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The growth of the PE industry has been driven by the highly commoditized nature of the plastic as well as the wealth of sources for the ethylene feedstock. It is a thermoplastic that is second only to polyethylene in terms of the rate of global production. Moreover, PP has poor paint adhesion, making it challenging to print labels on product packaging. It is a thermoplastic that is second only to polyethylene in terms of the rate of global production. There are two main types of polymers depending on their synthesis methods. On the other hand, HDPE is highly opaque but has much better tensile strength, making it more suitable as containers for heavy substances such as milk or liquid detergent. consists of non polar, saturated, high molecular weight hydrocarbons. This product has excellent impact resistance and is preferred for houseware and pipes, as well as in applications in the electrical and automotive fields. (To learn more, see. These monomers are bonded to each other with covalent bonds to form a polymer. Just about everyone probably has something made of propylene in their households. In other words, polyethylene is produced by an addition reaction of the monomer ethylene. The ease of working with PP makes it one of the most widely used materials for the internal and external parts of automobiles. However, PP becomes more brittle at lower temperatures and it has poorer resistance to compressor oils than PE. Polypropylene is produced by a process called chain-growth polymerization from monomer propylene. Depending on the way it is polymerized, the properties of the synthesized polyethylene change. This results in the production of polypropylene as a white powder, which is then melted and reformed into pellets for distribution. The number of different variants of PE has certainly played a key role in its pervasiveness in so many industries and applications. poly(methl methacrylate), polyethylene and polypropylene. PP also tends to shrink by quite a lot when used for injection molding production. Applications of PE as packaging typically take advantage of the superior flexibility of the material, such as squeeze bottles, shrink wrap, and caps and closures. PP is one of the most preferred low-cost options for product packaging. However, there are applications where either PP or PE is a more suitable option. Polypropylene is made from a combination of monomers of propylene while polyethylene is made from a combination of monomers of polyethylene. Experts forecast the global demand for propylene to reach up to … PP becomes brittle at temperatures below -20 °C and starts to lose structural integrity at around 120 °C. Filed Under: Chemistry Tagged With: common plastic, plastic polymer, Polyethylene, polyethylenes, polypropylene, polypropylenes, Synthetic polymers. Your email address will not be published. Polypropylene (PP) is a polymer made from the monomer propylene. It is a very stable compound, so polymerization to PE can only proceed in the presence of a catalyst, most commonly titanium chloride. Polyethylene and polypropylene have become a very controversial issue at the present day, due to their incapability of degradation. PE has much lower rigidity compared to PP. Although plastics have become unpopular in the last few years (and for good reasons), there is no doubt that modern society is still very much dependent on them. Aside from coal, modern methods have made it possible to extract ethylene from shale gas and biomaterials. (There won’t be any spam. Due to the resistance of PP against microbial growth and its resistance against many chemical compounds, it has been used to manufacture syringes, vials, intravenous devices, and specimen bottles for the healthcare industry. We get asked, which is better, polypropylene or polyethylene. How are PP and PE different? All rights reserved. Polypropylenes are light in weight. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Copyright © 2010-2018 Difference Between. PE and PP products are all around us, making it hard to argue against their value. Terms of Use and Privacy Policy: Legal. The chief advantage of PE is its versatility. It is not a matter of better- it's more a matter of- what is your application? PE is a great, low-cost material for a wide range of product packaging needs. Both polyethylene and polypropylene are types of plastics, and they are polymers. Therefore, its chemical behavior is similar to wax or paraffin. high-density polyethylene (HDPE), low-density polyethylene (LDPE). Polyethylene is further broken down into weights or densities which is done so the plastic can serve a more specific purpose. This is done during manufacturing. Compared to PP, PE is more flexible than rigid, which gives it better ductility and impact strength. There are a few parameters that are common across all types of PE. Little by little, viable alternatives are coming along. Difference Between Polymer and Biopolymer, Difference Between Copolymer and Homopolymer, Difference Between Coronavirus and Cold Symptoms, Difference Between Coronavirus and Influenza, Difference Between Coronavirus and Covid 19, Difference Between Unleaded and Premium Unleaded, Difference Between Fire red and Leaf Green Pokemon, Difference Between Road Bike and Triathlon Bike, Difference Between Electropositive and Electronegative Radicals, Difference Between Amacrine and Horizontal Cells, Difference Between Gametic Sporic and Zygotic Meiosis, Difference Between Potassium Ferrocyanide and Potassium Ferricyanide. The categories of Polyethylene are as follows. PE on the other hand can vary between almost clear, milky-opaque or opaque. They also have high melting point and good dielectric properties and are non-toxic. geomembranes and plastic sheeting to protect the environment to construction projects. • Polypropylene is not as sturdy as polyethylene. PP (Polypropylene) The physical attributes of PP are like PE (polyethylene). Industrial production of polypropylene starts with a propene raw material. India and Vietnam are being seen as two of the most rapidly expanding markets for PE products in the next few years. Leading the way is China, who is responsible for nearly one-fourth of the global demand.

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