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career stages. The sample employed in this study was not random and therefore carries risk of selection bias. for at least an hour before bedtime. “Some have real problems coping when the phone constantly rings, Moreover, as these subgroups are at higher risk, it is prudent to examine and reduce barriers to accessing mental health services. Veterinary professionals are feeling the heat, and paying a price. And by behavior problems, I'm not talking about your average my-dog-doesn’t-come-when-I-call kind of issue. Symons believes that medication is very important in Take a short walk outside, enjoy your coffee on the deck, have a picnic at the park, or plant a garden that you need to water. Since chronic stress has been shown to lead to depression,42 it makes sense that if women are already feeling high levels of stress when entering veterinary medical school, they are also more likely to experience high levels of depression. Aim for 10 to 30 minutes of exercise per day, whether it’s walking your dog, doing yoga at home, swimming, walking, dancing, or even cleaning. Binge-watch a TV show you used to love or a dive back into a book series you always used to read. People may have a lot to be depressed about lately, but why are veterinarians now prescribing antidepressants for pets? In a Belgian study, almost 16 per cent of veterinarians suffered from The results are similar to those from mental health surveys of veterinarians in other countries, including Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom, thus suggesting that depression in the veterinary community is a global epidemic. More than 50% of technicians surveyed indicated they experienced burnout as one of their top 5 most significant problems (second only to low income), while 41% experienced compassion fatigue. Vetstreet. “We attract a high number of people who are high Depression—Depression was measured using the Center for Epidemiological Studies Depression Scale (CES-D).31 This 20-item inventory measures cognitive, affective, and behavioral symptoms of depression using a 4-point Likert scale. Doing this may seem awkward at first, but it provides a more comfortable environment to discuss situations and feelings, promotes team-building, and helps foster trust throughout the team. only to employment issues as a topic discussed between mentees and mentors. BOX 1 Self-Help Tips for Coping with Depression6 including leaving the profession.”. Developing a self-care plan is not as hard as it looks, yet it also is not as easy as it sounds. Further research is needed to better understand the nature of stress caused by negative evaluation fears. Veterinary owners and managers have the ability to positively influence compassion fatigue, salary, and benefits, whereas the economy is beyond our control. “Mentoring plays a very important role in that it Please be aware that some, Copyright (c) Anne Fawcett 2009. Melanie is an active member of the American Academy of Veterinary Nutrition and the committee of the Pet Nutrition Alliance. good relationships and work to the highest standard we can. high however compared with the average suicide rate for Everybody knows they need to protect themselves, options and choices especially if they are carrying the sense of shame People are often afraid to approach a coworker about depression or suicide out of fear of being embarrassed and creating an uncomfortable situation both short and long term. reported moderate symptoms of burnout and just under 2 per cent reported severe In a study of Finnish veterinarians, 40 per cent Professional degree programs such as medical school, nursing school, dental school, law school, and veterinary medical school are often considered very rigorous and demanding.1–6 Competition,7 heavy course workload,3,6 financial pressures,3,8–10 and sleep deprivation11,12 can make such programs particularly challenging for students. There is no question whether depression is on the rise in veterinary medicine. Are some types of stressors more predictive of depression than others and are there differences by year? months I saw a doctor and was told I had major depression. Burnout results from the stresses within our workplace environment, whereas compassion fatigue results from the stresses within ourselves regarding the relationships we form with our patients and clients. together. When I looked into the issue, I found that the increase of depression and suicide is hardly specific to veterinary medicine. Further, 1.8% of respondents indicated they have had a coworker commit suicide because of compassion fatigue, and only 3% of those received any grief counseling from the practice.1. In addition, all measures in this study were self-reported and the data were collected simultaneously rather than over a series of data collection events. American College Health Association (ACHA). Whereas medical schools are nearly split evenly between male and female students, about 75 percent of veterinary medicine students are female. We take what we do to heart. Reach out. Davey says that poor clinical outcomes are second Rather, they are prescribed to help treat various underlying anxieties that can lead to behavior problems. Depression. Depression. good marks to enter the course, and to survive the intensive tuition), and numbers of veterinarians suffer from burnout - physical and psychological Significant main effects were found for gender (F[1, 1230]=29.12, p<.001) and year (F[3, 1230]=5.77, p=.001), although no significant interaction was found. Post hoc comparisons using the Bonferroni correction indicated the mean stress score for first-year students (M=176.83, SD=48.26) was significantly lower than the mean stress scores reported by second-year students (M=193.43, SD=45.83; d=−0.34), third-year students (M=196.62, SD=49.17; d=−0.41), and fourth-year students (M=188.24, SD=48.79; d=−0.23). Symons survived three  brain support early and understand that asking for it is not a sign of failure.”, “It really is After gaining experience in retail management, Abbie started as a veterinary assistant, then earned her veterinary technician credentials and evolved her leadership skills as a practice manager. “Burnout is the result of a long period, typically While that is still a large amount of money, given health care costs—right or wrong—$6,000 is a bargain for cancer surgery and many months of treatment. Powered by Brightspot. "I have a sense for the grieving process from my own clinical work," Hafen said. Such a study could also explore the effectiveness of services aimed at reducing stress and depression. I’m talking about complex problems, like the ones that have come through my exam room: a dog who shrieked whenever the silverware drawer was opened, a cat who repeatedly attacked his own tail until it was nothing but a bloody stump, and a rescued dog who constantly cowered and flinched — despite the fact that the canine's kind-hearted owner spent months sleeping on the floor to earn the dog’s trust.

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