-Irish, who did not possess a log building tradition of their own, adapted the form of the stone houses of their native country to log construction, and contributed to spreading it across the frontier. The basic unit of each of these types is the one room enclosure formed by four log walls joined at their corners, called a single "pen" or "crib." Historians have identified a number of traditional house plans and forms as prototypes. As walls lose height, anything connected to them also loses height. Where a more permanent log dwelling was intended, or where a warm, humid climate accelerated wood decay, such as in the South, it was sometimes more common to use stone piers which allowed air to circulate beneath the sill logs. Photo: NPS files. Wisconsin Log Homes' national design & build services include log, timber & hybrid homes, custom architectural planning & design, national turn-key construction services, and full-service interior design & decor services. It is susceptible to cracking as a result of freeze-thaw action, structural settlement, drying of the logs, and a thermal expansion-contraction rate that differs from that of the logs. 5 Adobe Buildings 36 Cultural Landscapes Wood-destroying insects usually leave some clue as to their presence. Photo: Courtesy, HABS Collection, NPS. Despite the popularity of dismantling and relocating log buildings, they should be moved only as a last resort, if that is the only way to save them from demolition. ft., but once inside you can see how the spectacular design make it feel much larger than it is. 42 Cast Stone This might be a fence or an architectural feature of some sort. Instead of daubing, carefully fitted quarter poles or narrow wood strips were sometimes nailed lengthwise across the log joints. The result is that the lower log stacks out further than the upper one. Fiberglass or aluminum reinforcement rods are inserted into holes drilled into the new crowns, and into corresponding holes drilled in the ends of the original cutoff logs. 16 Substitute Materials Any of our floor plans can be modified and customized to create the timber frame or log home you’ve envisioned. They were often repeated with simple variations. One of the principal advantages of log construction was the economy of tools required to complete a structure.

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