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Vines grow vigorously up a trellis or frame and produce an abundant harvest. Let us know your favorites in the comments below! Jay, I’m so sorry I missed your note. Medium to large vines with dense foliage protect the developing fruit from sunscald, which makes it a good choice for growing in hotter climates. Daikon Pictures » About Salmonella Salmonella Blog Salmonella Lawsuits & Litigation Cucumber Up : 1280x865 Cucumber falls at Ohiopyle. Find seeds in a variety of packet sizes available at Eden Brothers. Aloha Gretchen- I purchased some seeds from a local seed store in Hawaii simply named “Cucumber, American Variety.” So far, the plant is doing well and I just put in some stakes (3 of them, teepee style) so that the tendrils had something to grab on to. With decades of experience growing hundreds of vegetable varieties in production and garden settings, our crews at Seed Savers Exchange have learned a thing or two about support. Stock Photo, Greenhouse plant nursery. We occasionally link to goods offered by vendors to help the reader find relevant products. Eight-inch fruits are tender, with crisp, white flesh and dark green skin. A French heirloom cultivar, ‘Parisian Pickling’ was first listed in seed catalogs in the US in 1892 by J. H. Gregory. Plants are vigorous growers, and are resistant to powdery and downy mildew. How can I get specified seeds suitable for hot weather? A hybrid cultivar, ‘Fancipak’ produces uniform fruit with tender skin and a blocky shape. Looks to me like the first two photos are luffah and the third one is cucumber. Emerald green three to five-inch fruits grow on compact multi-branching vines. I started about 400 stands and I couldn’t get the real seed; right now I do not even know the species that I have, though they are just 6 weeks old. A vining variety, ‘Ashley’ was bred at the South Carolina Truck Experimental Station in Charleston in 1956 for the southern fresh produce market. Packets of 30 seeds are available at Burpee. ‘Supremo’ is a Burpee exclusive hybrid cultivar with compact bushy vines that produce a prolific harvest of three to four-inch, dark green, striped fruits. ‘Tanja’ is a highly productive open-pollinated cultivar that produces 12-inch slender cucumbers that are firm and crunchy. Too bad you’re not sure which cultivar you’re growing- feel free to post photos here once fruit develops, and maybe one of our readers can help with identification. Learn how to grow cucumbers vertically to get the most productive plant. It produces high yields of three-inch, firm fruit, an inch in diameter. ‘Early Pride’ is a hybrid cultivar that bears dark green, straight fruits of eight to nine inches long. ‘Long Green Improved’ is a prolific heirloom cultivar with straight, 10 to 12-inch fruits with dark green skin. A compact hybrid cultivar, ‘Sugar Crunch’ produces an abundance of crisp, crunchy fruit with smooth, light green skin. Plants are resistant to mosaic virus and scab, and have moderate resistance to downy and powdery mildew. Vigorous vines will require trellising to produce uniformly straight fruit. I have an incredible cucumber variety called the Striped Carosello Leccese. Most types of cucumbers will do well in hot weather, as long as they are watered adequately. ‘Spacemaster’ is an open-pollinated compact bush variety that produces six to eight-inch light green fruits in just 65 days. Medium green four-inch cukes are ready to harvest in about 54 days. Ready to harvest in 50 days, regular picking will encourage the vines to produce more fruit. I have been growing cucumbers that are between 10-15 long. Growing cucumbers vertically also save lot of space, which is suitable for small gardens. Use our zone chart and planting guide to determine when to plant cucumbers. You can harvest two-inch baby gherkins for pickling, and larger fruits are ideal for slicing. Now, I am not sure which one is the cucumber and which one is the luffah! Plants are resistant to powdery mildew and mosaic virus. Homemade cucumbers Stock Photography, Baby nursery cucumber in plastic pot isolated over white backgro Stock Photographs, Baby nursery cucumber in plastic pot isolated over white backgro Stock Photography, Greenhouse plant nursery. Short, two to two and a half feet semi-determinate vines produce high yields in just 63 days. . Fruits are ready to harvest in 65 days, and as this cultivar is resistant to downy mildew, it’s a good option for growers in hot, humid conditions. This hybrid vining variety produces thin fruits up to 12 inches long, but they are usually best picked at eight or 10 inches. Plant Containers, Pots, and Planters – What Material Is the Best? Find packets of 30 seeds available at Burpee. Originally published on February 19, 2019. This article gives you various types of cucumbers. With a mild flavor, these burpless cucumbers are ready to pick in 55 days. Resistant to powdery and downy mildew, leaf spot, mosaic virus, and scab, this is a reliable producer in warmer climates. Ready to pick in 60 days, plants continue to produce over a long harvest period. Cucumber plants should be seeded or transplanted outside in the ground no earlier than 2 weeks after the last frost date.Cucumbers are extremely susceptible to frost and cold damage; the soil must be at least 70ºF for germination. Hawaii weather… Read more », Hi Tracy, ‘American Variety,’ huh? Please how can you be of help unto me? An All-American Selections winner in 2015, ‘Parisian Pickling’ is disease resistant and suitable for growing in containers and raised bed gardens, ready to harvest in 55 days. High yields on vigorous vines are ready to harvest in 58 days. Slicing varieties are grown predominantly for fresh eating. You can find seeds in a variety of packet sizes available at True Leaf Market. “Burpless” types are usually thin-skinned, seedless, and do not contain cucurbitacin, the compound responsible for bitter flavor. You’ll taste the difference in your salads when you add home-grown cucumbers to the mix! I did a little research, and it looks like ‘Darina,’ ‘Greengo,’ ‘Monalisa,’… Read more », I’m grateful… I’ll post the fruits by weekend. You can find seeds available from David’s Garden Seeds via Amazon. ‘Bush Pickle’ is a hybrid cultivar ideal for containers or smaller gardens. Cucumber plants require insects, like bees, for pollination. A plant that grows both male and female flowers is called monoecious. Hoping to see some fruits when you’re ready. Suitable for container growing, plants are disease resistant, and these are ready to pick after 52 days. Just wanted to suggest a variety called ‘Little Leaf,’ available through Amazon. Dressed with nothing but a little, Here at Seed Savers Exchange, to say we grow a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, and flowers would be an understatement. Immature cucumber vines create smaller flowers than the older plants. Vigorous, robust vines will require staking for straight, uniform fruits that mature in 65 days.

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