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It’s a beautiful but cold morning in North Carolina. Feeling super grateful for lots of thing mainly, my partner, living an adventure on the other side of the world, friends, family, life in general – list could go on ha . Pouting that we were packing up to leave. Whole 30 and Melissa did a dedicated post on this. So Many Delicious (And Different) Recent Eats! My morning started early with 5:30 and 6:30 a.m. clients and now I’m blogging from the back seat of my parent’s car. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Oh I will have to try that combo! i seriously cannot resist them!! If you're roasting your own I think it slides. i’m not exactly a crazy sugar fiend, but i WOULD like to be a bit more donut-resistant! Feeling extra grateful today for my family, my fiance, my friends and my health. Have a safe trip! Press J to jump to the feed. I’ve never tried homemade. This subreddit brings together redditors that are taking on the Whole30 challenge, those that have completed one, and those that are considering it. Left to right…. Fruits and more veggies. Left to right…. They’re so good! She’s grown a bit but is still a puppy at heart. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! not doing whole30, although i’ve been feeling inspired to try it since reading your blog posts about it! ), Eggs – running low on my farmers market eggs so needed to supplement before I can get back there. The Whole30 is a 30-day elimination diet, as described in the book It Starts With Food and on the website Whole9Life.com. http://whole30.com/2017/03/chips-and-aminos/. Note on the meats: my freezer is still stocked well from my farmers market trip on day 1 of Whole30! Subscribe to receive my posts, special offers, recipes, and workouts. I live in Charlotte, NC and share daily updates about food, fitness, yoga and life! . These are the things that are truly important in life. i try to savor them once they get here, but really, if i open a bag, they’ll be gone in a few hours. The girls were super excited to see my parents. The Whole30 is a 30-day elimination diet, as described in the book It Starts With Food and on the website Whole9Life.com. Privacy Policy | Website by Web Symphonies. Based on the ingredients, they're compliant. We are eating apples and bananas like crazy. Chia seeds mixed with cinnamon and a pinch of salt in case I have a fridge in my room and can make chia pudding tonight (also why I brought the coconut milk…and a can opener…ha), Bone-in pork chops – I already had two from the farmers market but needed two more to feed my parents, Smoked salmon (one of my all-time faves! Oh those plantain chips sounds delicious! Dried banana chips and almond butter has to be one of my favorite treats! Anything + almond butter = <3. They are really good and it’s awesome that you have friends who ship them over to you! We are driving to West Virginia today for a memorial service for a family member. Good morning. Any store bought chips of any kind are not compliant as of the rules update from March, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. i’m having a crappy 2 weeks at work but i am telling myself i am thankful for a good job and that i have no plans for this weekend and can get in some tv time and relax. A lot of the time, many families can’t afford healthy food or the time to exercise and cook more! When I did Whole30, I loved sautéing plantains in coconut oil and topping with cinnamon. © Peanut Butter Runner. They are so easy for on-the-go snacking. I packed up a lot of Whole30-friendly snacks for the trip. mostly interested to see if it would help me break my sugar addiction. Sweet Sullie. https://www.peanutbutterrunner.com/trader-joes-haul-whole30-travel-snacks They haven’t seen them since the Christmas before last when Zoey was just three months old! I’ve only made home baked ones but I bet those have a nice crisp and crunch to them. but it does put things in perspective. The ingredients are plantains, sunflower oil and salt. This subreddit brings together redditors that are taking on the Whole30 challenge, those that have completed one, and those that are considering it. I wanted to share the rest of what I bought at Trader Joe’s this week since you guys always seem to like grocery haul posts + this one is Whole30 approved! I love seeing what other people buy at Trader Joes as it gives me inspiration for my next trip! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. But man are they addicting! Stream full-length strength and HIIT classes with me on-demand! Very heavy on the produce. Such a great side dish with dinner! I wish the UK and Australia had a TJs! All rights reserved. I’ll always be grateful for the fact that my family makes enough money to invest in our health. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. They drove up to Charlotte from Florida yesterday and spent the night with us. They are roasted and not deep fried. Dave is addicted to the plantain chips from Trader Joe’s and yes when a bag gets opened they only last a day or two. 100% pure pomegranate juice (for adding to dressings, seltzer water, etc. I will add, I felt pretty guilty after eating them! I'd love to hear some feedback on this as well. It looks like the best supermarket for loads of fun health things and reasonably priced too. The big part seems to be around subbing one bad habit for another. okay the real reason i’m commenting is that i just wanted to weigh in on those plantain chips… they are basically my favorite food in the world. The almonds would be perfect to throw in my gym bag in the morning! ), Coconut water with aloe vera (going to try this for hot yoga as an electrolyte drink since I’m not using Ultima right now). Delicious! I always find things to try that I never would have thought to get. I love TJ’s prepackaged handfuls of almonds! Cookies help us deliver our Services. Me too! Short answer - they are not compliant, along with several other seemingly compliant foods. i’m from the states but living in south africa currently, the plantain chips are the only item i consistently request when friends visit or send care packages.

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