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It is a fun activity. children - Routine7. This quiz has tags. This site was set up in 2006 by Futonge Kisito with students and teachers in mind. For convenience we have EASY, MEDIUM & HIGH LEVELS. I think I’ll go and lie down. Be sure to check out our full list of ESL lesson plans for intermediate students, as well as our complete selection of EFL - ESL lesson plans. Classified Ads: Advertise a product, service or resume on this site. You can easily make discussion questions with the Present Simple and Present Continuous, e.g. Reading/Spelling Games & Interactive Exercises - Click Here. Here we have the games carefully laid out for you. Knowledge and practice of Present Simple and Present Progressive. The #1 Jeopardy-style classroom review game now supports remote learning online. We can take advantage of this by giving a list of such taboo Present Continuous questions mixed up with similarly taboo Present Simple questions like “How often do you shave your armpits?” If we sprinkle in a few more typical and harmless questions such as “What time do you usually get up?”, we can ask students to rank the questions from 5 points (taboo) to 1 point (easy to answer), then decide on which ranking of question they want to be asked. What they are doing at the momenta. ESL lesson plans for intermediate students, complete selection of EFL - ESL lesson plans. Students make Present Continuous and Present Simple questions, then flip a coin to see whether they will have to answer the question themselves (tails = tell) or be allowed to ask the question to someone else (heads = ask). To avoid repetition, make sure no two pairs select the same profession. Alternatively, you could give them sentence stems that should get them using those two tenses, e.g. How many chocolate bars do Ben buy everyday? This online quiz is called Present Simple vs Present Progressive. Print the words to the video. What are your main responsibilities?2. Players use the target grammar of the lesson to nail down a random object that their classmate is thinking of. These ideas will show you how to do the even more difficult task of combining them in practice activities, all of them done in simple and entertaining ways. ESL Games and Exercises Online - Vocabulary Games, Hangman, Snakes and Ladders, Wheel Game, Learn Chinese Online. Their routinea. Student B: No, I'm not. This ESL lesson plan contains activities, games and resources for teaching the present simple and continuous to intermediate level students (B1). PRESENT SIMPLE vs PRESENT CONTINUOUS (game + key) Level: elementary Age: 11-14 Downloads: 1096 : Simple Present vs Present Continuous Tense Level: intermediate Age: 11-14 Downloads: 821 : Present Simple vs Present Continuous (Greyscale + KEY included) Level: elementary Age: 9-14 Downloads: 805 : Present Simple vs. Students read out just the part they have filled in (e.g. Try Remote Buzzer-Mode for even more fun! When ready, each pair can take turns performing for the class. You can also get the students to describe and guess different kinds of people from what they are (probably) doing now and their routines, e.g. The world's premier independent network for TEFL teachersEngland • since 1998, 15 fun activities for Present Simple/Present Continuous, The world's premier independent network for TEFL teachers, https://www.englishclub.com/esl-forums/viewtopic.php?t=75485. One student chooses one of them without telling anyone else which one they are thinking of and describes what they can imagine happening at one moment in time (not necessarily matching the real time of day) and other things that … Practice the present simple vs. the present continuous tenses by playing this snakes and ladders fun game. Memory tests DON'T TEST / AREN'T TESTING your general knowledge. Weather, hot, cold sunny crosswords, Household chores- words about home chores, Animal Sound quiz- Choose animal you hear, Jobs and occupations cloze/spelling exercise, Clothes and weather- spelling exercise- type in the words, Counting & Numbers math games - Learning how to count 1, 2, 3 .......10. Some nice suggestions, but you forgot that stative verbs cannot be used in the present continuous tense, e.g. If they are happy with their joba. //--> “You are eating spicy food” and “You are blowing your nose”) and asking them to go on to discuss how often they do those things and why. Help Preparation. Learn to speak English correctly through phonetic exercises. In pairs, the students will work on the following scenario as a writing exercise: You're on holiday with your friends, one of your friends couldn't make it.

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