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)Los buses se usan para ir a la frontera. :-). It can be anything, and an easy question to discover its function is “Para que sirve?” (What’s its function?) The prepositions por (pohr) and para (pah-rah) in Spanish cause a lot of problems when you’re trying to learn the language, because both words mean for in English. or in substitution - in place of someone - like: When indicating how long an action was happening, the best preposition to use is por; it explains and supports the information given in a sentence by letting us know the duration of an action, for example: The preposition por is also used to indicate and describe a specific period of time in which some action has been happening. Interact with native speakers around the world. I hope you have enjoyed this explanation about Por and Para in Portuguese. They pay me per day. As a final explanation, I need to let you know that the preposition POR must be contracted with definite articles(o / a / os / as). Mis amigos y yo estudiamos ___ dos horas. The preposition por … (In order to dance the bamba you need a little grace. The first one is to indicate a place that someone or something is heading towards, for example: The second situation in which the preposition para is used to indicate destination is when people talk about a person to whom something goes to, for example: In this situation, the preposition para is used to indicate a due date in which something has to be done, for example: The preposition para also helps to give details about the purpose or goal for which something is or has been done, for example: One of the most common situations in which the preposition para is used is to indicate the use or function for what something has been created. Gail Stein taught foreign language for more than 30 years. "Vou comprar um bolo para a Maria" - "I'm going to buy a cake for Maria" = FOR = PURPOSE. Determine which preposition fits best in the sentence. ), On behalf of: La firmo por Ud. Software available to learn both, Brazilian and European Portuguese. ), Duration of an action: Trabajo por una hora. Go Back To Home Page. An area of responsibility, by contrast, has a standard to be maintained. FOR + NUMBER. Whether with your teacher or a language partner, just get practicing, so you can remember when and where to use them! And that's it regarding POR and PARA in Portuguese! Complete the sentence by selecting the correct word from the dropdown. (For me it’s too rare.). In this case, the preposition por is considerably more common, so in theory, students might be able to get away with just memorizing the uses for para and then use por for everything else. Use this set of flashcards/sentences to practice por vs. para. Por and Para: Quiz #1 . All rights reserved. ), A future time limit: Es para mañana. Now is time to explain the other half of the difference between Por and Para in Portuguese: POR. "Este voo vai por Chicago" - "This flight goes through Chicago".= THROUGH in movement = VIA. Prepositions por and para challenge Spanish students to be very careful with their usage, because both words mean “for” in English. Info. "Vou a Nova Yorque para comprar roupa" - I'm going to New York to buy some clothes = FOR = IN ORDER TO = PURPOSE. A clear example would be: In Spanish, it is also very important to know the details about an action that has been done or that people still do. The Language Lover's Guide To Learning Portuguese is a study companion for you to understand the intricacies of the Portuguese Language. Para qué vs. Por qué – The difference explained and when to use each. Do you feel like giving? (For that reason he returned late.) Brazilian Portuguese phrases for second meeting, Difference Between Por and Para in Portuguese. Check it out here! (i hope this article has helped to understand whats difference between por and para. The first one is to indicate a place that someone or something is heading towards, for example: Salimos para Monterrey. ), Destination/person: Esto es para Ud. eso, volvió tarde. The Spanish preposition para is used to indicate: 1. When you use PARA, you look forward as an aim. ), Opinion: Para mí es demasiado crudo. Motion/place: Caminan por las calles. por; para (A house costs at least thirty thousand dollars.) About this resource. "Nós falámos por 3 horas" - "We spoke for 3 hours". Created: Nov 16, 2014. ); With a noun or pronoun as object, meaning for the benefit of or directed to: Es para usted. Por and para answers. If you want to learn more about other prepositions click here because the same contraction process applies. She is the author of CliffsStudySolver Spanish I and Spanish II, and Webster's New World Spanish Grammar Handbook. el lápiz. Learn about por vs para 1 in Spanish while playing the Spanish Sentence Quiz. ", rather than "He drinks the wine" - Ele bebe o vinho.". (For her age, she reads well. The preposition para shows the following: Destination/place: Salimos para Madrid. ), Per: Me pagan por día. El buque escuela Juan Sebastián de Elcano en Bayona). by Andrew | Jan 27, 2012 | Articles/Posts (go here to start learning Spanish! Master when to use "por" and "para" in Spanish with this complete list of rules, 7 for each, plus example sentences to help you remember. As you see, the 1st phrase is passive because you express what was done by whom, and the 2nd phrase is active because that person does the action (actively). ), Comparisons: Para su edad, lee bien. por. (This is for you. (I’m sending it by air-mail. Perhaps, in order for you to understand them better you may need to understand their concepts first. Be sure to use your notes or the PorParaCheatSheet uploaded in In-Class Files/Activities on Edline. Choose the correct preposition. Para qué and por qué are somewhat easier to differentiate, but what happens when there are four words spelled almost exactly the same way and each with slightly different meanings: por qué, porque, por que and porqué?Something as simple as an accent mark can make all the difference in a sentence. I'm sure you landed on this page because you may want to understand or clarify the difference between the prepositions Por and Para in Portuguese. Now is time to explain the other half of the difference between Por and Para in Portuguese: "Eu faço o exercício por ti" - "I'll do the exercise for you" = FOR = ON BEHALF OF WHOM. Meaning for the purpose of or in order to: Para bailar la bamba, necesita una poca de gracia. The main difference between “duration of an action” and “indefinite time period” is that the first one describes an action that happened and is not happening any more, while the second one is used for an action that is still happening, for example: In Spanish, when people need to do something on behalf of someone else, the preposition por is also used, and it let us know that the person who did something is not the person who had to do it, but is also allowed to do it.

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